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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 151 — A You I do not Know


[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 151 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Yona is about to call out to Hak when the rest of the Wind Tribe members find him and tell him he should come back to Fuuga. They ask Ayame to scold him off too, as his "finacé." Yona is startled by this revelation, and overhears Hak say the arrangement was something Mun-Dok decided when they were kids. They joke around about it and Yona leaves, missing the part where Han-Dae points out that Saki and Ayame are in love and that Mun-Dok was super happy about that.
Back at their camp, Yona tenses up the moment Hak gets back. She remembers how Hak told her Ayame was her same age, and how she should learn to be more seductive from her. Her thoughts lead her to remember that she kissed Hak, and she screams in alarm. She hides in her tent, mortified that she'd do that to someone who is "engaged." She ends up remembering Hak wanted to talk to her, but is scared that he'll say that he wants to go back to Fuuga or that he wants his fiancé to travel with them. What she finds most embarassing, though, is that all this time she was under the false impression that she was the closest girl to Hak, when really that's only true in the small world she moves in. The Hak she saw before, surrounded by the people of the Wind Tribe, was someone unfamiliar to her.
The next morning Yona avoids Hak like the plague, and eventually Hak gets sick of it and brings up the subject head on, asking her what the kiss was all about. Yona freaks out and tells him that was just a gesture of farewell, and tells him she won't ever do it again. Hak tells her he doesn't need her apology, because it wasn't bothering him anyway.
Yona thinks to herself that she shouldn't be so self-absorbed and asks Hak what it was he wanted to talk to her about. Hak tells her it's nothing, and the two keep walking. Yona sees the Wind Tribe preparing to leave, and when she asks Hak if he wants to go with them he asks her if she doesn't need him any more. Yona tells him it's not a question of her needing him or not needing him, but that the Wind Tribe is important to him, and she has always thought that when the time came when she could go on without him she would set him free. Hak, appearing to misunderstand this as Yona telling him to leave now, thanks her for her consideration, and walks off, leaving Yona stunned.


I am *this* close to throwing my laptop out the window.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present thee the Queen and King of the land of Obliviousness and Misunderstanding™. Give them a grand round of applause! (not)
Alright, let me tackle this maturely. Take a deep breath...
Just yesterday I answered an ask (from an anon that most likely possesses some sort of crystal ball that reveals the future) where I highlighted that for Yona and Hak's relationship to move forward romantically they first needed to sever the still persevering master-servant ties they had, which would most likely come in the form of Yona freeing Hak from his servitude, an idea that has been expressed a few times throughout the story. What's most important about this is that in 151 Yona proves she wasn't all bark and no bite: though she is reluctant to hear out whatever Hak has to say and is afraid he will ask to be allowed to return to Fuuga, she decides to stop being so self-absorbed and well up the courage to ask him what it was he wanted to talk about. What's more, when he doesn't say anything, she still brings up the subject herself. If that doesn't show how much she genuinely values Hak and cares about his happiness then I don't know what does. Despite how colossally FRUSTRATING on new astronomical levels 151 is (check the Guinness book of records, I bet there's a new entry in it), this is a new beginning for them, and actually just as big of a step forward in the right direction, however clumsy: the chains that have been holding them back are finally breaking. Unfortunately... they're not breaking nicely.
I'd like to make clear, before beginning, that the following is not a criticism on Kusanagi's portrayal of the relationship (because honestly I think it's fine and appropriate, all things considered), but a rage at how stupid these two brainless cabbages are. How do I even begin to express the idiocy this scene was overflowing with?? There are so many layers of misunderstanding here we could make a new Inception film.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Not only does Yona think Hak has a ~thing~ going on with Ayame (because she ran out before hearing the tail end of the conversation), but that Hak had a major problem with her kissing him. On top of that Hak is disappointed by her apology on the kiss, decides to drop that talk he wanted to bring up (WHAT WHAT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN YOU REALLY WERE GOING TO OPEN UP ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS??), and is hurt when he misunderstands Yona's words as her telling him she wants him to leave now. I... I just...

To think the day would come a manga would make me feel such frustration and sadness at the same time...

However... though you hear me rant, I found 151 to be incredibly exciting because and not despite all this clumsiness. Yona is finally pulling out the thorn that is most likely working as a stopper in her relationship with Hak: the fact that in the early stages of their journey she asked him to stay with her not as an equal, but as her servant. We're taking baby steps towards righting that wrong.

Well then my lovelies, I have little else to say about this chapter. I can't wait to find out where this prelude is leading towards. Hak is visibly hurt and is seen walking away from a very stunned Yona, but will he really set off with the Wind Tribe? Though Yona had set her mind on letting Hak go at some point, it's clear by her reaction that it was a concept that still didn't feel real to her, something that would happen in 'the distant future.' Hak's interpretation of her suggestion as that time being NOW has clearly left her in tatters... But if Hak leaves, it's unlikely Yona will stop him for fear that he will decide to stay with her as a kindness or out of a sense of duty...
Chapter 152 will be out on the 20th of December. See you pretties then!

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Posted on: 05/12/2017

PS. I found myself a little disappointed when the text pointed out that Ayame had forcefully dragged Hak with her when she'd seen he was injured... I had hoped he'd headed there of his own volition...

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  1. I'm so frustrated by this that i might as well let the manga go for two or 3 chapters before reading again, just so i can get to the resolution of this misunderstanding in one go! i flipped the table so hard i flipped two lol
    True, they needed to severe the tie known as "servitud and in name of the late king" that Hak has towards her, and HIM choosing to GO WITH HER without the need to order it, but as a man who cares for her and the group they've come to call family. This tiem of separation is whats needed for them to think well about what they want and stand as equals...Maybe Hak finally calling her by name? His development after this looks really promising and i cant wait to see where it leads... Maybe Mundok talking with Hak grandpa to grandson, a nudge here and there in the right direction for this dense dork, and a glorious come back into the group!
    NO doubt this will really come as a shocking revelation for the rest of the group, i mean, Hak around is taken for granted since day one... everybody considers him an important unofficial dragon that they cannot go without, and, if it wasnt said before, now it sure will ( i can see Zeno being all sage in this aspect). Prob ask Yonja if she is sure, mother dragon Yoon worrying endlessly, Kija getting mad at Hak for downright leaving without saying shit, cinnamom roll Shinya all sad, and our favorite onii-san Yaeha sad for Yona and wondering why they are so dense (cause at this point, Yaeha and Zeno are more than aware that Yona and Hak are in love). Lord, what a small chapter, packed with so much shit to deal with lol

  2. I would have hated this chapter, if it isn't for the fact that I feel this is the shock their relationship need to move in a new direction. They've had misunderstandings in the past that were glossed over due to the status quo, the comfort of where they were, but this time they have to adress it properly, or they will break apart. I don't think they'll become a couple after this, but that they'll grow even closer as equals. So I sort of liked this chapter actually. The character development~♡

  3. Ok, I was laughing my ass off during most of the episode as Yona seems so cute when she is scare to talk to hak but... I yell and stand up and said omg they are so cool but when it comes to each other are so damn stupid!!! Well I actually think this may be Kusanagi-sensei giving us the final stage of suffering before giving us the blow of one of them finally telling their feelings to the other, hope I am right :3 thank a lot Laura Have a beautiful nigh or day wherever you are :3

  4. Funny enough, I was the anon that from that original ask (no tumblr account, but have been following AnY for a few years).

    I really hope this misunderstanding gets cleared up sooner rather than later, and with the distance between Yona and Hak bridged a bit more. Maybe by the time he returns to camp, Yona will understand and try to clear things up. Everyone has really relied on each other as a family, especially in the last few arcs, and I think Hak just leaving would really hurt that dynamic. If Yona just lets him go, I would be interested to see if there's any sort of role-reversal from when Yona told Hak she wanted him at Fuuga early on (Hak saying he's not here because of his promise, or until she's strong enough, but because he wants to be with her and everyone else).


  6. thank you so much for your translation! it gave me stroke and nirvana at the same time!! cant wait for the 20th!!! please dont hurt my poor baby boo hak <//3

  7. Thanks Laura, I was really looking forward to your comment of this train wreck of a chapter (that's how I saw it in the beginning). Now that I've read your opinion I feel a little bit less upset xD. I think it's safe to say that if Hak attempts to leave the Happy Hungry Bunch, the four Dragons will stop him. Especially Jae-ha, because he knows that Yona would never really want him to leave.

    1. Yaeha onii-san is the most reliable onii-san!

    2. I also think just Jaeha himself wouldn't want him to go.... they're buddies.

  8. What makes me most excited about this chapter tbh is that it places some conflict between Yona and Hak. Before the Xing arc, they weren't really moving forward much because they were both just happy to be friends so their feelings were just largely left unsaid. Now they can't do that because someone (Hak) is hurt, and I think Yona realizes that. What I really hope happens is that Hak gets mad. Seriously, I want him to get mad because it's got to feel like he's being toyed with. Obviously, that's not the case but he's been hurt so many times, I wish he'd put up a fight about it and just get so frustrated that it forces him to say something finally--even if it's not explicitly an expression of his romantic feelings. Because it really is so sad seeing him sit there silently and get his heart broken again and again.

    1. I agree with what you said about wanting Hak to get mad and to express his thoughts. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if he felt like maybe she really was playing with him. Remember that he had been a bit upset when Yona initially kissed him, wondering how she could take something so important such as a kiss so casually.

    2. To be honest, I'm not surprised with or bothered by Hak's density. Given Yona's history, I feel like Hak has a valid reason to be dense. Naturally, the last thing he would expect is for Yona to start having feelings for him. I mean, for Hak, it's not something so simple as being too afraid of looking stupid in front of Yona. For Yona to brush the kiss off as nothing serious, well, that would only appear to align with and reaffirm his belief in the impossibility of the existence of feelings from her for him. And for the longest time, that indeed was true since she was in love with someone else. It's rather fitting and understandable with Hak given the circumstances. I also agree that for Hak and Yona's relationship to work, they need to view one another as equals. The whole master/servant relationship they're currently in isn't doing them any good. Yona has to want Hak to call her by name. She has to be willing to let go of her past, specifically, the idea of needing to be remembered as Kouka's princess. That's something she may have to ultimately sacrifice in order to have Hak in her life the way she truly wants him to be. That's just what I personally think.

  9. UGHHHH! I HATE ALL THESE MISUNDERSTANDINGS!!!! LIKE WHY. WHYYY??!!?? Sighhh... anyhow, thank you so much for the translation :) Will be back on the 20th ;)

  10. As always, probably Jae Ha will solve this misunderstanding...all we know how this will over, but even so it's frustrating. Anyway, all left us wait the next events. Hope that the things solve soon (my heart didn't endure).

    Ah, about "o think the day would come a manga would make me feel such frustration and sadness at the same time", I'll say this: don't EVER THINK read the chapter 92 from Akagami no Shirayukihime. AkaYo ch 151 was very sweet compared to the author made in that manga. That was devastating.

    1. Im still letting that one advance more before keep reading. The current arc is not as good as the others. Then again, i havent read in forever...

  11. I just think, that the only way Yona will say something smart to this man, is when he's about to die. This is too quiet for them to open up. I mean Hak buried that thought long ago, it's Yona who needs to break the ice.
    And I must say, I am way too mad and frustrated over manga. It's a bit unhealthy.

  12. I'm kind of mad because of how it goes with them right now. I think they should finally clear all the misunderstandings, but being in their place, I think I would be as awkward as them. Since Hak has always seen Yona as a princess he had no chances with, who is in love with a person he personally admired and who he thought is better than him... Now, it would be hard for him to acknowledge her feelings, because their long past that point when he can believe Yona can actually feel something more for him. He told her to use him as a tool to survive and she basically accepted this. And Yona, on the other hand, was always thinking about him as a servant who was doing his job because of the king's orders. She knows Hak loved king Il and that he's a soldier that was under his rule. So, for her it seems like she's taking his freedom away from her... Even though Hak has made so many things that should make her open her eyes even a little bit. She just didn't take him seriously for so long that when she started to, he just gave up on this. This is really sad and complicated...
    Still, I think Hak leaving the troupe is impossible. It's not even about Yona, but the rest of them. They're familly, aren't they? I don't think they would let Hak leave and that Jae-ha would allow Hak and Yona thinking that way. Also, can you imagine what would happen if Lili finds out? She would barge in to the Wind Tribe with Yona on her shoulders and beat both of them if they really did depart.
    Ahhh, it's so frustrating! I want them to finally realize each others feelings...

  13. Thank you!!! Thank you so much for posting this translation!!

  14. SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!! Let's hope that in the next few chapters they come clean. Thank you for your blog! I enjoy reading them. I am also interested as to when this sword appears! This chapter made me wanna (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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