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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 134 — Back the way we came

My precious cinnamon roll, so pure...

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 134 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Mizali tells the DW&Yun about Yona's negotiation plan with King Su-Won. They are disappointed in themselves for pushing such a heavy burden onto Yona. Shin-ah asks Zeno why he stopped him during the fight in town when Shin-ah was about to use his powers, and Zeno tells him that since Kouren&co. haven't yet seen Shin-ah's powers its best to keep them hidden. Shin-ah the tells him that he doesn't care; if they're ever in danger, he'll use his powers against anybody.
Back with Yona&Hak, the new gang has been walking to Kouka without resting, and suddenly Yona starts hyperventilating. They take a break and Hak tries to cheer her up, assuring the DW will be okay. Yona strokes his head as she lulls him to sleep like a child, and tells him he mustn't force himself, either, to make up for the fact the DW aren't here. She may be useless, but she's here beside him. Hak then hugs Yona tightly and whispers that he loves her, but Yona doesn't quite catch it. The next day Yona wakes up to the feeling that Hak told her something incredibly important.
After considering their options to establish contact with Su-Won, the gang heads to Sensui in search for Lili, only to find her gone. With their only silver lining gone, Voldo decides to take them to a tipster he knows in Kouka. When they arrive there it becomes clear that said tipster is Ogi, who tries to flee the moment they step in. Hak recognises him instantly and stops him, and Ogi is forced to admit he does remember him.


Me waiting for these two dense muffins to frikinn get. the. romance. going.

Oh boy. Oooooooooooh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy boy boy.
Yet another one of those prep chapters warming us up for the super cool pool party that's to come, but boy oh boy was it exciting!! Our romance is still stumped, but that feeling Yona wakes up to, where she believes Hak said something very important to her, feels like foreshadowing if I ever saw it. I'm pretty sure we'll be coming back to this moment in the future, but for the time being it looks like we'll have survive on those few pages of Hak hugging Yona, and Yona telling Hak she'll stay by his side.
Kusanagi is still punching hard with the family feels, too, what with Shin-ah stating that he doesn't care whom he makes an enemy out of. If someone hurts Yona or the others, then they're going down. I admire how evidently this group of friends has come to care about each other, and how manifesting their love is a challenge to who they used to be. If in 133 we saw Yun, the young boy who reluctantly joined the party, jump in to save his pals, in this one we're seeing Shin-ah, the Shin-ah who detested and deplored his own powers, state that if his friends get hurt then oh, you better run, bitch. It speaks volumes of how much he cares about his new unlikely family, and I can't get enough of it. It's almost as if the chapter title ("Back the way we came") isn't just about Yona and Hak retracing their steps back to the castle, but an invitation for us readers to look back and see how far our characters have come.

Onto the actual story progress. It seems I had overlooked the fact that Hak had vowed not to involve the Wind Tribe in his messy business when he gave back the name "Son" and left his family behind. Yet this unexpected detail has brought forth a new development: Lili as the gang's new gateway to Su-Won. I had almost forgotten Lili was in Kuuto visiting Su-Won, and last time we saw her in 128 she openly told him she wasn't about to let him harm Yona. Will she become the go-between?

Anyway my lovelies, sorry for the late post! My raw provider had a very busy day yesterday and wasn't able to send the raws my way until today. The next chapter will be out on the 5th of January, but it appears it won't be 135, but rather an extra chapter, which means the main story will be on pause. It seems sensei intends to leave us with this cliff hanger...

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Posted on: 21/12/2016

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  1. Nice review! I can't wait to see the Hak/Yona moment. I've been trying to look at different manga sites to see where to read the chapter, but I can't find it. Can you recommend a site where I can read it?

    1. I'm afraid there are no scans online to look at at the moment ^^;

  2. Oh boy what is to come will be BIG, i can feel it!!!.....

  3. I'm really interested in how Ogi's involved in this. It seems that even before he saw Hak he was reluctant to see Voldo without Voldo providing intel on Xing to him... Suwon hasn't mis-stepped yet, and even though he might not definitively trust Ogi, he's relied on him as a spy and informant for many years now, I doubt Ogi is dealing with Xing behind Suwon's back, or if he is, I doubt Suwon is ignorant of this... which leads me to wonder if Suwon is already aware (at least nominally) of Tao's plans and the situation in Xing. (I'm sure he has his own spies there as well, he's too clever to not keep an eye a threatening territory). Just a thought...

    1. Well, in chapter 126 Ogi apologises to Su-Won because he still hasn't got any intel on Xing (which is the intel Su-Won was actually looking for), so there's a high chance they still don't know anything. The fact that Ogi demands, just as Voldo walks in, that Voldo pays back with intel on Xing this time around shows that Ogi is still searching for stuff to tell Su-Won... So your theory could work both ways: either they don't know, which is why Ogi wants intel and not cash, or they HAVE heard something...

  4. It would be very dramatic if the 4 dragons step out and show off their power on the battlefield whilst protecting Yona. If that would happen I think she has a chance to go back to the castle as a princess of the kingdom again and people may start worship her&dragons just like in the legend.
    But Suwon might not be happy about it or maybe he would take this opportunity to propose Yona , since lately he sometimes express his feelings when someone mention her name or when he has been asked about the person he likes. We will see love-hate triangle relationship again, anyway it just my prediction. hahaha^ ^
    Looking forward to read the next chapter and thank you for the translation.
    (sorry for my English)

    1. i dont rly like the idea of people worshipping and pushing every battle into them like the first generation :( i like the bunch (dark dragon and mother included) being free with Yona, doing good deeds and meeting all sorts of people

    2. I think this kind of scene may actually happen ( 4dragons gathering and protecting Yona in front of people/ Koga's army protect Soowon ) otherwise Ikoo's prophecy would be meaningless. Since the story comes so far,so i think this arc will focus on Yona, Soowon, Hak and dragons rather than doing good things for people like in the past.
      Let's see what will happen to them in the next chapter. :)

  5. How is it possible for all of the dragons to be so adorable XD Zeno is very peculiar as always, when he stopped Shin-ah from using his powers, his expression reminded me of how experienced he is (far beyond any human could possibly be) also it bring to my mind that his cheerful way of speaking in third person and being careless is like his living memoir to his late wife Kaya (still crying for the OVA) Shin-Ah is so pure as someone who knows the absolute solitude and yet he now has a family and would do anything to protect them, Jae-ha and Kija (the big brothers who took the beating for the family) and my dear Yoon begging to be able to cure them. All of them are wonderful. I also loved the small romantic development we got, Hak playing Ao was hilarious and Yona being so cute to him and him whispering I love you (omg I almost die there) it was all wonderful... and lets get ready because I guarantee this arc will be super intense! Thanks a million Laura, have beautiful holidays and a great new year, hope to read more from you in 2017 :)

  6. Mizari seems obseesed with Zeno's power, but how will he react to Shin-ah? This manga is getting me hyped. I want to see another battle, but don't let anyone hurt baby Zeno!! Especially not Mizari.


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