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Comment: Kamisama Hajimemashita — Epilogue

If the ending didn't make you shed a few manly goodbye tears, the epilogue definitely will.

[WARNING!] Spoilers for the Kamisama Hajimemashita 32p epilogue published in the 25.5 fanbook!

Quick Summary

It's been near 10 years since Nanami and Tomoe began their new lives, and Nanami writes to her friends at the Mikage shrine. As she informs them of everything that has happened, she and Tomoe pick up Kirara (Akura-Ou's reincarnation) to take her to the amusement park. Upon meeting Ako, she tells Nanami that Kirara sometimes acts strangely for a 5 yeare-old human girl, and Nanami tells her Tomoe is sometimes like that too, pointing out that there are things that humans just can't see. Nanami says she's glad Tomoe has Kirara, because they understand each other.
At the amusement park they run into Ami and Kei, and Kei's son, Keita. It turns Ami has been dating other men, but she never gets too serious about them and her relationships are short-lived. She's tired of that part of herself that realises she'll never fall in love the way she did with Kurama. Tomoe mentions that the Fourth Chief has been selected and that Kurama should be coming back soon, which excites the girls.
Keita turns out to be in a foul mood because he didn't win the race at the school's sports event the other day, and insists that he doesn't want to be second: he wants to be first. Kirara tells him that the summit is a lonely place, and that the longer you stay up there the less people come to see you. Keita is overwhelmed by Kirara's piece of life advice and stares at her with sparkling eyes.
Kirara falls asleep and Tomoe and Nanami decide to ride the Ferris wheel before they go home. On it Tomoe asks Nanami why she looks sad, and Nanami thinks to herself that if by any chance Tomoe's dream has changed, if he regrets becoming human... then there's really nothing she can do about it. Tomoe then tells her he's glad he became human, because now he and Akura-Ou will never be alone again in all eternity. This makes Nanami very happy.
The chapter ends with Nanami writing in her letter that she's not sure how she will manage to get the letter to her friends at the Mikage Shrine, but she'll keep believe that the day it will one day and write to them again.


I'm not crying. You're crying.

It's hard to say goodbye to a good series, but it's even harder to say goodbye to it twice.
I thought I had buried my feelings for Kamisama Hajimemashita for good after chapter 149, but it seems like there were emotions my heart wasn't quite done with. KamiHaji's epilogue is the soft, tender after-story one would expect would follow-up the neat ending Suzuki Julietta gave her magical romance manga, and though I can see some accusing it of being uneventful and not really adding anything new to what we already know, it's the soothing balm I needed most right now.
Perhaps the only let-down of the chapter was that Kurama and Ami's romance is yet again only teased and never actually shown, a disappointment I already went through in chapter 146. However I was so very pleasantly surprised to hear Ami say that she had dated other men, because I feared Julietta-sensei would pull off the chaste girl that waits for her prince charming forever scenario. Shame on me for ever doubting sensei wouldn't give Ami more personality than that, shame on me!
The focus of the epilogue was clearly Nanami's inner monologue throughout the chapter, displayed mainly through her letter to her friends at the Mikage Shrine. It at first felt a bit of an over-kill to bring up this issue again (i.e. Nanami's self-doubt and worry over Tomoe regretting his decision), but that panel where Tomoe says he's glad he became human because now he knows he and Akura-Ou will never be alone again? And the helplessness Nanami feels because there really is nothing she can do for Tomoe if he ever regrets his decision? Yeah, it was worth it for the feels those two pages gave me, oh boy.

And yet! The cherry atop the cake in this chapter was undoubtedly *drumroll*... Kirara-chan. Look at her, just look at her. She is adorbs; a walking mass of liveliness and energy, and I am over the moon here knowing that Kirara-chan is her own persona and isn't just a copy-pasted clone of Akura-Ou. I know there was a lot of controversy over the fact that Julietta-sensei had decided Akura-Ou would reincarnate as a girl, saying this undermined his character and ridiculed him, but honestly I cannot see it being any other way. Look at her precious little pigtails! I bet she's the queen of the playground.

And speaking about Kirara - I am so helplessly in love with how Tomoe never mocks Akura-Ou for what he is now, and even though Nanami says Tomoe isn't concious enough of the fact that Akura-Ou has changed, it's clear in the way Tomoe stretches out his arms and lifts Kirara into the air in a playful fashion that he is aware that she is now a young 5 year old girl, and loves her just the same, if not all the more.

Well then my lovelies... with this it really is time to put KamiHaji to rest once and for all. I apologise for the delay in my post about the epilogue, as I forgot to pre-order the fanbook (I was so sure I had, too!) and Christmas delayed its arrival even more. I can safely say I'm satisfied with what Suzuki Julietta has given us, and I appreciate her wonderful work with this series. KamiHaji is a manga that stayed true to itself, and though I do wish Kurama and Ami had had the chance to stand under the spotlight, I close the door to this manga greatly satisfied. It was a pleasure blogging and translating this series!

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Posted on: 30/01/2017

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  1. Hello I just finished watching the anime version of it. What I don't understand is that, if yukiji hates yukais( in keno hen episodes). How come she was with tomoe when she was dieing, (when nana I gives her the eye). ANy idea?

    1. Because Tomoe's protection was the only way for her to survive till her child was born

  2. All the chapter just made me think Tomoe is gonna be one hell of a dad

  3. I'm confused, where is Tomoe's & Nanami's son?
    The last chapter shows they both quit their jobs, had their son & went back to the shrine.
    So is this just an alternate version or pre-pregnancy or is their son being babysat someplace?
    Kirara is absolutely adorable!
    The epilogue just confused me on this.

    1. Pretty sure this is pre-pregnancy ^^ The "end" of Nanami's journey was going back to the Mikage shrine as a grown woman, so Julietta-sensei not expanding beyond that makes a lot of sense. It's an "epilogue", but it only offers a deeper look into Nanami's and Tomoe's lives as humans :)

  4. So..they return to the shrine and stay as humans?


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