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Spoiler Talk: Mashou Megane

I bet my socks the gamemakers were Himalaya high when they wrote the bad endings for this game.

This game has a lot of kinky R-18 and violent content! Though I won't be adding any shots of the R-18 scenes, I will be making reference to them and adding one or two shots of the violent / horror scenes in the game.
Those who are sensitive to such themes should probably stay away from this post.

Also this is a spoiler talk, so yeah, spoilers.


Oh my God, where do I even begin? I'm assuming that if you've clicked on this spoiler talk it's because a) you stumbled upon it by chance without reading my review, or b) you've read my review and you're here to hear about the batshit crazy endings in the game.
Well, I shan't disappoint you. Let's get some context in first: when Mr. Prince hands Karen the magical glasses, he warns they're a double edged sword, but Glasses!Karen cuts him off before he gets to explain what exactly is wrong with them. It turns out that when Glasses!Karen touches a man, she gets horny as fuck and loses all sense of reason (go on, you know you want to laugh, go ahead), and if she actually gets penetrated it feels like she's getting stabbed, but because she's so horny it all just feels good. In other words, it doesn't matter if you beat her or stab her or do all sorts of crazy things to her, because all she'll feel is pleasure :D (are you starting to get an idea as to how the bad endings might roll?)

Okay pretties, get your helmets ready, because shit's gonna hit the fan reaaaaaal bad.


In Peach's route Karen stays at his house and learns that he only ever eats instant ramen, and that Granny and Grandpa only sit down to eat with him once a month. She finds this very odd, because they seemed like very doting grandparents.
The quirk to Peach is that he's into bestiality, and it turns out the monkey, dog and pheasant that appear in the story of Momotaro are his fucking sex friends, so Karen is determined to fix this... fetiche of his. She starts cooking for him and all is good until she starts realising the kinky-horny charm placed on the glasses. They unfortunately get into an awkward fight because of the glasses the day Peach is supposed to eat with his grandparents. Later that night Karen goes out to the river and finds Peach there, with a gigantic hole in his fucking chest. The truth is, once a month Grandma and Grandpa tear out Peach's heart, eat it and have sex in a pool of blood, trolololol. This is why they look so fucking young.
But see, because Peach is a magical tool with a human form (you know, because he was born out of a giant peach?) he's cool with it and just heals after... he just wants Grandma and Granpa to be happy, even if it means he must suffer from it. Aaaand because Grandma and Grandpa are having sex left and right every now and then a child is born, and gets killed. Children have no role in Momotaro's story, so they just sort of disappeared, which explains why Karen hasn't seen a single child around here.
Also Peach isn't actually into bestiality, he only said that because the idea of having to "fix" him made Karen happy and because it drew eyes away from his very odd grandparents. Anyway, creepy granny and granps try to strangle Karen to death and Peach catches them before they can finish off the job. He tells them he's not gonna forgive them for trying to hurt his most important person, blah blah blah they leave super angry and disappear from Momotaro land? (lol well that was anticlimactic).
Wtf is up with this CG though?? Like, this is how Grandma's supposed to look whilst she strangles Karen in the dark, but in the next scene her sprite goes back to her usual youthful looks? Way to ruin the tension man - between them just going back to looking like normal human beings and then just giving up without a fight, suddenly they don't seem so terrifying. All that build-up for nothing, good job Pil-Vamp - don't try out in the horror film business, please.
So demon granny and granpa leave, Peach and Karen go all rabu-rabu, but then drama strikes like a meteor and Karen has to leave because REASONS. So she does, she manages to get a job, start up her own company, grows old, and then one day Peach waltzes in like prince charming and says he's gonna take her back to Fairy-Tale world as his wife now that she's completed everything she had to do in the real world. Tralalalala, Karen is turned back into her gorgeous youthful self and all is good, the end.
Nawwww what a sweet ending, right? How could anything to do with this character end badly? Surely the bad endings are just terribly sad and melodramatic, right? Right? WRONG.
In the bad endings, Karen grows dependant on the glasses, they get stuck on her (BRO, PLEASE), and she turns into a sex addict. Peach starts treating her like a sex obsessed pig because REASONS (no seriously, it literally makes no sense, I don't get how we went from A to WHAT THE FUCK.) and granny and granps catch them being naughty. Granny tells Peach to get rid of her, and you have two options: 
If you decide to get rid of Grandma, Karen goes and murders granny and granps HAHAHA and then Peach catches her and she tries to kill him too because he disapproves of what she did HAHAHAHA but of course he can't die so lol she just keeps him tied up in the room with the two corpses and does naughty things to him and hits him and stuff ya' know the usual no biggie HAHAHAHAHAH.
If you chose to think of a way to avoid Peach throwing Karen away, he hides her deep in the forest and goes to see her every day and sticks bananas up her butt (I AM NOT JOKING, THIS IS LEGIT IN-GAME CONTENT) and at night fucking animals come and turn her on and she gets raped by a giant monkey.


Before you get your hopes up imma tell you Cidre really is a necrophiliac - there's no plot twist with this one. But his route is still the best in the game, so hear me out.
So Karen decides she dislikes all three countries and tries to search for a different kingdom to fix, but winds up lost in Snow White Land again. Cidre lives with Sensei and Dopey, the last two of the seven dwarfs (I'm  going to call him Dopey because that was the name he got given in Disney's Snow White, but his actual name in Japanese is おとぼけ otoboke, which translates into "fool"). He tells Karen that she can stay here as long as she finds him a corpse to add to his collection. The only reason why he's letting her live is because she is waiting for the bruise on her leg to heal before killing her.
Karen ends up falling down a cliff in her corpse search and Cidre comes to find her. She begins to wonder if he's actually a good guy and if there's a reason as to why he does this, and then she remembers it's all because of the bruise on her leg.
Anyway, throughout her stay in the palace Karen keeps reporting to Sensei what she sees and witnesses, thinking he's a nice, patient old man. One day when Cidre shows her a painting in his room of the Judgement of Parish she discovers the wall it hangs on is a secret door. When she tells Sensei about this he concludes the Magic Mirror that belonged to the late queen must be hidden behind it, and seeing as whoever possess the mirror becomes the ultimate ruler of this land, Cidre is monopolising it now that Snow White is gone.
Eventually Cidre opens up to Karen and explains that the queen was his mother (duuuhhh, bro, he is the fucking prince, who else was going to be his mother?? Fucking Sensei???? Karen you brainless piece of meat go back to primary school and learn how to put 2 and 2 together), and that she was so obsessed with beauty she never looked his way. However when she died, none of it mattered. She was no longer obsessed with beauty, and finally Cidre's worries were gone, which is why now he likes corpses.
ANYWAY. Sensei is actually a baddie and tries to poison Cidre, but Karen accidentally eats the poisoned food and almost kills herself. Cidre walks in and desperately brings her back from the dead with his "prince's kiss" — he doesn't want her to die (asdfghjkl). Karen tells him about Sensei, and they conclude he must be trying to get his hands on the magic mirror. They manage to stop him in time, and Cidre breaks the mirror, the source of all evil.
Seeing as Snow White is the woman the prince is supposed to fall in love with, Karen is now Snow White and has a role to play in the story. Cidre and her get married and live happily ever after.


SO. Are you ready for the bad ending?

In the bad ending Karen keeps the glasses on every time she gets horny and eventually she rapes Cidre (abort mission abort mission ABORT MISSION). Cidre knocks her out cold after that and when she wakes up the glasses are stuck onto her, and she decides to stay in this freakish land. She sneaks into Cidre's secret room behind the wall. She takes a look into the mirror, and when she asks it who's the fairest of them the mirror tells her it's Snow White, and reflects an image of GRANNY from MOMOTARO LAND.
Trololololol, lolol, lolol.
(Come on we all saw that coming after Granny said she'd been in the land of Snow White before)

Anyway, Karen is ecstatic about this new information. Cidre finds her and promises to show her something even more amusing if she brings ex-Snow White here. So she does, and Karen takes away from her a box and finds a "big lump of meat" (Gee I wonder what it is). Judging by Snow White's reaction this is the secret to her youth. Cidre puts Granny ex-Snow White to sleep and then fucking sticks the "lump of meat" into Karen's fucking vagina and then wakes Granny up and tells her to pull it out if she wants it back but Granny's like FUCK NO and turns into a proper fucking NOPE monster.
She tries to attack Cidre, but Karen beats her to death with the box and murders her, and Cidre tells her she looks gorgeous drenched in blood and shit and you know with a fucking heart stuck up her 'gina, and seeing as she's the pretties of them all Karen decides that she deserves to become Snow White so now she must eat the poison apple (FUCK LOGIIIIIIIC). So Cidre takes her to the basement, Karen gladly takes the poison, and when she dies puking blood Cidre rapes her, and then right at the end Mr Prince appears, laughs in his face and confesses this was all his plan, leaves like a fucking boss and closes the door on him, THE END.


In Doutei's route Karen figure's she has to convince Doutei to drop all those ridiculous rules that punish children for showing affection. Tink the "fairy" forces Karen and Doutei to share a room, and Karen begins to realise Doutei's behaviour is really odd: it's like he's forcing himself to pretend he's a child.
The children tell her they can't wait to grow up, but when she tells Doutei about this he tells her they never will: people in this world are given an appearance that suit their role, thus these children will never age. This only makes Doutei look even more suspicious. If he's supposed to be a child, then why does he look like a grown man?
Judging by his attitude, Karen is convinced Doutei absolutely detests her, but one day she spots one of the children making a flower crown. The little girl, Lili, tells her Doutei would be overjoyed if Karen made one for him, so Karen sits down with her. Unfortunately her usual self can't lace the flowers properly, so she puts on her glasses. As expected, Glasses!Karen manages to lace the crown perfectly, but when she presents it to Doutei he decides to take the lesser quality crown instead.
Later on Doutei confronts her about the use of the glasses and questions where they really are as fantastical as she believes they are. Can she confidently say she'll never regret anything she ever does with the glasses on? Later on Karen gets persuaded by the kids to wear the glasses and accidentally gets touched by one of them, switching on her horny mode (yeah, this was were I thought the game would walk into paedophilia). Doutei catches her just as she's about to do something to the kid, and she takes off her glasses. To cheer her up Doutei takes her for a spin at the theme park in Peter Pan land.
But then, tun-tun-tuuun. Doutei one day steals her glasses and tries them on, and when he touches Karen he turns into a violent, abusing fucktard who forces her to give him a blow-job. Both Karen and Doutei are traumatised by the event. Karen forces herself to talk to Doutei, and discovers Doutei is actually not a character of the fairy tale world. His name is Kazama, and he's just like Karen: a human being from the real world. Kazama's father abused his mother daily, and one day he wished so hard to escape that hell that he was transported to Fairy Tale land. This isn't Peter Pan land at all: the children here are already dead; they're the souls of the children that died in the neighbouring kingdoms. They've gathered here because they have nowhere to go.
When Karen discovers the truth she asks Tink to get rid of the glasses for her. Kazama is dead sure he'll turn out to be like his father, but Karen tells him they're not characters in a story: the end to their story isn't written in stone — they can still change it.
Kazama and Karen decide to go back to the real world with the help of Tink's magic, where they manage to meet again a few years later.
I didn't enjoy Doutei/Kazama's route as much as I enjoyed Cidre's, but it's definitely my second favourite within the game (not that there's many to pick from, but hey). Their happy ending H scene was super cute (asdfg cherry boy), but at times I felt Pil-Vamp was playing the younger-guy card a bit too much. Fortunately it never crossed any creepy lines. I especially liked Karen's approach to the situation and her uplifting statement on how our endings aren't set in stone.

Okay, do you have your shit helmet on?

In the bad route the kid Karen gets all horny for turns out the be Mr. Prince (what the fuuuuuuuck) ((well, at least she didn't rape the kid)). They make out and have sex right there on the spot, but Doutei catches them and imprisons Karen, who's turned into a horny fuck because the glasses are stuck onto her. Karen twists Doutei's mind, who starts getting violent like his father, and eventually the children overthrow him and lock him instead. Karen puts fucking chastity belt around his penis and swallows the key, so Doutei tries to make her vomit it. Ta-dah, in walks Mr. Prince, who stabs Karen in the abdomen and tells Doutei to search for the key through her bowels.

When he doesn't find it Karen laughs and reveals she had it in her mouth all this time. They then have a threesome where Mr. Prince sticks his dooby-doo up Karen's buttvhole whilst Doutei fucking sticks it up the hole in her stomach, la-dee-dah, WHAT A HAPPY ENDING, THAT'S ENOUGH GAMING FOR TODAY.

Citizens of Kira Kira,
do you understand my pain now???

I should go watch the Teletubbies and cleanse my soul.

Posted on: 22/08/2016

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  1. LOL this is the most violent otome game that I've ever encountered. But in the end, I manage to enjoy a lot of this crazy shit :v

    And in the bad end with Doutei, he sticks his finger into her stomach. Not that this will make the situation less disturbing, but still.

    1. Are you talking about how Ouji-sama pierces her abdomen with his hand/arm? Because yeah, that was incredibly disturbing. There's a bunch of details I just skimmed over for the spoiler talk to avoid the post becoming too long (also my mind has had enough of this game :'D)

    2. I am talking about the 3P scene. The D of Doutei is busy in her vag so he can't stick it in her stomach right? At first I was like "WTF do you have 2 dicks?" but then the game says that Doutei only stick his finger into her stomach.

      I was creeped out when the Prince pierced her stomach too. That smile though. Enough nightmare fuel for today :D

      Anyway, you was so brave when you decided to try out (and complete) this game). I guess that from now on, nothing can disturb you anymore =))

  2. You're literally brave for making it through this game, jesus f*cking christ. I nearly felt traumatized just reading about the bad endings, I see how Cidre is a good route but everything else (Plus the fact that he's an ACTUAL necrophiliac) just leaves me wayyy toooooo put off to play this game. . .I never knew up until know that there was an otoge game that was almost on par with Euphoria, but now I know. . .Ugh.

  3. Thanks for your effort about this, Laura.
    Actually it's beyond my imagination and every game i encountered.
    OMG somehow lose my appetizer in this game but still play for ONLY good endings. lol
    I could't thank you enough to go through this pain and make this disturbing and soul-damaged post and that why you told us every times to stay-away from the bad ends in the previous review. lol
    Fxxx that psycho ouji-sama, cheers!

  4. im,...actually quite stupified! lol so shocking, im not playing it, way too much gore and nut cases ><. And here i am, playing Samurai Love in my phone lol with so much bushido and sweetness going (i hate to wait to advance in the story lol then again, is the first otome game i can get my hands on)

  5. I thought pigeon blood was fuck up. This is beyond rational!!!
    What a nightmare....
    Thank you for the review Kira.

  6. I've been playing this incredibly good game called Scarlet Fate and Scarlet Fate II, which u can play in psp or cellphone. The story is pretty good, so i thought i would might as well share it with you!


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