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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 138 — Disturbance

Trouble is brewing, and I can feel it spilling over soon...

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 138 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Yona asks Tae-Jun to help in stopping the Sky Tribe troops from marching on Xing. She warns him that this may even get him convicted, but Tae-Jun tells her that he will help her nonetheless. He tells her the iza seeds have flourished and that the villagers she helped has prospered. Apparently the villagers wonder where that girl with the red her and the Red Dragon and the Happy Hungry bunch went, hoping to thank them one day. tae-Jun tells her that he has dreamt of repaying her kindness for a long time, and hat now that dream will come true at last. Yona thanks him, and tells him that if he does get convicted she will do everything that's in her power to save him.
In Hiryuu palace, Keishuk informs Su-Won that the Fire Tribe has warned that an invasion from the Northern Kai Empire is coming. Su-Won assumes it's Li Hazara making a move, and takes the bait. As Yona&co. retreat, she remarks that with this Su-Won won't be able to simply mobilise the Sky Tribe's troops. Min-Soo thinks to himself that Yona has the power naturally make them want to help her, and that she's dragging everyone, the kingdom of Kouka included, into one big change she is spurring.
Back with the DWs, Mizali asks Jae-ha and Kija if they would join the Five Stars. Kouren walks in and tells them that Tao has offered her life in exchange for their freedom, and tells them that she might consider setting them lose if they surrender to her like Mizali said. However, Kija tells her he has decided he will live and die for Yona, and rejects her offer. Yona left over a week ago, and Kouren assumes she has either been killed by Su-Won or run away - peace with Kouka was impossible to achieve to begin with. Zeno steps in and tells her that Yona is no normal girl: she is the Red Dragon, loved by four dragon gods. Kouren should not underestimate the love of the dragon gods for Hiryuu, because even the sky and the Heavens might decide to take their side.
It begins to rain along the Kouka-Xing border, and the Wind Tribe offers the Xing soldiers coats to protect themselves from the rain. One of the Xing soldiers shoots an arrow at them, but Hak steps in just in time to save the.


Take cover.

Prepare thyselves for something big, folks... because after this chapter, I'm beginning to suspect we'll be hitting this saga's zenit very soon, and it's going down with a bang. Is it also going to be the series climax? I keep telling myself there is still a long way to go, but this conflict being the biggest hurdle Yona has had to overcome thus far, I get the feeling it might be...
It was clear from the very beginning that as Yona selflessly tackled different problems around Kouka, she was slowly gaining herself a name and allies that could possibly aid her in the future should she need their help. Kusanagi retracing the manga's steps and stringing the current arc back to Tae-Jun and his debt to Yona feels like the beginning of something bigger, especially after Min-Soo's words (where he says that, though Su-Won might not have realised it yet, Yona's ability to naturally make people like her and want to help her could be the greatest power of all) seem to be hinting at a future situation where everything Yona has done so far will tip the scales in her favour. Whatever Kusanagi is building up, it's going to be big.
I can't help but think of the prophecy, especially about the part where Ik-Soo warns Yona that her life will "create a storm that will shake the kingdom of Kouka." Now that the Wind Tribe has gone against royal orders and even Tae-Jun has betrayed the king by purposely raising a false alarm, the risk of civil war ripping Kouka apart is more real than ever. Is this the "darkness" that will fall upon the land?

SETTING ALL THIS PROPHECY TALK ASIDE. Tae-Jun, Tae-Jun... my beautiful boy. This chapter was a blast from the past, and it was incredibly exiting to see Tae-Jun willingly put himself in danger for Yona's sake. I cannot stress how much I like this baby-boo; look at his Serious Face™ when he tells Heuk-Chi that he is to shut up and follow the orders he's about to give him. Tae-Jun isn't stepping into this mess blindly — he's not the silly rich boy he used to be. He didn't hop onto the 'help Princess Yona' bandwagon unaware of what it meant, nor is he doing it for some flimsy, temporary feeling he may have towards her. He is fully aware of the consequences this may bring and the severity of the matter, but he's still willing to cross that line for Yona. If this doesn't underline how highly Tae-Jun thinks of Yona and how much she has transformed him, I don't know what does.

Moving onto other shocking moments in the chapter: SU-WON. Good Lord, just yesterday? the day before yesterday? I was discussing Hak's death flags on tumblr when an Anon said to me that they were more worried about Su-Won's death flags. I had never considered the possibility of Su-Won dying, but Su-Won's inner monologue in this chapter feels like a death sentence with a whole fucking parade around it. "After doing something so terrible... I have no intention of living peacefully and slowly wilt away towards a happy death" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? (sorry my Su-Won feels are all over the place guys.)
So there's two ways I'm reading Su-Won's monologue here: 1) He's stating that after coming this far and doing what he has done he's not planning on stepping back or wavering —this is, the way I see it, the main point of this dialogue—, or 2) he feels that what he has done is unforgivable, and doesn't expect to be allowed to live a peaceful life for it. If you've read my Su-Won analysis post, you'll know my main theory as to why Su-Won didn't attempt to protect himself from Hak's attack in the Water Tribe arc was because a part of him feels guilty for what he did. If Kusanagi spun Su-Won's dialogue with even the sliiiiiightest intention of also conveying meaning #2, it would be incredibly enlightening to hear that he thinks of himself as sinful and worthy of punishment (aaaaaand there goes my heart).

Anyway my lovelies! Chapter 139 will be out on the 20th of  April, so AkaYona will be skipping the next Hana to Yume issue. Hold on until then!!

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Posted on: 18/03/2017

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  1. Ceci MacLachlan18 March 2017 at 09:14

    Firstly, thank you so much Laura! I love your insight on everything <3 Secondly, omfg I'm pooping my pants just thinking about how this may or may not be leading up to the ultimate climax. It's a ride or die at this point, and I love it. It shows how much every single person has grown since the very beginning and I'm so proud of all my babies. However, my heart always hurts just thinking about the hungry bunch waiting for any word from Yona :( I'm praying and hoping that they'll all be reunited soon and that Mizali doesn't do anymore psycho shit.

  2. Didn't Tae-Jun kinda eff up when he sent the message that Kai was planning to attack Kouka? Soo-Won mitt eventually realise that it wasn't true, who will be bad for the Fire Tribe but Too-Won could also attack the Kai empire and start another pointless war. What about that? :/

    1. About Tae-Jun's strategy, all Yona needs is extra time - clearly Su-Won will notice the moment he sends a messenger or deploys part of the troops to the Fire Tribe lands that it's a lie. Heck, there's no way Kyo-Ga hasn't seen the signal and realised something fishy is going on. But at the moment Yona is stalling for time; she doens't really expect this to last long, and Tae-Jun hopped onto the strategy knowing that they'd get busted pretty quickly - hence why Yona tells him that he might be convicted for this. I highly doubt it'll get as far as Su-Won attacking the Kai Empire - the plan will fall through before that happens.

    2. What if Su-won, having an already prepared army, chooses to immediately send the Sky Tribe army to help the Fire Tribe and Kai finds out and thinks that Kouka is planning to attack them? What if Su-won, wanting to act quickly, asks for help the Earth Tribe and/or the Water Tribe as well before he learns it was a false alarm? Did she think about it? :/ Yona seems so focused to bring peace between Xing and Kouka that she doesn’t see that her action may bring war between Kai and Kouka.

  3. Laura firstly as always THAAAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOU SO MUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!

    Ok I completely agree with you that this is the darkness that falls on the land and the prophecyis coming true

    1) Su won is already thinking that the nation is uniting so his duty is coming to an end. He gives off an attitude that his death is approaching


    3) ZENO remember in the last arc he said SU WON we will see again later! Zeno knows something.. in this chpater too he emphasized a lot ON THE FACT THAT YONA IS HIRYUU AND THE DRAGONS AND HEAVENS LOVE HER

    Plus the entire situation has toppled with tae jun and min soo suporting yona and the wind tribe not acting at su won's orders

    DARKNESS IS FALLING ON THE LAND and look at Yona's current facial expression it is exactly like pg1 in chapter 1 when she had awakened as hiryuu

    SOMETHING HUGE IS BREWING UP FOR SURE!!!! OH GOD kusanagi sensei you will make your dear readers wait for 1 whole month dying in agony


  4. I also have a feeling that we're reaching the climax of the series ^^ Not too sure how Kisarugi is gonna do it, but I speculate it could be involving her revealing herself to Kouka that she still lives. In addition, Soo Won dying would honestly surprise me, since Kisarugi isn't usually the type who writes off main characters for death. However, Kisarugi has always managed to pull curve balls on the plot and take readers by surprise. If anything I'm sad that we have to wait a month for the next chapter to come out T.T Thank you for your translations as always ^^

    1. Yeah I agree because technically also counting the chapters we have reached pretty far enough to finally reach climax here. Knowing kusanagi sensei she does not keep stretching the arcs long unnecessarily. She always develops them very well and are always bang on point. So I have a feeling we are turning towards the final arc

  5. I really want to thank you for this Admin.

    Yona is already a red dragon itself so all she need is to get stronger everytime to become like Hiryuu. I'm not worry about her because there's no way she will get lost again. She is getting stronger and stronger everytime.

    But I really worried about soo-won's death. I like his character so much. He is really hard to understand. I don't want him to death. But in this chapter it shows he considers himself as death person to get punishment. What he did to hak and yona is completely unforgivable not because he killed King IL but because they trust him so much completely as their best friends and love. (Especially Hak, Hak trust soo-won so blindly and completely love him,I really can't stand when Hak says his heart shattered to pieces, I can completely feel in the position of Hak) . How much he blindly trust soo-won. That's really hurts.

    For soo-won, it is clearly that he actually love Hak and yona. But he also knew someday why he becomes king hak and yona will not be by his side. In this chapter , it is completely clear he cannot forgive himself for what he did to his dearest friends and when death comes to him at the end he is ready to take that.

    I really really don't want him to death. He can get any punishment but not death. I really like him in this series. He is the only one who is the most interesting character in this series.

    I really love Hak x Yona x Soo-Won. Those kind of friends.They really love each other and care. But why soo-won? Why ??? Why did you do that ? .

    It really hurts.. isn't it soo-won. Control all your emotions and betrayed your best friends. Although they are very precious for u. You should really get a punishment for this but please DO NOT DIE . Live ...and pay what you did to yona and hak and ask them to forgive u until they say it yes. DO NOT DIE soo-won.

    1. Yes i completely agree with you I do not want him to die either. He did so much for the country to save the people and he took all the suffering upon himself and became all alone. He had to see all that happen to his most loving friends Hak and Yona!! I really wish hak or yona understand in this series how he feels for once and tries to understand his feelings

    2. I too hope that he is not going to die. He is the most interesting character in this manga and we still haven’t been given a full account of what really happened in the past. Maybe once Hak and Yona learn what he went through they will be able to forgive him?

  6. All I know is this better end with Hak and Yona married with many babies.

    1. I second that. <333

      Since this manga is written from Yona's POV, I can never forget that Soo-Won brutally murdered his best friend's father and was about to murder her. He deserves punishment for that; whether that be death or something else, I'll leave for the author to decide.

  7. I HATE SOO WON THE MOST!? Because what? After what he did to Yona and Hak, he want 'a happy death'? HAH!? It's better if you keep alive and pay the sin for what you did to Yona and Hak even if you must suffer, you STUPID MORON?! Argh?! Why did must so hard to hate you, this is why i hate you, Soo Won.
    right, i never like Soo Won but i can't hate him, too... it's complicated but it's true i don't want see him die, i want see him suffer, hohohoho!?
    for Laura, thank you so much for your comment as usual

    1. She said he "doesnt expects to have a happy death anyway", since he knows the sins in his back are a heavy cross to bear.

  8. OMG OMG OMG! this last arc is being bad for my hearth! hahaha this chapter was too damn amazing! I don't even know where to begin, Yona's talk with Kan Tae Jun, (Tae Ju Nyan was so adorable hahaha), Soo Won's declaration (he doesn't hope for a happy life or peacefull death (guilty maybe?) Zeno's saying that if needed even heaven's may get into the war to protect the Red Dragon (I am making a summary instead of a commentary but sorry I am still processing this) and finally Hak just being Hak (therefore super badass) amazing.

  9. People have talked about the sword and shield. Could one of those be Kouren? Or Xing itself?

  10. I love reading your insight of each chapter Laura.
    To me, there just seems to be something off about the past few chapters. I didn't really like that the wind tribe would prioritize Hak's instruction over that of the king. I understand that the wind tribe has a very close relationship with Hak and he is everyone's big brother and leader (in their hearts) even though he is no longer the wind tribe leader. And I also understand that the wind trip doesn't want the war to happen. I also understand that the wind tribe is not fully supporting Soo-Won. But hasn't the wind tribe considered the consequences that may occur if they choose to ignore Soo-Won's orders? Has it occur to them that it may lead to internal conflict? Internal conflict could possibly lead to war and even death. Hasn't the wind tripe considered this consequence?

    1. I disagree. The Wind Tribe trusts Hak completely and that's awesome. Hak is smart and he loves his people, he wouldn't sacrifice the Wind Tribe to stop the war with Xing (I mean, think about it. it would be dumb to sacrifice thousands of people whom you love and who trust you to save other people you love). He's only getting help from his tribe to buy time before Soo-Won actually gets there to invade Xing.

  11. Thank you so much for your translations, and I really enjoy reading your comments.
    I didn't realize this until I was thinking things through, but I think things have reached a turning point here and that the manga will be transitioning into a stage 2, maybe bringing in the prophecy with the king, sword, and shield, but not yet ending.
    First of all, Yona and Hak have made the first step (hopefully) in their relationship, meaning Yona took her first step away from Soo-Won. Second, Yona gave up the hairpin, her connection to Soo-Won and the past, voluntarily for the first time. Finally, although Yona's relationship with Soo-Won has always been complicated. This is the first instance in which Yona has worked in direct opposition to Soo-Won. I am really excited to keep reading and see what happens next (when it comes out). What do you think?

  12. I think Yona's feeling towards So-Won have shifted way more towards sadness for the friendship he and Hak lost. She no longer freaks out when he's mentioned or she runs into him and seems to truly wonder why he felt killing her dad was necessary. And she sold that damned hairpan (seriously - that thing was cursed to show up and torture them all). There's still a chance for reconciliation on her part.

    So-Won, though - I think Hak pegged it when he said So-Won liked everyone the same. But I also think So-Won cares for them way more than he thinks he does. I swear - he verges on benevolent sociopath. Is that a thing? He decided the correct "path" as a kid and refuses to swerve for anything. Must kill king; subdue lands; protect from Kai; die tragically. Can that change if he finds out what his dad did in Xing? Will that whole mess + King Il allegedly killing his dad ever land? How ominous is Zeno's prophecy? Ahhh! So many questions!

  13. I think Hak was totally mistaken when he said that Soo-won likes everyone the same. Soo-won may not be showing his dislikes and likes strongly, but it seems pretty clear that he didn’t like Il all that much, as Soo-won didn’t mention Il when he lists the people he loves and, well, he eventually kills him. The same goes when he likes someone. He obviously likes Mundok as he said he is glad that Mundok thought of him as a grandchild, but it didn’t stop him from pressuring the Wind Tribe at the beginning. Besides, it is very clearly shown that Soo-won likes and cares Hak and Yona, but still decided to do what he did. I think he decided to do it not because he didn’t realize how much he likes them, but in spite of it.

    Hak is bitter about what happened and it is understandable, but he can partially blame himself for not seeing the reality. He wanted Soo-won and Yona to happen, because of Yona, but he totally dismissed the fact that Soo-won was never enthusiastic about it. Whenever Hak was taking to Soo-won how he should marry Yona, Soo-won was rejecting that idea. If Hak had listened to his friend instead of pushing Yona at him, maybe it would have been different.

    As for Yona getting help from heavens. Like some other fans of this manga, I hope this talking about Yona’s getting help from heavens is just a way to outsmart Kouren. Yona was already given a big advantage that a normal person would never get when she got the four dragons who are far stronger than any normal person. If additionally heavens are going to help so that she cannot fail no matter what she wants to do and how she goes about doing it, it will just turn her into a big Mary Sue.

    One of the things that made me like this manga was how Yona needed to learn a lot of things and put effort into it that things were not made easy for her, just because she is a likable main heroine\ the Red dragon\heavens like her\(insert any poor excuse you can think of). You can argue that she learned archery awfully quickly, but you cannot deny that at least it took her some time and effort to learn and she was no bow master from the get go. Now that she directly meddled into politics for the first time it will be very disappointing if everything is going to work well for her, not because she put effort and gradually learned something about politics, but because heavens like her and throw their aid at her making it impossible to fail.

  14. I am quite confused. Can you shed light? Do Tomoe and Nanami return to the shrine and become yokai and land goddess again, respectively?

  15. Wait, so. Wait, this year? Or 2018- or something? Love you! ❤


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