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Comment: Niji, Amaete yo vol.2 (CH.4~7)

Oh boy, I was not expecting that.
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Niji, Amaete yo 4~7 (duh!)

Whelp, I've summarised 4 chapters for this post and it's very long. If you're not interested in the summaries I suggest you just scroll down to the COMMENT section.

Chapter Summaries

4th Secret—
Gaku walks Niji home and on the way tells her he's glad she only got attacked by a pervert, and wasn't raped. Niji pulls a judo move on him and tells him not to come after her. She knows that it could've been much worse and that it's weird for her to act this way about it, but he shouldn't downplay how serious this still is.
Later on, Gaku tells Hiyori about what happened. Hiyori tells Gaku that saying that was wrong and insensitive. Hiyori calls Niji and cheers her up, telling her that he'll teach Gaku a lesson, and as he hangs up Gaku thinks to himself that Hiyori is amazing and that he's glad he's the one dating Niji. He could never win against Hiyori.
They go to the arcade together, where a bunch of thugs try to challenge Gaku to a fight (apparently he once accepted and now they keep wanting to pick fights with him). Gaku and Hiyori run away, and Gaku asks Hiyori if he can pick Niji up tomorrow.
The next morning Gaku waits for Hiyori outside her house and apologises for being so insensitive, saying he wants to at take her to school on his bicycle so she doesn't have to deal with a packed train. Hiyori gets on and they pedal off, with Gaku momentarily freaking out at the feel of Niji's breasts on his back.
Meanwhile, at school; the teachers talk about how class 6 has been restless because of what happened to Niji. On teacher mentions how Gaku used to be a bit of a delinquent in middle school, but now he's a model student and the captain of the judo club. Another teacher, referred to only as Kiriyuu-sensei very suspiciously remarks how it's a pity Niji didn't see her attackers face. In the last page we see his right hand is bandaged, the same hand Niji bit her attacker on. (WHAT THE FUCK?? THIS IS WHERE WE'RE TAKING THE STORY????)

5th Secret—
Gaku and Niji ride to school at full-speed, but get caught by the police for riding double and end up having to take the train anyway. Niji laughs wholeheartedly at Gaku's face of disappointment, but stops when she feels someone raising her skirt. She turns around instantly, but it's just a woman whose bag caught her hem. Niji says it's embarrassing of her to be so jumpy at everything, and Gaku laments the loss of her smile.
They bump into Minami, their classmate, who asks Niji about Hiyori. Niji tells her she'd rather the rumour of her and Hiyori dating not spread too wildly. Gaku decides to get going, and Minami looks visibly disappointed. She tells Niji that she's so lucky to have both Hiyori and Gaku protecting her, and Niji thinks to herself that it sounded almost like she was lamenting not getting attacked by a molester herself. Niji hates developing a persecution complex and doesn't want to let what happened changed her, but she's slowly becoming more and more like a rose: week and all sharp thorns.
When they arrive at school Hiyori fixes Niji's fringe for her, which earns them a bunch of surprised stares from their classmates. First period starts, and in walks  Kiryuu-sensei (who's apparently a maths teacher?). He catches one of the students reading an English textbook and asks them to put it away, but the student tells him he doesn't have to take a maths exam to get into his university of choice, so what's the point. Kiryuu-sensei tells him that if he's satisfying with a low-paying job then sure, he can go ahead and not care about maths, but if he wants to get a job with a decent pay he must be able to handle spreadsheets or to an Master of Business Administration degree then he must be able to handle this level of maths. The student retorts that there's no point in trying if the best he can do with this level of maths is become a high school maths teacher, clearly mocking Kiryuu-sensei. This pisses him off, and he replies "Exactly. This is as far as I got being able to do maths. I wonder how far you'll get, then, when you can't even do maths."
The students cower in their seats. Kiryuu looks at Niji, smiles, and Niji shivers. She looks at his bandaged hand, remembering that on the night she was assaulted she bit her attacker, but tells herself she's being paranoid. Kiryuu approaches her desk and Niji freaks out, but he's only here to tell her her wounds are bleeding. He takes her to the infirmary and leaves Gaku in charge of solving the set problem. When they get to the infirmary Niji asks him about his bandaged hand and momentarily freaks out, thinking her attacker might be Kiryuu-sensei, but she soon tells herself that's impossible. Kiryuu-sensei tells her he burnt his hands on instant yakisoba. (Meanwhile, Gaku is becoming the most popular kid in class by solving everyone's maths questions.) Niji smiles, and Kiryuu-sensei touches her cheek, telling her she is cute, and that now that he's seen her this way once he won't be able to take his eyes off her. (CREEP) ((SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF FUCKER SAYS THAT TO HIS STUDENT))

6th Secret—
Niji tells Hiyori about what happened with Kiryuu-sensei. Hiyori tells her that Kiryuu-sensei is dangerous, because that's not something a guy would actually say: it sounds pulled straight out of a woman's fantasies. He tells her that she's plenty cute, and that she shouldn't sell herself cheaply just because someone tells her she's cute.
Back in the classroom, Minami approaches Gaku with a maths question. Whilst he's reading the question she asks him if he isn't feeling lonely now that Niji and Hiyori have started dating. Gaku finds the way she phrases it annoying and hands her back her maths book. Minami starts crying and Gaku immediately apologises. Minami seizes the opportunity to ask Gaku for his LINE, telling him to think on what this means. Gaku catches onto what she's saying quickly.
Later, in the toilets, Minami's friends praise Minami for her bravery. Minami explains that now is the best time to attack, as Gaku's just been rejected by Niji. She says that her older sister told her ugly girls  have to use their head to catch good guys, and that catching them in their teens, when their still inexperienced in love, is the best moment (lol what even is with this sister, that is way too hardcore).
Meanwhile; Gaku meets with Niji and Hiyori and tells them that someone just confessed to them. as he stares at Niji, he thinks to himself that qhen Minami confessed he felt his stomach drop, and wonders if this is how people feel when someone they don't like confesses to them. He wonders if Niji felt that way too when he confessed to her.
Hiyori asks Gaku who confessed to him, and Gaku tells him he doesn't want to say her name, as it would be rude to that person. Niji leaves, asking Gaku who does he think he is, saying such gallant things. When Niji enters the classroom her classmates crowd around her and tell her Minami just confessed to Gaku, and Minami asks for her support (this is all part of Minami's plan to make sure Niji doesn't make a move on Gaku). Gaku and Hiyori overhear the conversation, hiding behind the classroom door, leaving Gaku shocked that Minami herself is spreading the news. Hiyori says that Minami is quite clever — Gaku is the kind of guy you have to catch by getting rid of your opponents.
As Minami asks for Niji's help, Gaku says to Hiyori that if Niji asked him to date Minami, he might actually do it. He thinks to himself that if he's not dating Niji, then he doesn't care who he dates. Ifdating someone else is all he can do for Niji, then he'll do it.
Surprisingly, though, Niji tells Minami that she cannot help her. She tells Minami that Gaku is the kind of guy who doesn't tell even his best friends the name of the girl who just confessed to him. She takes this as him wanting to protect said girl, and Niji stresses she thought Gaku was pretty cool. Yet Minami is trying to corner him. Niji tells her that if Gaku knew about this he'd be very shocked and leaves the room, walking past Gaku in the process. She blushes furiously and runs away, leaving Gaku dumbfounded.
Hiyori then tells Gaku that if he admits he likes Niji, he'll acknowledge their relationship. After all, he doesn't actually like Niji. Gaku grabs him by the collar and pushes him against the door angrily. When Hiyori explains this is because he wasn't expecting Minami to confess. Gaku loses his temper and pulls Hiyori into a Judo flip, slamming him against the floor. Hiyori stares up at Gaku and says, "Really Gaku, you're so honest it's fucking cute." Gaku orders him to stand up.
Meanwhile; in the staff room, Kiryuu-sensei looks at Niji's student info, finds Niji's Line ID, and adds her to her contacts. (WHAT. THE. FUCK.)

7th Secret—
Gaku and Hiyori start fighting, drawing the eyes of the students around them. a teacher comes to stop them, but another student (a guy who's in the judo club, though we don't get his name) stops him and says that it's fine because Gaku is holding back.
Gaku tells Hiyori to apologise for saying he doesn't love Niji, and Hiyori says it's fine since Niji already knows that, and that Niji doens't actually like him either. Gaku is left speachless. Hiyori uses this chance to flip him over, and the judo club guy from before looses s¡his hit, saying he's never seen Captain Gaku get thrown by anybody but Niji before. Hiyori straddles him and wonders to himself how would Gaku fact if he told him now that he's in love with him. He leans into his ear—
Meanwhile; Hiyori gets a message from Kiryuu-sensei that says "If you're not too scared I can drive you home in my car." Kiryuu thinks to himself that by daring her like that, Niji is bound to say yes. And that's exactly what she does.
Back with Gaku and Hiyori— Hiyori tells Gaku that what matters most is what Gaku wants to do. He then pulls him into a lock, and the fight is over. Later on, Gaku meets with Niji and tells her that he'll walk her home, but Niji refuses, saying she doesn't want him to treat her differently. Besides, Kiryuu-sensei is already giving her a ride. They walk to Kiryuu-sensei's car, but it's a 2 seater, so it's impossible for both of them to get on. There's a brief gag about Geku getting in the car and leaving Niji behind, but eventually Gaku and Niji walk home together, with gaku telling her that she shouldn't be alone with other guys that aren't her boyfriend.
Meanwhile, in the gymnasium, Hiyori thinks to himself how great it must be to be able to openly talk about what you like. If he could do that too he'd say it many times over.
Back with Niji and Gaku; Niji asks him why he's doing all this, and Gaku asks her if it's really okay for him to say it out loud. Niji is taken aback, and Gaku tells her not to sweat it, because he already knows her answer. All the while he's thinking to himself, in an inner monologue, that that's not true— that he wants Niji to say he likes him, that he doesn't want her to reject him, that he doesn't want to become the kind of jerk that makes a move on his friend's girlfriend. In the end Gaku just sort of explodes and tells Niji this is all her fault. He wishes he could hate her, he wishes he could think she was ugly, he wishes he wouldn't think about where she was or what she was doing. There are so many other cute girls that are nicer out there, yet he's still stuck on her.
Just then the gang of guys chapter 4 appear and challenge Gaku. Gaku grabs Niji's hand and starts running. They hide in a very narrow alleyway, where they face each other sandwiched between the walls. Gaku tells himself not to look down at Niji... but he does, and pulls her into a kiss.



Holy God, that ride was wild. Where do I even begin this comment?
I guess addressing the elephant in the room is as good a place as any: CREEPER SENSEI. What the actual genuine fuck; I definitely was not expecting the story to go this way. I cannot express how disgusting and repulsive I find Kiryuu's character — he makes me feel the same way Colonel Richard Strickland from The Shape of Water made me feel every time he was on screen, uncomfortable and vulnerable. There's a scene in chapter 7 where he stops by the bathroom to fix his hair and use a chapstick on his lips, right before he goes to meet Niji at the carpark, and honest to God my hairs stood right on edge. This creep gives me goosebumps.
Okay, so, perhaps this man isn't actually the perpetrator that attacked Niji — perhaps this is just Aoki-sensei fooling us with misleading shady backgrounds and uncanny coincidences. But dude, a teacher that openly hits on one of his students? Nuh-uh, Niji gurl, you gotta get yourself on the next plane to Australia. Why the fuck would you even want to get in a car with him?? Have you literally no brains??
The worst thing is that even though I'm trying to convince myself this is fiction and this teacher is just a plot device to stir-up trouble, I know this sort of disturbing stuff actually happens. Years ago, a friend told me a teacher at her highschool molested a student, and that even though said teacher was fired, because their reputation was left untainted they moved onto another school and assaulted students in that one too (this she heard from a friend that attended said other school). It was through this alarming conversation that I discovered that cases like these are actually quite common in Japan, part of a larger problem of sexual harassment. With this what I mean to say is not that all teachers in Japan are depraved perverts (because they're not), or presume that these kind of alarming cases don't happen elsewhere in the world (because they do), but to point out that issues like these are still very much latent in today's Japanese society. Seeing as Aoki-sensei has already brought PTSD and sexual harassment / attempted rape to the forefront, could she also be introducing this issue to call out the flaws in a system that doesn't punish sex offenders? Or am I trying to find depth in a shallow plot device?
My expectations for this series are slowly but surely rising, especially after Niji's outburst in chapter 4 where she stresses that just because it could've been worse, it doesn't invalidate her trauma and experience. Her scars are as real as anyone else's — she's allowed to freak out. She's allowed to be scared. You can't disregard someone's pain because other's have had it more difficult and survived, and Niji calling Gaku out for his bullshit is so 👏 much 👏 yes ðŸ‘. I'll try not to keep my expectations too high... but I can't deny I'm looking forward to what sensei has in store for us.

On a lighter tone—

Oohhhhhhhhhh boy... Yep. There goes my shipper heart. It's official guys, I'm more into these two than I'm into the main couple. Like, that palpable angst in the air? And Hiyori voicing his thoughts on how nice it must be to be able to say that you like something out loud?
It's also interesting to note that when Hiyori praises Minami's angle of attack (winning Gaku over by eliminating her opponents), he's in fact calling himself out for using that same strategy: though the main point of dating Niji is to avoid Gaku suspecting that Hiyori may be in fact gay, the truth is that by fake-dating Niji he's effectively taking down his greatest rival. Hiyori, too, is guilty of using this same strategy, and it could be that he's saying this line in a self-accusatory tone.
On that line of thought— I'm sort of stuck with what's to happen next. Hiyori has all but told Gaku that his relationship with Niji is bullshit (well that didn't last long, lol). What's there left to keep this fake-dating drama going, then? And Gaku just kabe-doned Niji and smacked his lips on her despite saying only pages ago that he didn't wan to be the sort of guy who made a move on his friend's girlfriend...

...Whelp. Awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard 👀

That's it from me, my lovelies. I'm dying to know what happens next — judging from Niji's no-bullshit attitude, I'm expecting a good  old bitch slap or a badass judo toss. I can't help but be disappointed in Gaku for forcing himself on Niji, and I sure as hell hope his actions don't go unanswered for.
See ya'll for chapter 8! I'll try to post my comments for the magazine-published chapters as soon as possible, but I have a few papers to hand in this month so don't expect too much from me.

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Posted on: 1/04/2018

PS.: ...Gaku's skill at maths sort of makes him very charming tho

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  1. OMG
    Justo vine corriendo a contar que ya terminé de leer BokuImo y ¡justo me encuentro con tu entrada! *Si si, ya se que hace como 2 días que publicaste, pero le eché a full porque necesiataba terminarlo xD* (En la otra entrada escribí BokuIno pff sorry, pero bien, BokuIno = BokuInu, la hermana si era como un perrito(?) pff)

    También quiero decir que, estoy de acuerdo en que mientras sepas distinguir entre realidad y ficción, enjoy the trip! (Estoy bastante chata del "discurso" que se montan algunos en redes sociales).

    Sobre este manga: HIYORI MOST PRECIOUS CHILD! Me encantó eso que le dijo a Niji sobre que no debería dejarse comprar barato con piropos u-u (le doy toda la razón).
    La verdad es que leyendo como va la historia y que vengo fresca del otro manga, como que empiezo a conectar la similitudes que hay entre una y otra.

    Pienso que porque más o menos ya se este resolviendo uno de los plots de la historia en los primeros capítulos (Que todo el rollo de "somos novios" no duro nada y probablemente Gaku y Niji ya anden) es solo para propósitos de impacto y llamar la atención y que una vez pase eso, igual y la trama se va ir un poco más tranquila (¿o no? tum! tum! tum!) aún nos falta que el pobre de Hiyori salga del closet con su amigo/crush y capaz va para largo (:

    Sobre lo del maestro, lamentablemente es algo muy común (en mi universidad nos pasó con dos maestros que eran hermanos... los terminaron corriendo, aunque no se muy bien porque razones exactas (?) pero antes y después de su partida había mucho rumor horrendo) y en la preparatoria de mis hermanas (un maestro que se metió con varios chicos varones... lo peor es que era una escuela cristiana y la directora medio lo defendía porque eran amigos...)

    Sobre los personajes haciendo cosas con poco sentido común (Niji yendo al carro del maestro)... well, a veces pasa cuando sucede (no se si has leido "HareKon" pero si quieres desesperarte e incomodarte con la naturaleza humana, go to read xD)

    Por cierto, pienso que aunque no soy totalmente fan del estilo de dibujo, se nota mucho cuanto ha mejorado el autor con el tiempo y aún manteniendo su esencia (:

    1. Em, poca broma, me gusta más Hiyori que Niji y prefiero que él se lleve el final feliz >:( Gaku ahora mismo la verdad es que me da un poco igual, pero si a Hiyori le gusta then please let the ship sail. Este chico tiene que salir del armario YA YA YA.

  2. Sobre BokuImo [SPOILER WARNING]: Como dije, hacía años que no leía un manga así (aunque no lo considero de lo peor que he leído... creo) y pues, ¡no mames! los primeros capítulos son pura calentura xD (obviamente todo para llamar la atención, ¡ESCÁNDALA!)

    A Yori lo odio con odio Jarocho porque es un abusivo manipulador de lo peor que se la pasa auto-victimizandose toda la maldita historia, buscando redimirse ante dios, ante el mundo porque se parchó a su hermana (pero el dude bien que lo gozó) y a su hermana Iku la odio porque es una estúpida fácil de manipular y que se dejó convencer de que de verdad estaba enamorada de su hermana (¡no amiga, eso que sientes no es amor, son tus malditas hormonas!) me sentí mega mal y enojada (?) cuando un tipo la acosó mientras ella trabajaba en un café y ella terminó dándole su paga al horrendo porque le manchó la camiseta, WHY IKU??? WHY??? AAARG! AL MENOS YANO-KUN TE DEFENDIÓ.

    En todo este desmadre, lo único por lo que siento que valió la pena leer todo fue... El amigo and "third wheel" favorito de todos, Yano Haruka, mejor conocido por mi como "Ese wey guapote de lentes con mucho dinero, ¡Iku deja a tu hermano y vete con él!" ese dude me fascino, es parte de mi harem de "es mi dios". Y yo se que este dude no es trigo limpio e hizo unas cosas bastante cuestionables, pero su forma de ser, su sentido del humor y sobre todo su cariño incondicional por los dos pendejos antes mencionados, hizo que se ganara mi corazón, el cielo y el infierno <3 y me siento tan mal cuando personajes así solo entran en juego para ser solo "el tercero en discordia" y que sabes que no se va quedar con la prota, solo ves como les quiebran el corazón *sobs*

    Hubo personajes interesantes aunque solo entraran de relleno para propósito de la trama... y la amiga psyco me dio los chilly willys, urg! Lo de la mamá... por poco sentí que nos iban a tirar un cronenberg de "Tengo dos úteros funcionales" pero se me hizo tan bizarro y conveniente para la trama lo del "son gemelos de diferentes hermanos de leche" lol

    Para ser como 60 caps, no se me hizo pesada la historia, fue bastante digerible, no me sentí procesando mucha info (pero había unas cosas mega ridículas, no se si la traducción en Inglés no ayudaba tampoco pfff) y bueno, el final, el final... los tontos serán tontos por los siglos de los siglos :3 jaja (¡guácala! ¡JUST NO!)

    Y lo siento, te dejo mi antiguo testamento con cariño, esperando para la próxima vez solo comentar sobre el puro manga en curso xP

    1. Ay mi madre, cómo me he reído con tu comentario sobre BokuImu, por favor xD

      Ufff yo me lo leí cuando era una teenager mocosa y en aquel entonces la serie me parecía el Jardín de Eden version para pecantes. Si no recuerdo mal la autora tenía 22 años cuando comenzó a publicarlo, y se nota que es un cumple-fantasías erótico / kinky para adolescentes de hormonas revolucionadas :D Pero bueno, me lo bebí como agua en el desierto y le tengo mucho cariño a la serie.


  3. I'm reminded of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) & how his original intentions were to become a teacher so he could hit on high school girls, but then was switched for some reason to teach middle school.
    It's not as creepy of a 19-20 year old hitting on 15-18 yr olds, except that was his only reason to even want to teach.
    But it's written as a comedy & he does actually become a good teacher, still a perv, but at least he doesn't hit on his middle school students.
    I've also noticed that many teachers aren't generally written as good people. For example, Ranma 1/2 & Naruto beat that pervy teacher trope so often & disgustingly. then there's other series where teachers don't give a fuck if students show up or not or outright abusive that it makes you wonder why did they even bother becoming teachers or why that character was created, except that it's needed for it to be a school series.

    1. Aaah yes! I remember GTO... I think I got past the first volume and then just forgot about it? Knowing that he DOES become a good teacher makes me want to check it out more seriously, though.
      As for the whole Naruto thing- it's surprising how many shonen mangas play this trope not just with teachers, but with men in general, because boys will be boys and whelp we know all men have on their minds is big boobs amiright? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ And even though it ridicules them for it, it's never treated as a truly bad thing - it's just there for shits and giggles.

      However, I feel that the new generation of shonen manga is slowly moving away from these silly tropes and moving on with the times. I'm not fully caught up with Boku no Hero Academia, but I seem to remember from the first season that it was a pretty clean anime in what respects teacher role models.

  4. To be fair, I only watched the dubbed anime of GTO & basically the prototype for Koro-sensei in Assignation Classroom. For example he encouraged the kid who did photoshop of him trying to make him look bad, by giving the kid a list of chicks he wanted photographs of them together.
    Although I am glad the AS anime did cut the part of the end where Bitch-sensei kissed like half the class giving them supplies to escape the military prison.


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