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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 149 — Vainglorious Name

Boom bitch.
(Not you Tao sweetheart; I meant Gobi)

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 149 (duh!)

Quick Summary

The soldiers & men stare in disbelief at Kouren, who now lies injured on the floor. The girl Gobi used as a shield tries to protect her, saying Gobi never said anything about killing Kouren. When Gobi tries to tear the girl away from Kouren, Kouren stands back up and says that seeing him so lively sharpens her senses, as it reminds her she cannot die yet. She invites him to keep smiling, and begins to fight back. The soldiers look at Kouren relieved, and Voldo thinks to himself that though the people, consumed by fear, pushed the blame of everything onto Kouren, nobody truly wanted her dead.
Tao, Yona&co. rush to Kouren's side. Yona asks Hak to stay with the dragons and Yun, but Zeno wakes up and tells hims' to stay with Yona. The people start turning on Gobi and Kouren charges ahead. Mizali watches as Kouren defeats her enemies and thinks to himself that he wants to always fight behind her and prove himself helpful to her. He colapses on the floor, and as he closes his eyes hopes that Kouren will remember him every now and then.
As the fight comes to an end Kouren hears of Mizali's death and thinks to herself that though there is little she can do in the state she is in, she wants to stand before Su-Won with her own two legs. The gang makes it to Su-Won, and Kouren introduces herself and Tao. However, Gobi makes a last minute appearance and tries to persuade Su-Won that Kouren is evil by telling him that she kidnapped the Four Dragons. Su-won, however, tells him that the four dragons have nothing to do with him and that he doesn't care about the dragon powers. When Gobi insists that politics needs the power of the gods, Su-Won tells him they won't be able to see eye to eye and asks him to leave. Kouren bursts into laughter, and the chapter ends with Su-Won opening the peace talks.


Su-Won to Gobi.

Well my lovelies, Kusanagi has announced on her website that chapter 150 will be the end of the Xing arc, which means this Gobi roast is D-E-F-I-N-I-T-I-V-E. Help thyselves to a slice, it's nice and crispy.
This chapter came with a few surprises. For one, I didn't dislike the soft ending the arc culminated in. Though we still have a chapter left to tie off all the loose strings of the conflict, it's safe to say 149 is the zenith Kusanagi has been building towards, meaning 150 is likely to be a calmer, more relaxed chapter. I found myself hoping more than once throughout the Xing arc that we'd reach a triumphant, all-out finale, but I am not disappointed in the way things went (if anything it was worth it just to see Gobi's face of utter disbelief and defeat when Su-Won tells him he doesn't give a fuck). I feel that this softer outcome works for me on the larger scale of things, because it clears an open path for THE GREAT BIG BAD of the prophecy to be the cause that will trigger the overwhelming conflict I'm wishing for. Should the Xing arc have ended with too big of a blast it would have become hard to match any consequent conflicts against it and expect them to be more exciting.
Additionally, though I was hoping for some good Yona action, let's not forget the arc's true protagonists were Xing and its two princesses, which I think Kusanagi has achieved fantastically. Though I can't say Mizali's death shook me emotionally (because in a way I think we all saw it coming from the moment he lost his senses when he witnessed Neguro's death) the admiration towards Kouren as well as the very human desire to be remembered that he displayed in his final moments was very moving.

Now onto my favourite part of the cake: SU-WON. And Gobi, I guess, though he's not my favourite anything (shoo).
Su-Won's flashback to King Il's confession on Yona's identity hardly provides any new information, other than the fact that Su-Won isn't Hiryuu—or at least, isn't Hiryuu in Il's eyes, or is "different" in negative some way, if you've read my translation note on that particular line. Yet it opens a whole new world of theories and questions on Su-Won's character, the obvious one being what problem did Il have with Su-Won not being Hiryuu and why that conversation came up in the first place. I've talked time and time again about the secret relationship between Il and Su-Won that must've existed that Kusanagi is  hinting at eeeeever so subtly with these flashbacks, and even though we are barely scratching the surface here, Gobi's interlocking dialogue hints at something that could be crucial: what if Su-Won's dislike of the divine was a byproduct of Il rejecting his capabilities as king, because he though the Heavens had chosen Yona as the rightful ruler?
It's a shot in the dark right now, but Gobi's insistence that politics and religion come hand in hand and Su-won's subsequent rejection of this seem to be suggesting there's more to Su-Won's rejection of the divine than meets the eye. Personally, I have my reasons to believe that Su-Won was resentful towards Il for more than just because he thought he killed his father, so this theory fits in with my other thoughts on him.

Well then my lovelies, that's all i have to say about this chapter. It looks like we'll also be getting a colour page with chapter 150, that will be out on the 20th of November. Plus!! Another drama CD is gracing us on the 20th of December!
I'm intrigued by the conditions our royals will agree on, and can't wait to see if Hak will man up and tell Yona how he feels. More importantly, how is Yona's involvement in the matter going to change the game, particularly now that a bunch of people know she's alive? See you all then for the Xing finale!

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Posted on: 05/11/2017

PS. In other news that might interest any Spaniards that read my blog, Akatsuki no Yona has been licensed for a Spanish publication by Norma Editorial! Yay :D

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  1. Mizari's death felt a little anticlimatic imo... I mean, he was the kid that got the dragons caught in the first place. The most unhinged out of everyone on Kouren's side, this odd little yandere kid. I figured, if he was to die, he'd do it via taking a blade for kouren... not just quietly succumbing to his arrow wound. But other than that, Suwon's roasting of Gobi was pure gold and sooooo satisfying. And that little scene with Yun and Zeno and Hak was really cute. Good chapter, glad to see things wrapping up rather nicely.

  2. Thank you Laura for your translations!
    I have to say I loved this chapter,but I felt really sad about mizali's death... He wasn't a character that I liked at all but still, it's sad!
    And I'm happy to know next chapter will close xing arc! I need the story to move forward.

    1. To a certain extent I guess Mizali was a hard character to incorporate into the story that follows (the peace talks), so I can understand Kusanagi's decision to get rid of him. He was too morally grey to fall in with the Xing cast that has switched sides from pro-war to anti-war, and a lot of the soldiers had begun to resent him because, well, he randomly started slicing people, and that makes it hard for anybody to justify him being in any sort of politically powerful position without questioning Kouren's ability to pick her allies.
      But hey, though I see how his death is a convenient way to get rid of a conflicting character, I still loved his inner monologue in 149 and was saddened by the loss. Mizali redeemed himself in the end protecting Kouren and fighting in Negur's stead, and I'd grown quite fond of him...

  3. Do you believe that in the next chapters Kouren will bow to Yona in front of the Kouka and Soowon armies, and that in order to imitate him the people of Xing will do the same as the Disney "Mulan"? I smiled imagining the head of Soowon and especially Kye-Sook.

    1. Kouren knows about politics.if she bows to yona,she greatly endangers her agreement with soowon.

    2. I agree with Hikari here. That would be a very risky move, especially because Kouka's ruler is Su-Won, not Yona. I'd very much like to see a scene where Kouren&Tao thank Yona for her services and the help she has lent them a la Mulan ending, but that would have to happen in private, away from the Koukan soldiers' eyes, so as to not appear like they (Kouren&Tao) are rejecting Su-Won's claim on the throne.

  4. I'm just so happy to finally read chapter 149. Gobi's face when Suwon said he doesn't give a fuck. Priceless ��


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