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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 140 — Chance Encounter


[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 140 (duh!)

Ok so before we get down do business, a thousand apologies are in order. Those who follow my tumblr might have seen the message I published regarding my trouble with the release of ch. 140 because it coincided with Japan's famous spring holiday, the Golden Week. Unfortunately, the 11th Hana to Yume issue with ch.140 is no longer on sale in average book stores because issue 12 is being published tomorrow (eheyyyyy raise your hands up for this blogger that delayed writing her comment until the very last minute), hence why my comment is up so late. I dare say I still deserve a round of applause though, because even though half my tumblr subscriptions are AkaYona related I managed to avoid all spoilers for this chapter for two weeks and a half!!! (I don't even know how I survived)

Just a heads up regarding my comment: I've had to rely on other sources this time around to write it up, meaning I haven't read the original Japanese version as of yet. I doubt my thoughts on it will change after I do, but nonetheless because I always make a point of reading the original before writing my comment I thought it best to point this out.


Lili is bored out of her wits at Hiryuu castle, and hears from Ayura&Tetora that Su-Won will be departing with only 10,000 of the 20,000 men he had, requesting 6,000 from the water tribe.
Back in Xing, Mizali is locked up in prison for his crimes. He asks if drinking Zeno's blood would make him immortal, but Zeno explains that's not possible. His powers cannot be transferred. He tells him that in the past there was once someone he desperately wished to same, but they eventually perished too. Now he thinks that this was for the best - after all, the monstrous power he possesses is not one that should exist. Jae-ha thinks to himself that Zeno is right, but lately he has been having a dream where his powers are gone and he can no longer go to Yona, even though she's crying.
At the Xing/Kouka border encampment, the atmosphere has visibly relaxed, with displeasure against the Five Stars and Kouren spreading amongst the soldiers. Voldo approaches Hak and tells him that if he is worried about Yona they could go and search for her, but Hak rejects his offer. If anything happens to Yun and the DWs he has to head in to save them, no matter what happens. Voldo apologises for the mess Kouren's faction have caused them, and Hak guesses that Voldo still cares about the other Five Stars, even if they're currently at odds. Voldo confesses he is envious of the Wind Tribe: Tao and Kouren have been driven apart, and so have the Five Stars. he wish Xing could live as peacefully as the Wind Tribe does.
Meanwhile, Yona and Argila have intercepted the Water Tribe reinforcements and are following them across the road. They are unfortunately caught and found by Kye-Sook. Yona steps up and introduces herself as Princess Yona - she is here to negotiate of Xing's behalf. The soldiers flatter, yet Kye-Sook orders them to murder her, and the soldiers are thrown into further confusion. Yona, fuming, tells her that she's not having any of that, and the chapter ends with Su-Won appearing.


⇑⇑⇑ Yona ⇑⇑⇑

I was about to say, "WHAT A CHAPTER," but that's not it, is it? It's more, "WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!"
It seems Kusanagi has mastered the art of cliffhanging her story at the zenith of intensity. It's interesting how, out of all the Kouka Elites involved in the king's murder, Kye-Sook was the only one who hadn't yet seen Yona alive in person. Was he told that she was still roaming around the kingdom freely? Who knows, but methinks he might've not known, until now, that she was still alive. After all, it was Ju-Doh who was trailing around behind Su-Won all those times Yona's and Su-Won's paths have crossed.
Which forces a certain question to rise from the depths of the story:
Who the actual fuck is Kye-Sook, and what the hell did he have to do with Su-Won's plans? 
For someone who's barely been relevant to the story thus far Kusanagi sure went through the pains of drawing him with an evil look on that one page. We know he worked at Su-Won's home and spied on the castle affairs secretly through Min-Soo, but we really don't know his true involvement in all of this. For all we know, he could be the one who revealed to Su-Won that Il had (allegedly) murdered Yu-Hon and whispered plans of revenge into his ears, and if he did, he could have made that up just to justify some bigger plot he has brewing (oh no, my theories are spiralling out of control).
I don't really​ think Su-Won is the sort to fall for such a cheap ploy, not really, but I can't help but wonder how much Kye-Sook influenced the decisions that were made and how deep his involvement runs.

That aside, can we spare a moment for our fire queen here because DAMN am I surprised Yona's speech alone did just slay Kye-Sook right there and then (ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง
Oh yeah, take your bullshit wagon elsewhere boi because Yona ain't taking no crap from you. Especially not when she looks ready to  roast you alive. See, for a moment when Yona sees Kye-Sook and concludes Su-Won must not be far, it almost seems like she's going to freak out the way she always has when faced against him. BUT NO. THAT'S NOT IT. Yona's first though isn't "oh shit Su-Won is here," it's "I can use this chance to talk to him." So she jumps in on the chance, openly stating who she and Argila are, and yet Kye-Sook orders them killed. Killed. A bloody Xing emissary. When they're on the freaking brink of war,  and anything at all could sept the fire off. What could possibly more stupid than that?? And for once Yona's face when Su-Won dances onto the stage isn't one of insecurity, but that of a warrior full of determination and anger, and oh bro, if that's not THE 'don't-fuck-with-me' face of the year, I don't know what is.
And she has every right to be fuming — Yona has slowly been forced to open her eyes to the reality her kingdom was living: an impoverished land lacking in unity that was falling apart. She has realised Su-Won is the king Kouka needed, objectively judging the situation even though she is a victim of it. To a certain extent it's possible that, even though betrayal still stings like salt on a fresh wound, she may have come to view her father's murder as justifiable as long as Su-Won's reign proved prosperous.
This, right here, is the Princess that should have stood up that fateful night, the rage of her father's murder hitting full force at the prospect that it might have all been for naught. It's what makes Yona's stance against Kye-Sook so powerful, and what leaves Kye-Sook in such stupor.

I find Kye-Sook's actions rather clumsy in this scene. I can't help but notice the parallelism between the two kingdoms — we've witnessed what planting the seed of doubt amongst soldiers can cause at Xing's border encampment, and now Kye-Sook's actions could very well hit off a similar chain reaction amongst Koukian soldiers. The two soldiers who found Yona and Argila were told to murder them, even though Yona had introduced herself as Princess and Argila as an emissary of Xing. Furthermore, when Kye-Sook says they are impostors and the soldiers suggest the logical (to report the situation to the king) he insists on keeping the matter quiet. Now I don't know about you lovelies, but if I was a soldier and I had any brains in my skull I'd find this fishy as fuck. If these two soldiers begin questioning what they've just witnessed (heck, or even start questioning why the allegedly dead princess of their kingdom is sneaking around getting chased by the new kings troops?? Is that not like stinky-rotten-smelly suspicious as hell?? щ(゜ロ゜щ) ) then we could witness some serious instability in Su-Won's future reign.

But let me get down to what really grabbed my attention in this chapter: Jae-ha's dream.
Jae-ha's dream makes a step onto the stage at a very tricky timing. Is it a manifestation of his current situation, where he feels powerless stuck in the cell and unable to help Yona, or is it meant as foreshadowing? Dreams in AkaYona have proven to be more than just tools to express a character's fears —such as when Hak dreamt Yona was murdered by Su-Won— but also as tools to foreshadow future events, evident in Yona's dreams of her future castle escape when she was still officially the Princess of Kouka. Jae-ha's dream is thus puzzling. It could very easily fit both scenarios.
I have long theorised that Yona will fulfil what Hiryuu couldn't, thus ending the need for the Dragon Warriors to exist and finishing the power inheritance cycle. This would effectively make Jae-ha, Zeno, Shin-ah and Kija the last DWs, but I had never considered what would happen to their powers. Within my little fangirl mind, I had concluded that should this theory prove true their powers would slowly fade away, and Zeno would start ageing and have the peaceful death he much deserves (MY FEELS). But what if this isn't the case? What if Jae-ha's dream is prophesying something much more violent, a sudden cut in their power supply in their most desperate moment, with Yona in grave danger or in most need of their powers?
Within how much I love our DWs, the prospect of seeing something so thrilling and blood-pounding has me excited, because to a certain extent (and I know a few on tumblr agree with this, because I've received asks on the subject) Yona has an unfair advantage with the DWs on her side. If in the climax of the story she finds herself alone against the 'darkness' that falls upon the land (which could very well be the reason the DWs lose their powers) and manages to defeat it because of the strong woman she has become, would that not be the ultimate culmination of Yona's journey of self-discovery? (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cue Laura's extreme excitement, I might as well run in circles like a chihuahua).

Anyway my lovelies, AkaYona 141 will be out tomorrow 20th of May! Once again, I am so terribly sorry for the delay in my comment, and would like to thank all the pretties that left messages in the previous AkaYona post on KiraKira, or sent me asks on tumblr saying they were still excited to read my comment!! You are all beautiful (´∀`)♡

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Posted on: 19/05/2017

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  1. Ah, I've been waiting for this!

    Kye-Sook looks like a manipulative rat, pulling the strings behind the scenes. I had a crazy thought the first time I saw him. Doesn't he resemble Hak a little? An emo, physically weaker version of Hak. Could they possibly be related in some way, since Hak is an orphan? Maybe I'm just being silly.

    Can't wait for ch- 141! :D

  2. I missed you a lot!!!! don't ever disappear again for such a long time :'( hehehehe hi Laura, hope your doing fine, I have nothing to add to your comment of this episode as my own thoughts are pretty much the same, you rock as always, thank you :)

    1. I knooooowwwww I was gone for so long I half wondered if the internet had forgotten about me lol
      I rely on schedules to get things done, so the moment my 140 schedule disappeared I procrastinated until the very last minute :'D

  3. Yona's fiery gaze is what made this chapter so WORTH IT! And true, Kye-Sook is way too odd for his own good, the behavior is strange, unless he really just wants to keep Soo-woon in the throne so badly, he doesnt mind killing Yona for it to remain that way.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! I started to feels reading them as the second half of reading the latest chapter (:

  5. Jajajajaja I read the chapter somewhere else, but I need your comments even though I don't know you in person it feels great to come here and read your thoughts and leave you mine is a like a slow letter conversation or something :3 so please don't abandon us for such a long time because you will surely be missed ;)


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