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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona Extra Chapter — Stay Healthy

What EVEN was this chapter???

Quick Summary

A mysterious merchant hands Yun some cough drops, but when Yona, Shin-ah and Kija take them they go berserk. Zeno manages to stop Shin-ah by bribing him with food, whereas Kija stops running wild and clings to Jae-ha when he is told there's a bug at his feet.
However there's no stopping Yona (of the Dawn)! Zeno tries embarrassing her by quoting embarrassing things she said to Hak he overheard back when he was secretly following them, but even though she is mortified by them she doesn't stop. Ultimately it's Hak's threat to stop teaching her new things that gets her to stop.


Can we talk about how Kija freaking crawls onto Jae-ha and screams "take off"????
Because I lost it there.

Kusanagi's AkaYona chapter for pure shits and giggles are rare, but boy do I enjoy them when they come. Sensei had pointed out on twitter that seeing as the main story was very serious she was going to make this extra chapter very light, and I can't say I'm not grateful for it. It was hilarious to see the gang go back to their everyday dorkiness.
And yet despite the humour in it all, Kusanagi always manages to insert something enlightening in every chapter. Did you note the fact that, though the mentioning of Hak and her interactions with him shake Yona up, they don't stop her completely? And that it's the prospect of Hak stopping their training, of losing the means to become the warrior she wants to be, that really stops her? And that Hak knows her well enough to understand that this is her weakness???? It's just tiny little detail that shows Yona's determination to become stronger, and Hak's understanding of said determination, but it's little details like this one (or the one in ch.135 where Jae-ha straps his boot back on a little too quickly) that flesh characters out.
Other than this, what struck me the most about this chapter was the extent of Zeno's knowledge about the conversations Yona had had with Hak in the past. Zeno confessed he'd been following them "from the start" back when his immortality was revealed, but it's rather outstanding to find out he got close enough to hear the embarrassing things Yona said to Hak. How the hell did he do that??? Have 2,000 years of wandering solo given Zeno superhuman stealth skills??

Anyway my lovelies, apologies for the very late translation of this chapter, and the even later comment! I was in London for a few days and just couldn't get down to it. Remember that AkaYona will be back on the 20th of February with chapter 136! See you pretties then :D

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Posted on: 04/02/2017

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  1. Zeno is a friggin ninja! Who knows, maybe he was even inside the palace at some point lol since he's been there rom the start

  2. this chapter was cute and MAN did it make me miss the HHB's shenanigans together.... they've only been apart a couple chapters but I'm already awaiting a reunion and a big group hug.

  3. What chapter number is this??

  4. i mean.....2000 years is a lot of time to gether stealth XP.


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