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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona Extra Chapter — The year ends, A new one comes

The best and only way to welcome the new year!

Quick Summary

Two years ago, on New Year's, Hak gets ready to go back to the Wind Tribe to celebrate the dawn of a new year with his family, but hears from Min-Soo that King Il always spends the eve in King Hiryuu's mausoleum praying for the kingdom's safety... and Princes Yona always spends the day on her own. He cancels his plans and goes to Yona, pretending he just isn't up for going back this year. Yona is over the moon, but eventually sees through Hak's pretence and thanks him for what he's done.
Hak thinks to himself that though there are many people around the palace that talk ill of Yona, saying she is selfish, she really isn't like that. He hopes that one day she'll meet someone who will see her for whom she really is, and wishes to become friends with that someone. The chapter cuts to the four dragons and how they spent that New Year's.


Happy 2017, my lovelies!

A breather chapter to sit back and chillax! It is a much welcome rest from the tension that has been building up in the past few chapters, especially for Kusanagi, who is most likely enjoying her much deserved holidays.
But despite the short length of this chapter, there is much to discuss. To begin with, Kusanagi is shedding light on the religious practices in Kouka for the first time in...... wait, no, for the first-est first time, actually! Despite the entire story revolving around a prophecy, reincarnation and the divine, there is little we know about Kouka's religious beliefs other than the existence of the four dragon gods and the legend of Hiryuu. And even that is treated as a children's story, so what is there really left? Perhaps the lack of spirituality in the story is due to the fact that Yu-Hon, Su-Won's father, threw the priesthood out of the palace a long time ago, but surely there must be some ongoing religious practices.
And at last we have one: King Il spends New Year's Eve in Hiryuu's mausoleum praying for a prosperous harvest and for the kingdom's safety, which not only reveals that Hiryuu is buried in Hiryuu Palace (a bit obvious, I guess, but you never know with how much power in Kouka has shifted around in the past 2,000 years) but that, to a certain extent, the Sky Tribe venerated King Hiryuu for the God he was. Or at the very least, King Il did, and that's probably the most important fact in this chapter. If King Il was devoted to the belief that King Hiryuu existed and was truly a God descended from the Heavens, if he respected the legend enough to lull Yona to sleep with its story, who's to say he didn't realise his own daughter was actually Hiryuu's reincarnation? Boy oh boy, I've said this before, but now I feel my suspicion solidifying. there's clearly something about Il Kusanagi isn't telling us.

But moving on to the later half of the chapter, I'm greatly enjoying how casually Kusanagi has weaved in things that happened in the Under the Moon Novel into the story. If you've read chapter 3, you'll know Hak realises, shortly after arriving at the palace as Yona's bodyguard, that Yona isn't the whimsical, airhead princess everybody thinks she is. I loved seeing him state his conviction in this chapter and mentally threaten those who badmouth her, and I especially liked the casual foreshadowing Sensei threw in right at the end — Yona will meet companions that see her for who she truly is, and Hak will make friends with them. It's an endearing way of wiping away the sour taste left after seeing Su-Won interact so casually with Hak&Yona with the knowledge that in two years time he will mercilessly betray them, and remind us that they'll be alright.

Well then my lovelies, the next chapter will be out on the 20th of January and we'll be going back to the main story, so hold on tight for chapter 135! See you then!

PS: Apologies for the late post, once again! Christmas holidays have been very hectic for me.

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Posted on: 07/01/2017

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  1. Thank you for this translation. I'm also surprised. I thought that the mausoleum of King Hiryuu was no longer accessible, buried under catacombs. I even had the theory that in the future Yona had to go there to complete his reincarnation status. But at bottom is it the authentic mausoleum that we see in chapter 103 or a surface of protection? I understood that there would be another extra chapter in the magazine "The Hana to yume", will you do the translation?

  2. I was thinking of writting this to you a few days ago but then gave up, and someone maybe has already thought about this, but here it goes: Why did Yona's grandfather choose the younger and pacifist son, when his reign was about expanssion? I wont acept a "He was tired of it". Yu-Hon had lots of achievements and could easily continue and mantain his legacy. And why expel the priests only at that point? My best guess is that: Yona's grandfather was getting old, the priests foretold that Il would be father of the reincarnation of King Hiryuu, Yona's grandfather started to shift his mind about who should succeed the throne, Yu-Hon drove the priests away, Yona is born with red hair, Yu-Hon maybe isn't very worried because 'she does have red hair but it's a girl and King Hiryuu couldn't be a girl', Yona's grandfather is convinced and chooses Il to be next king, Il ascends when Yona looks around 6 years old, Yu-Hon right away murders Yona's mother fearing she may have a boy with red hair next, King Il then murders Yu-Hon, and the rest is what we know... This could also explain why King Il belived in King Hiryuu so much whe Yona was little.

  3. If king Il really was so religious, why didn´t he allow the priest once again to live in Hiryuu palace? After he ascended the throne (and Yu hon was dead), he was able to bring them back. Mundoek knew, where he, Ik soo lived.

    That is really strange...for what purpose?

  4. Thank you for your hard work Laura. And Happy New Year.
    I love your translations. Please keep doing this I will follow yours everytime.

  5. All you mention about King Ill is very interesting, he was the king-priest for the ritual that appear in the chapter, common in ancient times, there are parts of the history that haven't been revealed yet regarding the parents of our protagonists, who killed Yona's mother? all we've been told about it is that she was killed by dissidents, also what really happened with Soo-woon's father? and why Ill was chosen as the King istead of the brother? might all that be related with the realization of the prophesy? well I think she eventually will give us more info about it, btw Hak's face when Yona said that for that night she would be his bride worth's a million! :3 Happy Holidays Laura! I hope you've enjoyed this last part of the year I'm looking forward for the next chapter and to reading your comments as always :)


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