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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 141 — Majesty


[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 141 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Su-Won is stunned to find Yona here, alone and facing danger without Hak standing beside her. Yona tells him she is here to talk to him. but he is quick to brush her away. He already gave her his answer. All the while Kye-Sook is shocked to find out that not only is Yona actually alive, but that Su-Won and her have been in contact.
Yona tries to explain that if this is settled by war then the chain of hatred will never be broken, and that Kouren is actually a ruler who loves her people deeply. She tells Su-Won Tao was hoping to talk with him, and was willing to let Xing become a vassal state to Kouka as long as it guaranteed her people's safety. Su-Won tells her that as long as Kouren is next in line to the throne this agreement would not be possible. Yona asks him if he knows about what Yu-Hon did 17 years ago, and Su-Won says he does. She asks him if he agrees with such methods, and when he replies 'yes' Yona tells him she now knows why uncle Yu-Hon never became king. Su-Won stares at her in disbelief, and Yona notes this is the first time she has seen Su-Won's emotions show so plainly on his face.
Kye-Sook urges Su-Won to leave immediately, but Yona tells him to not leave in such a hurry. Su-Won finds himself staring in stupor at Yona, unable to move, and is reminded that King Il once told him that Yona was King Hiryuu incarnate.
Su-Won asks Yona if she has anything to do with the Fire Tribe, and when it becomes immediately obvious by the look on her face that she was behind the signal they set off, Kye-Sook orders her and Argila arrested. Kye-Sook is utterly shocked - how could Yona hold the power to move the Fire Tribe with just a few words? She dangerous, and should not be allowed to live. Thankfully, Lili rides in and orders the soldiers to stop pointing their swords at her friend, Princess Yona. Or does the Sky Tribe, on top of chasing her out of the castle, intend to also murder her? Lili explains to the Wind Tribe Yona is the one who helped erradicate their nadai problem and that they should be thankful to her, and soon all the soldiers are expressing their gratitude.
Yona turns to Su-Won yet again and insists that he settle the matter peacefully. Su-Won decides to agree, but points out he wills till be taking his army to the border, as he doesn't think Kouren will like their conditions. Yona asks for a horse and rides off with Argila.
Back at the border encampment, a strange group of cloaked men appears, and Voldo says they are nobles of the opposition that support Princess Tao. With their help Voldo is sure Princess Tao's wish will come true, but Hak finds them fishy...


Never trust an army of men cloaked in black.

Do you lovelies remember that in my 139 coment I said  war would break out nonetheless even if Kouren changed her mind? That something would happen and would set it off anyway? Yeah? Ok. You see those guys in black cloaks? DO NOT TRUST. Never trust someone in a black cloak, much less if it's an entire gang of them. These guys practically have the word SUSPICIOUS written all over their faces. And this priest dude/woman/whatever? Did you see how he paused before he said Tao was their "...symbol of hope?" Nah-uh, bad news. Get the fuck out of here, I bet these bitches are here to set stuff off on fire, I do not trust them.

That said, let's rewind a bit into the chapter.
Ehem, *clears throat*

⇉ "I think I understand now why uncle Yu-Hon did not become king." ⇇

Apply cold water to that burn Su-Won, because I think you just got fucking. roasted. Are you kidding me?? Yona??? Where did all this sass come from?????? HAVE YOU ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I SCREAMED HERE??????? Sweet Lord above, help me, I completely lost it. It is the most direct confrontation we have seen from Yona against Su-Won, and the fact that Su-Won's face actually changes to one of absolute disbelief is the cherry atop a wonderful five-layer raspberry cake. Not only does it serve as an admission from Yona that she never truly grasped what Su-Won was thinking, even before he betrayed her, but it highlights how rattling this comment of Yona's was to Su-Won. I've mentioned this time and time again, but regardless of whether it is true or not, there is no doubt Su-Won firmly believes his father was murdered by King Il. Seeing as he admits to being fully aware of his fathers war crimes and even states that such actions are justifiable in times of war, it is very possible that in his hatred towards Il he never even questioned why his father wasn't chosen as the next king. Perhaps Su-Won, all this time, had been showering his father under a heroic light and failed to see the true darkness behind his actions, which makes Yona's statement the ultimate cold slap in the face.
Which leads me onto the next point: Su-Won's King Il flashback. This small panel is a huge step forward in the King Il / Su-Won mystery, because:
  1. It reveals King Il knew Yona was Hiryuu's reincarnation, which explains why Su-Won wasn't too shocked when Kija introduced himself and the others as the Dragon Warriors, and hinted that Yona was "Hiryuu".
  2. It makes you wonder why King Il would tell Su-Won Yona was Hiryuu's reincarnation. Not Hak, not anyone else. He told Su-Won, of all people. Why?
Point two is particularly unsettling when we take into consideration that Il was firmly against Yona's marriage to Su-Won. I know I've mentioned this before (yes yes, okay, I know, I repeat myself a lot) but it is highly likely there is a hidden history to Su-Won and King Il's relationship that Kusanagi has purposely decided to hide behind a curtain, and I think we just got a glimpse of it here. I feel it could be tied to the first point I made in my Su-Won analysis post on why Su-Won decided to commit regicide ("He was aware to some extent King Il was not willing to let him marry Yona"). If Il knew his daughter was Hiryuu's reincarnation —which, bearing in mind that we recently discovered that he spends new years eve praying in Hiryuu's mausoleum for a prosperous year, doesn't surprise me, as it's very possible he had some religious epiphany— it's very possible he concluded she had something grand to fulfil in this lifetime, and Su-Won wasn't part of it, thus why he possibly forbade marriage between them. If he openly opposed Su-Won justifying this decision because Yona was a God incarnate, then this could easily be the source of Su-Won's scorn for heavenly forces that he has so heavily stressed since the beginning of his reign. Theories theories theories.

Other than these two exciting new developments that tease the true story behind King Il's assassination, I only have the obvious to point out from the chapter. For one, Lili was fucking awesome, riding in like a knight and making sure no one touched a single hair on Yona's head. And secondly, I loved watching Kye-Sook lose his shit over how much influence Yona has gained. Kye-Sook at the moment is like that guy in a group of friends that's always last to hear about gossip. Bro, he was so lost in this chapter half his monologues ended with "?!".

Anyway my lovelies, that's it from me. The next chapter will be out on the 5th of June! See you all then.

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Posted on: 20/05/2017

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  1. I also find that the priest is suspicious. Either he is a former Kouka priest in exile, or he is a fanatic of his religion, and I think he risks reacting badly with the four dragons and their divine powers (such as calling demons and putting forward a Form of supremacy "Xing is elected from the gods" as in the speech of Kouren previously.
    The important info, King Il knew the identity of Yona, how? Did Emperor Joo-Nam (grandfather of Yona and SooWon) and Yu-Hon know it too? Highly on June 5!

  2. MAYBE, he knew all along Soo-won was set to kill him, so IL didnt want his daughter married to the man that destroyed her family? It would be cruel and Il wasnt that kind of man. Or maybe Soo-won and Yona are brother and siter? (that would be too cliché so i hope is not that). To a more realistic aproach, maybe Il did had a revelation and saw Soo-won as an enemy of her daughter, one that would bring more war, hence why he didnt want them married...alas, there is so much we dont know about Il, Yona's mom, and so on...There seems to be a HUGE secret there.... and YASSSSS Sassy Yona is a good kind of Yona! In UR FACE SOO-WOON! Also, those fishy guys at the end indeed scream suspicious.... All is gonna go to hell pretty quickly

  3. Ugh this chapter really quenched my thirst that I was left with the last chapter. There are some answered questions and some still left undone, but what I just can't get over is just how badass Yona is ^^ Even Soo Won acknowledged that she has presence. I just love how all the things she did is being slowly brought to light, showing that she didn't just sit and sip tea the entire time she was chased out. She killed a corrupt official, made sure the Fire tribe was not over-taxing its citizens as they slowly starve, got rid of Nadai for the Water tribe, and is now preventing a full-scale war from breaking out that can be prevented. Another thing I just love is how Soo Won's face for the first time shows his true emotions. Every single time Yona is mentioned, he masks his feelings and smiles. It makes me wonder from what time period did he start plotting to overthrow King Il, and if he truly hates Hak and Yona. And Lili saving Yona makes me so happy, because I remember when she first met Yona and said she wanted to be like her. Well she has done it! You've paid back your debt ^^ I'm just beyond satisfied with how this chapter was written. Ugh now I have to wait around 2 weeks for the next chapter. Once again thank you for putting in your time into this :)

    1. Yona's affected Lili in a very positive way, and both gained strenght from their friendship. Thats what true friendship is about, and i love that the women by Yona are as strong as her

  4. let's take a moment to appreciate what u guys did
    thank you so much for the summary and the comments

  5. I can't wait for the full translated chapter! Ohhh how I am so excited and want to see Soo-won's face. Gyahahahaha... Take that Soo-won! I like ur face but I don't like your way of thinking. And those black cloaked people are a warning sign. Never fully trust those blacks especially in the time of conflicts. Anyway, thanks for sharing this summary, it satisfy my craving for chapter 141. :)

  6. After this chapter I kinda remembered the line of the prophecy about " the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken " and how those roles would be suitable to describe Tae Jun and Lili at the moment.
    Its more vague with Tae Jun as the sword, but I think the whole awake part fits both of them too.
    How they changed from the passiv childrens of some clanleaders to someone who actually intervens in the problems of their land, after meeting the "new" Yona.
    Its just a speculation, but everything seems to fall into place at the moment, so maybe we get an answer to this part of the prophecynow too.

    what should I comment again? Nothing!? it's perfect make BIG HIT to my heart as if fire burning down!?
    now it comes to my mind, I agree with Laura about "don't trust the black cloaked man" because they are REAAALLLYYY SUSPICIOUS but why i still feel bad for this? i mean, i still think that something bad would happen, don't know what, but within the black cloaked man here with us, my bad feeling got worse than before... just the same with Nadai at Water Tribe Arc, i feel like this too, and ended with Hak's rage (oh my, it's bad for my heart, though) and after other Arc after Water Tribe's Arc, this is the second... unknown 'bad things' that would happen but not yet, so i'm waiting there and hope the moment won't make us (the reader) so heartbreaking like what happened at Sensui (just that time, no more, please)

  8. Hi! Welcome back!!!

    I was very surprise that the autor let very clear that Yona has changed. Kye-sook cant't believe be the same person. As Soon-Woo too. The slapface was incredible!

    In other hand, I still believe that Soon-Woo and Yona are brothers. I feel that wasn't a religious issue but a family issue that made King Il opposite so firmly the wedding.

    Moreover, more the history advances, keeps clear that, instead the beginning, Soon-Woo is not the ideal king as expected. I bet it.

  9. What if. . King Il didn't let Yona married with Soowon because King Il do something he shouldn't do to Soowon&Yoohon? And he aware that Soowon maybe will do something like King Il does. Well. . idk. But i think the circumtanse of this have possibility,

    And did someone have bad feeling aboud Hak? I feel worried with him omg ;_;

  10. Oh my gosh guuurl me too, I was turnt up on Yonas sass. It really is a turning point in her and Su Wons relationship, as broken as it is, because even though it may never be the same again at the same time it has never been this raw and honest between them. Yona is no longer afraid or shaken up by him, and Su Won is coming to grips with his living breathing decisions, and facing an entirely new Princess who isn't going to make it easy.

    But that brief pannel of King Il revealing to Su Won that Yona is the reincarnation of home dude, I think that brief scene revealed Su Won's "shaken faith." What I mean by that is Su Won stated in the beginning chapters that there were times when he was with Yona and Hak and would doubt his plans, but in the end he remained faithful to his long since decided scheme. He planned to become king, the means to get there he was going to do what he could. I think becuase of these two facts, wanting to become king but also wanting the people he cares about to live along side him, caused him to waver at some point. I think on one of those warm days, were Su Won was wavering and longing for an altrrnative, did he approach King Ill and ask for Yona's hand.

    In the earlier chapters when he and Yona went riding, the conversation of marriage had been braught up and Su Won didn't deny that it had been discussed. I think at one point he had tried to approach king Il and had tried to ask for Yonas hand, in hopes to be able to have the best of both worlds, even if it was a long shot. I think this confrontation was a bit of a weak spot for Won, and when king Il replied a flat out "no" and maybe even "stay away from Yona," Won must have hardened his heart that much more towards Il and vowed to take The king title his original way: By force.

    But this is just my theories! Honestly, I'm just as anxious to see what the frick is really going on up in here. Love your summaries, your humor makes my day!

  11. I noticed on mangahere someone made a comment that the flashback to King IL that Soo-won had could possibly be the moment when Soo-won was going to kill King IL, so its possible the reason why King IL told only Soo-won and not Hak or anyone else, because these were King IL's dying word, knowing his life was about to end. Great chapter!


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