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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 152 — There is more than one thing I hold dear ( + Extra Chapter Stay Healthy Part 2)

Haha, bye guys my life is complete, I can return to my planet now :')

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 152 & "Steay Healthy Part 2" extra chapter (duh!)

152 Quick Summary

The dragons regain mobility on most of their body but still need to be taken care of. Hak tells the gang he has to go meet someone and asks for permission to leave, but Yun asks him to stay until after Yona finishes bathing. Worried that she's getting in Hak's way once again, Yona hurries through her bathing session and walks out of the water half wet. Hak tries to help her dry her hair, but she tells him it's not necessary and that he's free to go. As he turns away Yona thinks to herself that Hak's expression stiffens when he talks to her.
Later, after Hak leaves, Jae-ha persuades Yona to tell him what happened. At first she denies it, saying nothing is wrong, but Jae-ha tells her she's very obviously lying, plus Hak is looking rather down. Yona proceeds to explain what she overheard about Hak having a fiancé (which shocks the dragons & Yun stupid) and tells them the details of what she said to him after that about giving him back his freedom. By the time she finishes the gang looks ready to give up on life. Yun tells Yona that the way she's put it makes it sound like she's telling Hak she doesn't need him, and Yona panics: that's definitely not what she wanted to say.
Yona regrets not being able to express herself better, and Kija tells her he doesn't think she has to. What she has to do is actually tell him how she really feels. Jae-ha tells her she should ask him about his fiancé in case that's a misunderstanding too, but Yona tells him she's scared of what he might say. When she admits she HATES the idea of Hak having a fiancé Jae-ha laughs and tells her she should tell him that, too. Yona tells him that she couldn't possibly do that, because he might be meeting up with Ayame now and seeing as he refused to tell her what he said he wanted to speak to her about, he might be angry at her. Jae-ha tells her that if she doesn't tell the truth it won't just end with him not speaking to her: it'll end with Hak leaving. When he asks her if she's okay with that, Yona shakes her head furiously.
Hak makes his way back. It turns out he'd gone to buy some food and weapons from a group of travelling merchants he knew would be in the area. Yona outright apologises to him and tells him she overheard his fiancé conversation yesterday. Hak begins to understand the reason why she said what she said, and Yona insists that it's not that she doesn't need him. She tells him she wants him to stay with her... and Hak loses it. Fuming with rage, he tells her that he's told her over and over again that he doesn't plan on leaving. He's not staying here because of some sense of obligation. The Wind Tribe may be important to him and he'd definitely lay his life on the line for them, but his home is here, with them. The gang is stunned by this declaration and begins to shed tears of joy.
He also tells Yona that though he swore absolute loyalty to King Il and that Yona may not think she's worthy of something similar, in the time they have spent together she has left him in awe with her determination. He has decided to live for HER sake and that she is the one who taught him what it's like to feel pride in serving someone.
Everyone cries happy tears. Yona then asks him, timidly, what he's going to do about his fiancé if he doesn't plan on going back, and this is the final straw. Hak tells her this is something Gramps decided on his own and that Ayame has a lover, and when Yona is about to ask if that means he's been rejected Hak explodes and tells her SHE is the one he's in love with.
The gang stares back, stunned. Hak asks Yona if she's finally understood, and she tells him she has and melts onto the floor, too shocked to say anything else. The chapter ends with Hak sighing with satisfaction and saying he's finally gotten rid of a weight on his shoulders.

"Stay Healthy Part 2" Quick Summary

Hak catches a cold and Kija is about to give him the cough sweets his grandmother sent them, but Yun and Jae-ha stop him, for fear a berserk Hak could be unstoppable. They tell Hak to rest and sleep, but Hak refuses. Zeno then tells him he'll cast the strongest spell in existence on him, and pushes his head down on Yona's lap.
The gang leave the tent, and just as he leaves Jae-ha tells Hak to enjoy some sweet dreams alone with Yona. Yona giggles and tells Hak that Jae-ha doesn't understand that them being alone wouldn't make either of them happy. At first Hak misunderstands what she means, but Yona explains that if they were alone they wouldn't know what it was like to wake up in the morning to Zeno's kicks and Yun's voice calling them to breakfast, or to hurdle around the fire holding their cold hands whilst laughing at the sounds their stomachs make. Yona says she's glad it's not just her and Hak, and Hak agrees that he's glad the dragons & Yun are with them.
Yona walks out of the tent when Hak falls asleep and tells the others what Hak said, and they all nawww and daww. Suddenly Hak walks out of the tent with the bag of cough drops in his hand and asks if he can have some. Yun is about to stop him but is too late; he takes one, and their camp explodes.



How do I even begin writing my thoughts on this chapter without messing up worse than Yona? How do I express everything I'm feeling? I feel that after years of tiny steps and more back-peddaling than forward motion, Kusanagi has tripped us and we just plummeted forward all the way down Mt. Doom. (it was a very happy fall though.)
First of all, boy am I glad this unfolded out into scenario #3 of the possible outcomes I considered Kusanagi could take. Other than considering the possibility that Hak really could leave (and perhaps come back for the triumphant finale), I had feared there was a slim chance we would walk out of this strife without either of them admitting they're in love with the other... and for a moment, it almost seemed like that was exactly what was going to happen. Until it didn't, EUREKA IT'S A MIRACLE, AHAHAHAHAHAhahaha, aha, ahahaha, aha... *chokes up and sobs*

we pealed the layers of this onion of misunderstanding so fast that I am dehydrating at the speed of lightning

I had expected that if someone was to open up about their ~feelings~ in general (not necessarily about the romantic ones) it was going to be Hak because of how close he came to honesty in the previous chapter, but really, this was so much more than I could have hoped for. Not only does Yona honestly hit him with everything she's got (minus romance), but Hak hits her back with twofold strength in an outburst of emotions that was hard to remain dry-eyed at. But really Hak, sweetpea,  my baby thick boi, considering that in ch.75 you told her you were staying with her because it was your job can you really blame Yona for not understanding that you weren't staying with her out of obligation? My dearest brainless potato, you are one obstinate man too.
With this we're on the edge of a serious turn in their relationship towards a romantic beginning, but I can't help but wonder if the final plunge will take its time to push through. Yona is left absolutely stunned by Hak's confession, and I can already imagine her struggling to 1) come to terms with the fact that this is real, and 2) start thinking back at everything that has happened in paranoia and wonder WHEN and WHY Hak started feeling this way, and possibly also proceed to feel 50 shades of guilt about all the times she brushed off his advances as jokes when she wasn't yet in love with him. (dats right gurl, you did that.)
We know Yona isn't one to shy away from opening up about her romantic feelings, especially because in 111 she was fully intent on semi-confessing to Hak but backed away only becase she thought he'd tease her, and it took her years to confess to Su-Won only because she knew he saw her as a little sister. Though she may stumble awkwardly at first, and it'll definitely take a bit of courage to overcome the mortifying embarrassment it may produce her, I doubt our girl will take long to answer Hak's confession with a "lol SAME" (sort of), especially when she knows her feelings are R-E-C-I-P-R-O-C-A-T-E-D. (if you haven't pulled that party popper yet, now is the time.)
Yet this is the last chapter in volume 26, and though 152 ends openly and allows for a smooth transition into a continuation of this scene in 153, perhaps Kusanagi will go for a dramatic closure and re-open the curtains with a few hours or days time-skip. If Kusanagi wants to open volume 27 with a clean-cut start, I suspect that though I can't see how she could transition suddenly into a new arc, Yona's confession could be put on hold if they come across a new hurdle, or if she swaps P.O.V. to Su-Won, Kye-Sook, or any of the other Kouka Elites. We do still have to hear their thoughts on everything that has happened, after all.
Personally, though I cheered myself mute and found Hak's explosive confession absolutely magnificent and perfect (because he looks so relieved to have finally gotten that off his chest, bless him), I find myself ever so slightly disappointed that Hak did not, in fact, leave the gang... or should I say, afraid? While the idea of the the SS. YonAk sailing steady as the wind full-speed ahead has me running in circles like a chihuahua on redbull, I have this little bug eating away at my thoughts that keeps wondering if getting the romance going will steal the spotlight away from all the other problems we still have to face. My hope that Hak would leave was mostly born out of the knowledge that should this happen the series would probably start heading towards its conclusion, and though I am always ready for kickass princesses and dorky dragons, I fear that at this point Kusanagi is dangerously close to milking the series. I'd hate to be disappointed in what's to come.
Nevertheless, Kusanagi has proved time and time again to never disappoint me, so perhaps I should just sit back, hope for the best, and wait to see what happens. 

But setting aside all these ship-gasms I'm having at Hak's unexpected outburst, and all these good feels I'm getting from him saying that he respects Yona's determination and strength because yes yes yes healthy romance for the win; I insist on stressing how proud I am of the dragon circus and its momma Yun above everything else in this chapter. A few had suggested to me that they could prove crucial in resolving the misunderstanding, and I had expected Jae-ha to be the main driving force should that come to be, but I was not expecting him to so openly and happily encourage Yona, and I certainly was not ready for Kija, of all people, to also give her a push. I can't express how warm this wholesome scene makes me feel: we know Kija and Jae-ha possibly harbour more than just respect and platonic affection for Yona, but they hear her out and help her unravel the knots of misunderstandings. I had mentioned Yona would never tell Hak how she really felt for fear that he would stay with her out of kindness, and I meant that. Nothing that happened in this chapter would have been possible without the rest of the gang stepping in. Tying into the both hilarious and heart-warming "Stay Healthy Part 2" extra chapter published in volume 25, I am joining into the cries of THANK GOD FOR THE DRAGONS AND YUN.

Well then my lovelies, that is all for today. Chapter 153 will be out on the 20th of January, so I'm afraid we'll have to wait a month to see what this explosive confession ends with. We've taken a massive leap forward in these past two chapters, and I may have my doubts on how the series will move forward from now on, but I sure as hell don't want this romance to be put on hold any longer after this bomb Kusanagi has dropped on us!! She's teased us with the icing, but I want the whole cake.

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Posted on: 20/12/2017

PS. In case you're just an AkaYona comment reader and don't intend to drop by until the next chapter rolls on, I hope you spend a wonderful New Year's Eve and that your 2018 stars off well!!

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  1. Hnnnggg Kija was so adorable in this chapter... I love how supportive he was. But I'm not that surprised; Kija's been saying he planned to support Yona with whoever she chose to be with since after the Awa arc, and his respect toward Hak has been growing since then too.

  2. More shoujo manga need their own supportive HHB to actually say things like "maybe its a misunderstanding, just talk to him, if you don't you'll regret it," to other shoujo protagonists. I'm so glad that this misinformation didn't snowball into Yona and Hak being apart and not really understanding why. I could easily see other stories stretch this drama out for way too long.

    It will be interesting to see how Yona deals with this information. She usually has been pretty upfront about her feelings (towards Soo-Won, Ch. 111, she told Lili how she felt about Hak pretty soon after she figured it out), but I definitely see her taking some time to process all this. And of course relive some embarrassing moments with 20/20 hindsight.

    I'm most curious though as to what the next arc will be. I can't imagine Kye-Sook's orders and fears regarding Yona won't play out in some way.

  3. OMG I am Ecstatic! this is one of the most beautiful things I've seen, the happy hungry bunch as a whole, the family they are, Hak's outburst of feelings! (I thought Kusanagi was making it hard to us in the last chapter to give us something good in this one but I never thought I would be this amazing!) The fact that his love is not just because she is his childhood love but also because he respects her for all she does, her determination and character, she admires her and feels proud of be at her service willingly (how perfect is that) and all the happy hungry bunch are a family so pure. OMG I can't even express my happyness this is one of the best manga I've ever read and this chapter was simply delighfull, thanks a million Laura as always you are the best :)

  4. Nghhhhh, this is great. In fear after reading your comments on 151, I thought I'd lay my hands down on this series for a while since these kind of misunderstandings just drives me nuts. But I'm glad this series doesn't disappoint me by dragging it out. It was resolved so quickly it was kinda impressive..
    Anyway, Merry Chsitmas and Happy New Year to you too, and thank you for the comments as always!
    //I don't usually leave a comment, but I do read them with every release.

  5. Zeno's expressions were so mature all the time, he even handed out towels to the bunch. His thought process might be like- That happened! Well, it was just a matter of time, anyways!
    And shin-ah was just staring wide eyed.
    I thought that Jae-ha and Yun knew Hak's feelings, as the former has teased and the latter has pitied him before, but they were also jaw-droppingly surprised at the development (although at that time I was staring in disbelief at the raws then the translation,one after another, then clapping and wowing)
    Although, I expect after a while of rest Hak might be shocked and be thinking- WTH just happened? Just lost it and said it like that?! (If this happens, I so wanna see his expressions)
    Besides that, I'm also worried about what will happen to Tae-jun after firing that fire tribe false alarm, that's a big offence in a very important time (I hope nothing bad happens to him)

  6. I FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY AS THIS ARTICLE. I also expected jae-ha to be the one to give the push, but it was kija.and the way hak just a dressed all of the misunderstandings in ONE outburst was amazing. I just hope that yona doesn't end up in scenario 1 that was mentioned as a response for the confession, the one where she doesn't believe that his confession was real. Well, I guess I have to wait until next month for a chapter that may or may not actually show yona response to all this. THANK YOU for all the time you put into these translations!

  7. Thanks a bunch for the translation ^^
    Kija's maturity surprised me. I thought he wouldn't help Yona's relationship with Hak and feel jealous instead, but then he came and said those words.
    When I read Hak's confession, my mind played Beyonce 'Love On Top' as the BGM, so instead of reading the confession, I sang it

  8. I wish you a merry Xmas and a happy new year!

  9. All has been said about Yona and Hak, so i'll add how happy i was with the live reactions of the dragons and Yoon on the whole issue, i just love how Zeno was all "official dad" of the group, giving tissues and with his jiji expression, ShinAh all "i dont get it but im still impressed" face, Kijah all bittersweet in his crush but still supportive, Yoon all "i didnt raise you like this, why did u said that to the ThunderBeast". Jaeha takes the cake in my most respected brotherly figures, setting aside whatever romantic feelings he might develop and push Yona to understand whats going on, with a carefree and toothy smile that stole my heart.

  10. Thank you so much for this translation. I loved everything about this chapter.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xx

  11. OMG. These last two chapters have had me cycling through all my emotions in the space of five minutes. It actually took several tries to make it all the way through chapter 152, good lord. There were so many things to love, but the best thing hands down has to be the irate confession at the end. Poor Hak, he's been harbouring this for so long I honestly can't blame him for snapping like that, I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner. My only issue was that those five stooges should not have been there. I'm glad they put Yona on the right path and everything, but thereafter nothing would have pleased me more than for them to have all buggered off while Hak let off some steam.

    Side note, Shin-ah was shown reacting with the others post-Yona confession and post-Hak confession. Did he really get it or not, because while I don't think he would, it's not made very clear.

  12. I’m so glad the misunderstanding was resolved right away.

    Thank you so much for the translations! Happy holidays!

  13. Hak was only able to admit his feelings after Yona frustrated him to no end with her mysterious kiss. It was the kiss that initiated the process to a confession from Hak and so, as dense and as frustrating as I personally find Yona to be, she gets some of the credit for whatever comes next in their relationship. Anyhow, I love how no-nonsense and blunt Hak can be. A long time ago, King Il had mentioned that it was Hak's honesty he admired and liked most. I personally have to agree with him on that. Though that side of Hak might make him appear harsh at times, it's not at all a bad quality to have...especially considering what Yona can be like. I don't know. Some AnY fans think Hak is the type of hide his feelings but I strongly disagree. I think that, in actuality, he's the type who expresses his thoughts and feelings openly and, of course, that was what Il had mentioned to liking so much about him. You might then ask "well, if he's the type to be open about his feelings, how come he hides how he feels about Yona?" It's because he's always thinking of her happiness first...and he's unable to allow his own feelings to conflict with hers(her happiness was originally her love for Soo-won). It's because of it that Hak has had to force himself to leash his feelings for so long. It was a struggle for him so, clearly, he's not someone who naturally hides his feelings. I think that once Yona gave the hairpin away and then also kissed him, it was as if the restraint holding him back finally let loose some and Hak was able to be more honest. At least, that's my take on the whole thing.

    Regarding your comment about Hak mentioning back in ch.75 that it was his job to stay with her, to be fair, he was only saying what he thought she would want to hear. After all, we can't forget that much earlier in the story when Hak had attempted to bridge their relationship a little closer by calling her by name, she had pretty much put him in his place by disallowing him to do so. Of course, Yona had a completely different reasoning for why she wanted him to use her title but that doesn't change the fact that what she chose to do at that point destroyed any bridges that was starting to build. For Hak, it pretty much highlighted the differences in their statuses and reinforced in him that, as her servant, being by her side couldn't be anything other than that it was his job to do so. Most importantly, I think it also reinforced in him the idea that it would be impossible for Yona to see or think of him as anything beyond her servant. I think it's only natural then that Hak would remind her later on again that he's following her and staying because it is his duty to be doing so.

  14. Wahhh! Hak, you did it! That was not the confession I was expecting but it was sweet and totally Hak 'my baby thick boi' lol. Shipgasms here too, and I love how the gang was all involved. Thanks for the translation!


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