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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 159 — Tae-Jun's Carelessness

When you're the most powerful man in the tribe but get defeated by a bathroom door.

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 159 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Tae-Jun apologises for what happened with the drunken civilians that trespassed into his mansion, and instead takes Yona&co. to Saika Castle, where they are sure not to be disturbed. Tae-Jun asks them to keep quiet and, above all, out of his elder brother’s way, as he doesn’t even know the gang is here.
Just then Tae-Jun’s mother, Igni, appears, and takes a good look at Yona&co. She is a woman of little words, but when she sees them line up she says, “Red, white, Blue, Green, Gold…” seemingly catching onto something. She retreats as fast as she appeared, and Tae-Jun tells the gang that though his mother doesn’t normally meddle in their businesses it would be best if they kept a low profile.
That night, Kyo-Ga heads to dinner after bathing and is annoyed to find that Tae-Jun isn’t there (he is, unbeknownst to Kyo-Ga, having dinner with Yona&co.). He slams the table and topples his soup all over his clothes, forcing him to take a second bath. There he considers the situation, and comments on how In Kuervo may come back any time. The Fire Tribe has lost many soldiers over the consecutive wars they have been pressed with. If they are to protect the country they must stand together as one, and Princess Yona’s presence will only throw the kingdom into disarray.
He stands up decisively, declaring the dragons’ powers make-believe, and just then the Dragon Circus + Yun burst through the door… and promptly close it upon seeing Kyo-Ga. Both parties reel; Kyo-ga was supposed to have finished bathing for the day! They engage in a struggle to keep the door closed, with Kyo-Ga pushing on the other side to open it. Eventually Kija takes the lead and tells the others that he’ll take care of this. Kyo-Ga keeps pushing and Kija gets carried away in the moment, impressed by Kyo-Ga’s fiery spirit. When Kyo-Ga accidentally calls to King Hiryuu to lend him strength, Kija gets too worked up and pushes the door too hard… launching Kyo-Ga backwards, and leaving him K.O. on the bathroom floor.
Meanwhile, in a separate room, Yona and Hak are getting ready to go to bed. A court lady walks in with a platter of fruits and tells Yona&Hak that they’ve readied a bed for them in the back. Lastly, she gives Yona a perfume "to use at night." Yona & Hak head towards the back, excited to see the beds they’ve readied for them… and are shocked to discover it’s a double bed, and that they’re expected to sleep together. Hak shrugs it off but Yona freaks out bad. Hak tells her that it’s a bit late for this kind of fussy reaction, seeing as they’ve slept in the tent together before, and this is way more spacious than the tent. Yona tells herself that seeing as Tae-Jun has gone to such lengths to arrange this for them she should make the most out of it (all the while Hak remarks that Tae-Jun most definitely isn’t the one responsible for this), so she puts on the perfume too. Hak asks her whether she knows what the perfume is for, and when he tells her it’s to seduce men Yona freezes, freaks out, and runs out of the room, too embarrassed.
She runs into the Dragon Circus + Yun, who bring in THE Kan Kyo-Ga, naked save for the blanket he's been wrapped in and out cold with a huge bump on his head. They explain what happened and the whole gang despairs: there’s no getting out of this one. Suddenly, lo’ and behold, Igni, of all people, makes her way into the room searching for her eldest son…
Meanwhile, somewhere in the Kai Empire, In Kuervo, king of the formerly nomadic Tuuri Clan, sits with a horribly scarred Li Hazara. He tells the man not to look so sour, seeing as they’re now allies. Hazara points out in an inner monologue that they are everything but allies, seeing as Kuervo has taken over and invaded the capital of the Province of Sen by force. Kuervo, in command of an impenetrable troop of cavalry forces, has been expanding his territories by defeating powerful clan after clan in the north. Kuervo tells Hazara that he wants to take over Kai’s Imperial Capital, but before that he wants to get his hands on the rich lands of Kouka. Hazara advises him to be weary of King Su-Won, and Kuervo asks him if it was a Koukian soldier that sliced his right eye and left him that horrible scar. Hazara says this was done to him by the White Monster of Kouka, and Kuervo remarks on how he’s heard of them. He’s dying to meet these monsters.
(Honestly I think I’ve stopped understanding what ‘quick summary’ means)


Tae-Jun: Keep a low profile, stay quiet, don’t attract attention.
The HHB: ok
Also the HHB:

Oh, Tae-Jun, Tae-Jun… How could you have possibly thought, even for a second, that this was going to go well? You’ve just asked a gang of rainbow-coloured men to not attract attention. How? How? Were you going to hide them with the koi fishes? This plan was destined to fail before it was even conceived.
A good chunk of this chapter is just shits and giggles, in the truest Kusanagi-est of ways: A fiery Kyo-Ga vs. Kija battle of wills, Yona&Hak awkwardly mistaken for a couple and given Sexy Time perfume by a court lady, and a panicking dragon circus that has punched out cold the one man they absolutely had to avoid. It’s delicious, it’s wonderful, Kyo-Ga’s hair looks like seaweed in the ocean (you know what page I'm talking about and you know it’s true), and God bless every panel Shin-ah appears in without his mask *sobs*. But clearly the most important thing is: If Hak’s clothes have been thrown away, does this mean he’ll be getting a new uniform?(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ok, ok, perhaps that’s not the most important detail in the chapter (maybe the second most important?). Despite the hilarity and disparity of everything going on in these 30 pages, a few details do stand out that are worth noting. To begin with, I’d like to invite you all to bring out your champagne and toast with me, because holy Jesus we have a mother. A mother, in Akatsuki no Yona. A mOtHER.

This day will go down in history, for real.

She’s not dead; she’s not ill; she isn’t some obscure character never to actually make an appearance. She’s actually made of flesh and bone and she is here: Igni, Kan Soo-Jin’s wife.
Now, this woman may seem like the quiet sort, but methinks there’s meaning in the fact that the first ever mother to make an appearance onto the AkaYona stage is none other than Kan Soo-Jin’s wife. She’s quick to point out the rainbow array of colours amongst the HHB, which leaves even Jae-ha wondering whether she’s caught on with what’s happening. What’s more, the idea that she’d be looking for Kyo-Ga in Hak and Yona’s room, that happens to be in the servants’ quarters if what Tae-Jun has told us is true, is bombastic and incredibly shady. This is all not to say that she wishes to cause Yona harm, or that she’s the head of some occult ninja society, but… I think we’d be wise to watch out for this woman. (Some have, incidentally, suggested on tumblr that she may be the master orchestrator who requested Hak and Yona be put in a room together, and while I’m more tempted to think this was more the doing of the court ladies, I'm all on-board for Meddlesome Kan Igni™.)

But moving onto more pressing matters: Kuervo has taken over Sen and forced Hazara into an alliance, a situation Hazara doesn’t seem too happy with. Yet with or without Hazara’s help, Kuervo’s ability seems indisputable, given that he has successfully subjugated many clans with his army. Seeing as his ultimate objective is to also conquer the Imperial Capital of Kai, could this be a door for Kouka and the Northern Kai Emperor to join hands in order to defeat a common enemy? The plot thickens and the possibilities the story could take expand in number…
However, what I found myself most worried about was the way Hazara told Kuervo that it was the “white monster of Kouka” that ripped his eye out. Given the odd focus this chapter has put on Kija, I’m beginning to feel a slight prickle of unrest, especially with Gobi and Kye-Sook also scheming in the background… It all seems to be tying into one single very messy knot.

That’s all from me, ya’ll. Sorry for the delay! I’m currently in Okinawa for an internship, and the HanaYume magazine takes two more days than usual to arrive here, meaning that for the duration of my stay my posts will most likely be two days late. I also just spent an entire week as a certain VIP’s personal interpreter and guide, and ended up working near 14h hours a day, meaning I am well and truly dead inside (on the plus side I got to tour all around the island and had a lot of fun on the job, so all’s well ends well).
Next chapter will be out on the 5th of July! And HanaYume has just unveiled some exciting news: We’re getting an Akatsuki no Yona fanbook this autumn! Yay!! They’ve asked fans to send  questions they’d like Kusanagi to answer in it through twitter and email. How exciting!

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Posted on: 23/06/2018

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  1. ok. Am I the only one who found it super cute that Kyoga wants to eat meals with his little brother?

    1. I last my mind on that page too... it's so adorbs...

  2. I agree with you about Igni. I don't understand what she could possibly gain by trying to scandalize Yona & Hak...
    Although when thinking about other series and how female characters are written, especially when you factor in the whole religious aspect & the VERY rarely "girl becoming a woman" (there is only 3 that I know of that mention it, The Slayers, Berserk & AkaYona) I don't know what to really think, it's just too infrequently ever talked about which is why I feel compelled to highlight it, because there has to be something more to it, in terms of the whole prophecy & usage of "awakened".

    The DW either weren't able to manifest the dragon spirits until Yona became a woman.
    I think it was back in the Water Tribe saga when Yona become seriously injured and she was dreaming about all the dragons being all cute & tiny climbing on her, including the amazing Dark Dragon which helped her recover & how she saw them as cute little dragons playing around trying to cheer her up.

    That said, when you combine Gobi, Kye-Sook, & the Imperial Capital of Kai, Igni with how they see the whole HHB, I also fear what might happen. They all seem to see the DW as tools for their personal power & I don't like the possible implications of the "vendetta death flags".

    I LOVED your Yona.exe stopped working pic! The Meddlesome Kan Igni™ seems very wise move on your part, LOL. I mean seriously, why else draw her all menacing looking (drawn the same way Niji's pervert teacher looked).

    I also agree with the comment about how the court ladies threw out the borrowed sleepwear for Hak, not his normal uniform. Personally I think there should be some nice half naked pics of him, especially since there are so few images of him that would be great posters & pillow cases. (I don't want my Zoro, Hiei, Law, & Kakashi to ever feel lonely ;)

    I believe that Igni was the one who really arranged for the court ladies to set things up. I mean we have Kye-Sook on his way to Saika Castle with an army & Hak (paraphrase) "we're in deep shit now" statement.

    The shared bed reminded me of a Fushigi Yugi scene where the MC couple woke up naked in bed with one sheet, since they needed their injuries healed & they needed rest.

    I can't wait to buy the fan book this autumn! Something tells me it will be awesome! Especially if there are a lot of dragon pics <3

  3. When you pointed out the focus on Kija, it occurred to me that he's the most noticeable of the dragons. Jaeha keeps his leg covered, Shin-Ah wears a mask over his eyes, and Zeno doesn't fight/use his ability as much. In comparison, Kija's giant dragon hand stands out a lot. So I think that whatever trouble this public attention brings to the dragons, Kija might be taking the first hit.


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