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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 130 — The Monsters from the neighbouring Kingdom

My husbando is so manly and so purrfect...
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 130 (duh!)

Quick Summary

The building is consumed by flames, and Mizali leaves the scene. Urged by Zeno, Argila pulls Tao out of the collapsing building, leaving Zeno behind. Once out, he tells Yona & co. that there is no way Zeno could possibly make it out alive, unknowing of Zeno's true powers. The dragons fight over going in to save him, knowing that Zeno will feel the pain of being burnt alive until the flames die out. Luckily Zeno walks out, charred, but his flesh begins to regenerate, leaving Tae & co. stunned.
In a cave within the valley Argila thanks Zeno for what he did, and Tao apologises to Yona & co. for dragging them into this mess. She begs them to forget about Xing and return to Kouka.
Outside, Argila and Hak begin training together, and Hak notes that Argila seems to be having a good time. He asks him why he's following Princess Tao when he clearly enjoys fighting this much, and Argila tells him that Princess Kouren is trying to wage war on Kouka even if it means using women and children as souldiers. He doesn't like this, and trusts Princess Tao's decisions.
At the royal capital of Xing, Tenkyuu, Mizali meets with Negur and Yotaka, the two remaining Five Stars, who scold him for acting on his own accord. He tells them about Zeno's immortality and about the powers the monsters of Kouka posses... and he wants them for himself.


And so Zeno joins the list of characters who have proved Shirou wrong.

Really Zeno? You really had to pull the "I won't die even if I'm killed!" card? Like, really really?
Zeno's starlight meme moment aside (which, lets be honest, extinguished all seriousness away from the scene), the dragon circus's eagerness to jump into the flames to spare Zeno the pain of being burnt alive for hours, unable, even, to lose consciousness, is undoubtedly the most touching moment in this chapter. The fact that Zeno is aware that if he doesn't get out soon they'll jump in to save him and accepts this as an unquestionable truth doesn't help keep the feels in check. Though the scene where his flesh slowly begins to heal and turn to dragon scales was undoubtedly there more to shock Tao & co., I can't help but find the moment where Yona embraces him endearing beyond measure. It was a perfect display of the affection the HHB feel for each other, and it almost managed to piece my broken heart together after Zeno stated that if only something as simple as flames could kill him, he wouldn't have had to suffer this much (hahaha, haha, ha, *sobs*).
Feels aside, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one having flashbacks to the originals and that time Abi was kidnapped when, at the very end of the chapter, Mizali stated he wanted the Dragon Warriors for himself. The way he objectifies them doesn't make it feel any less ominous, and I can't help but fear for what's to come. It seems Kouren didn't stage the attack this time around, and we still can't judge how evil she is until she steps onto the stage, but I'm not liking the way things are going... especially now that it's become clear that she has three of the five stars on her side. So what now? I highly doubt Yona & co. are going to turn their backs on Tao just because she asked them to, but this time around the enemy might be too big for them to take on.

Anyway pretties, chapter 131 will be out on the 20th of October! See you all then.

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Posted on: 05/10/2016

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  1. Hello Laura!
    As always, thank you for your great translation!
    I wish I could see the scans, but at the same time, reading it without images makes it less emotional (at least for me), and I have a lot of things to do after this coment so i'm really glad that i'm not in a dark spot sobing hard for Zeno - suffer this much he said T_T - though i'm happy that at least now he's with Yona & Co. and have a strong bond with them.
    As for what Mizali said, you are totally right about the flashbacks! It's kind of disgusting how he objectified the dragons so easily and I don't like the vibes of it either. But, i'm really curious about how they will manage to capture them since we saw that he knows about their powers and yet he himself is not that strong, maybe the other 5 stars are stronger but dunno, for me they all feel below Hak strongwise. However it's half country vs. the HHB so... the numbers are not good and maybe they will resort to dirty tricks.
    Aaahhh! Can't wait for the next chapter! Again, thank u for your hard work! Sorry that I wrote a bl**dy bible here. Hugs!

  2. Oh dear the worst has come to pass...someone that wants their powers for evil and greed.... Maybe its time for Yona to protect the boys?!

  3. Uwoooooooh, I hope nothing bad happens to the Happy Hungry Bunch (something probably will happen). But, I hope they'll soon realize that the dragons are ONLY loyal to King Hiryuu/Yona and Hak would never leave his princess alone (^-^;)

  4. OMG I was waiting so much for this chapter XD poor dear Zeno stop playing with our hearts you can heal your but we cannot regenerate ours! XD that guy who wants them for himself, Kusanagi-sensei is using a very distinct type of drawing with him, making me feel uneasy, his expression as that of a child who doesn't understand what he is doing even if is horrible worries me... seems like this time might be them against a whole kingdom... thanks as always for your dedication in the translation Laura you are awesome :)

  5. This is definitely zeno's time to shine! He definitely said he'd be a shield to all of them... its his turn to shield his dragon bros this time around... good thing shin-ah didnt reveal his power coz he's the most vulnerable of the 4 dragons

  6. my favourite part is the training part tho XD dark dragon hahahaha and kitty names everywhereee i swear argila is as cute as ao omg

  7. Zenoooo my bb </3 TT A TT *sigh. I wonder what is gonna happen the next few chapters? Them fighting people trying to capture them for their powers? How will Yona react? What is Kouren really like? If things get really bad will they seek Soo-won (idk if that's spelled right) for help??? I mean Soo-won is technically the "enemy" but he doesn't have any desire for the dragon's powers. And up until now their objectives have aligned like multiple times. I wonder if they'll take info back and tell Su-won that Tao wants Xing to be Kouka's vassal state. I feel like Tao has made the better decision. Better than letting your people die in vain in a war you know you can't win. I guess the problem is that they don't know the type of person Soo-won is? All I can say is that he's a good king. Not a very good friend but a good king that looks out for his people/kingdom. So if Xing becomes a vassal state I don't think they'd have to worry about Soo-won being unjust.

  8. Zeno is a cutie... Hope Zeno picked his dragon pendant back up from the fire when he dropped it when he being burnt... Though we didn't see if he did or not. It means a lot to him and I hope Kusanagi doesn't make him lose it ��

  9. Aka Yona is still fantastic story to me and your translation is wonderful as ever. I would like to ask you regarding new manga: TORIPITAKA TORINIKU, by Suzuki Julietta which will be first released on Oct. 20th with 66 pages. Are you planing on translate it as well? If you will, that make me so happy.


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