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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 127 — The Princess of Xing

We never got to meet Kachagmo, but it looks like at least Xing's princess is taking the spotlight.
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 127 (duh!)

Quick Summary

The men leading the "ninjas" from Xing introduces himself as Voldo and assures he works under the second princess of Xing, Lady Tao. Apparently rumours of Kouka's "demons" have been circling around Xing, and they're here to see for themselves how faithful to the truth they are. Lady Tao wishes for them to meet her in order to discuss the future of Kouka and Xing. Though they appear suspicious, Yona&co. decide to follow them into Xing.
Once in Xing, in the twon of Sensen Yona&co. witness a play that narrates the events that happened at Kushibi's fort, the likely source of the rumours. Halfway through the hilarious reenactment of the events a man acuses the story teller of harbouring unpatriotic feelings towards Xing for transforming "the monsters of Kouka" into heroes in his story, and is about to harm the story teller's pet cat when a man named Argila steps in. He's with Voldo, and they decide to take Yona&co. to Lady Tao. As they leave Yona overhears the man from before curse Kouka and say he wants their "monsters" dead.
When they arrive to Lady Tao's private residence, she explains to them her elder sister, Kou Ren, the rightful heir to the throne, is trying to take over the kingdom and wage war on Kouka. She, tao, wnats Xing to become a vassal state to Kouka.


(yeah, I just said that)

Awww yiiiiiiiisss, new female characters at last!! Lord how I have waited for this day to come! I've been craving new female characters ever since the Water Arc ended - to have my wish granted this way is more than I could wish. A kingdom where the next in line to the throne is a woman? Hell yeah, bring it on.
Xing's future rulers inevitably have me thinking of Queen Seondeok of Silla and Lady Mishil of Silla, who lived in  the era which I speculate AkaYona is based off. Additionally Xing's position in the peninsula overlaps that of the Kingdom of Silla was during the Later Three Kingdoms, which has all my flags going off. How odd for this chapter to come out right after I answered an ask on tumblr on why AkaYona characters have no names, and another on what problems Kusanagi might face if she were to copy Korean history too much. I don't dare point too many fingers, though, because as I've said many times before I have yet to find any official statement from Kusanagi or Hakusensha regarding the Korean inspired elements in the story, but as a history nerd I can't help but want to find parallelisms, even if the the story is really just an amalgamation of different eras, cultures and Asian figures (it is, above all, this is a fantasy setting after all).
But leaving historical facts aside, it's safe to say this new arc has me extremely excited. Sei's arc left me thirst for knowledge of the political relationships Kouka had with its neibouring kingdoms, and the resolution to the kidnapping arc was less than satisfying. Hopefully this new arc will finally allow us to explore the political situation a kingdom other than Kouka is in. Careful Kusanagi, if you do too good of a job I might end up demanding you show us more of what's going on in the Kai Empire too...
I can't help but wonder if Xing's internal strife is the darkness that according to the prophecy will "fall upon the land." Surely now that Sei is a vassal state to Kouka, if Xing follows suit then this must be the beginning of something big.

last but not least, little reminder that AkaYona has been licensed by VIZ Media in English, and its first volume came out on the 2nd of August, so do buy it and support the series if it's available where you live!!
Anyway my pretties, the next chapter will be out on the 20th of August. See you all then!

PS: Did anybody else find Argila as sexy and cute as I did? Because I can't get over the fact that he practically lost his shit when he saw Ao.

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Posted on: 05/08/2016

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  1. This lady Tao to me seems unpatriotic. Vassal state? Really? Are the xing citizens in such a dire state that they opt to be a vassal state of kouka. How old is this lady tao supposed to be-- 10? People are actually following a 10 yr old? This 2nd princess, to me, dislikes war... But come on... Is ceding your country the only way to peace? I wanna meet the older sister instead!!!

    1. I'm a bit sceptical about this whole, let's become a vassal state to Kouka deal too, but I'm going to wait until the next chapter before deciding whether it's a stupid idea or not. I think Kusanagi left us with a cliff hanger precisely so that we'd question what the hell Tao-tan (bro, I am so calling her that, look at her, she can't be older than 8) is planning.

    2. Well such things happened in history, but only when the country was weak and frequently attacked by another. If that's the case, it may want to become a vassal state of a wealthy, strong country, because this would mean that it will finally be protected and have a chance for stability to grow. So, maybe Xing is frequently attacked by Kai Empire, which is also Kouka's enemy? It could work, provided that the citizens actually wanted this - like when Prussian Confederation sent a request to the king of Poland to incorporate Prussia, because they were oppressed by Teutonic Knights.


      But if it's otherwise - you're right. This second princess is totally unpatriotic and naive if she thinks that the citizens will willingly bow to another nation.

    3. yona should put it out there that becoming a vassal state is a pretty bad idea. Consider this, kouka is by no means a poor country military and economic-wise but look at the fire tribe citizens and water tribe. Even with their current scope of territory they're having problems taking care of their citizens how much more if they expand.

    4. Yes, I'm also hoping that more light is shed on the problems Xing is apparently facing. Because as far as this neighboring country goes we, as readers, know absolutely NOTHING!

      Kusanagi does tend to leave a few holes in the plot, as any story does, so I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't end up as one. Because really, who wants to subjugate their people to a foreign country just to avoid war? Oh Tao-tan the next Il??? Lol I have no idea.

      I just want some dark revelations this arc.

    5. Actually becoming a vassal state is not too shabby. Being a vassal does not mean that you cease being independent. It is like an alliance where a dominant party protects the weaker party while the weaker party pledges allegiance to the dominant party. History is full with such examples.

      Taking into context the geopolitical aspect of the manga, the Kingdom of Kouka is rising as a great power which subdued Kai and Sei. IRL, if something like this happens, neighboring countries ought to take note, especially if they are, presumably, rich in resources as Xing.

      It is still a bit too early to jump to conclusions. The citizens seemed to harbor intense, almost irrational hatred for Kouka. The result of historical disputes? The result of state propaganda? Or they are in alliance with an enemy of Kouka?

      Also, some people here do not understand what it means to be a vassal state. It is not the same thing with being conquered. You still maintain a greater degree of independence. Vassals usually pledge diplomatic and military commitments with the dominant nation. Internal affairs are left at their disposal. Being a vassal does not mean allowing your country to be occupied by others.

    6. Being a vassal state means being subordinate to a more powerful state. You're not anymore equal sovereign states. It is a weird proposal coming from a member of the ruling family, in this case the princess, to want to be a vassal state because they should be the first ones to be proud of their country and uphold their sovereignty.

  2. The xing empire citizens have pretty weird names... Kusanagi-sensei seriously? Kou ren - maybe japanese/chinese... Tao - chinese... Argila and voldo - definitely european ! To be honest i almost jumped out of my chair becausei thought i saw the name Voldemort.


  3. GOTTA PET THE KITTIES TO CLEANSE OUR SOULS <3...EHEM, sry, just... well, cats <3

  4. i know somehow this is going to be a mini battle between yona/hhb and xing with kouka generals and son won getting involved. My question is how long is sonwon going to let yona run around...the generals did not question sonwon about hak being alive and didn't they see yona? wtf can u ignore that. But if yona keep being seen and keep being spotted at the battle field and now even in xing what is sonwon going to do now? how long r u going to ignore her presences when kouka and now xing is watching becuase of the four dragons. Now, I want yona to learn a lot from tao. She know nothing of military and ruling and important polticial stuff that sonwon knows. this is her chance to learn and impress us in the future.

    1. Nowhere can u find a 10 yr old (or less) be that well-versed in national politics. Im around kids and believe me all they do is play and eat, do school stuff if they're pushed to. That girl hasnt even reached puberty yet unless she's actually 20+ with dwarfism. Ruling a country is gained from wisdom and experience-- yes, age definitely matters

    2. My guess is they dont care and are well aware that Soo-Woon got the throne by underhanded methods, but it works for them so they are turning a blind eye

  5. I see this princess as an opportunity for Yona to grown as a ruler. Up until now she has shown her abilities as a soldier, but she never thought as a ruler of a country. She wants to save everyone, ok... but the King/Queen knows that sacrifices must be made. We need to make politics, and Yona lack this at her position.

    On the other side, I see Tao as a girl with very simple mind (of course, she's just a kid). She is not unpatriotic, but she probably doesn't want to get into a war with Kouka, so she oposes her sister and wants to became a vassal country, like Sei. Maybe because, in her point of view, people of Sei were preserved from being killed - and she have the idea of Kouka's dragon power.

    In this case, many things could solve this tension. They can make an agreement and marry the second princess with the King of the neighbor country (HAHAHA.. ok, it's not possible in this manga, but stuff like this happened in real world) or kill the crown princess and make a bi-lateral pact with Kouka (I think Yona won't come with this idea).. Or, maybe, they will go after the Crown Princess and try to understand the situation (most likely), since Kouka hasn't shown any intention to conquer Xing.

    (I have no idea what happened in Korea, so I'm only making assumption based on general history and mangas hahaha)

  6. I still don't know what to think of this... I don't buy the vassal state thing... or probably something related with Yona's father insistence of avoiding war? (for some reason I thought of that) this is weird, I feel it, there is something weird in all this. Well we will have to wait then :) have a good evening, morning or night whenever you see this Laura :3

  7. Thank you for this chapter! Well, it definitely has potential... I don't like idea of becoming vassal too. But for me, as far little princess is just a kid, and someone else is pushing his/her ideas onto her. Like, cute ninja guy. So, what is he aiming for? I don't think he's just a follower of the kid princess. That would be nice twist of plot if it turns out Yona and the other princess was being manipulated in some way.

  8. Yes, let's see what the next chapter will bring us. I am curious to hear Princess Tao`s explanation why she wants to be a Vassal State. I am hoping for a great new arc!

    The scene with Agrila and Ao was way to cute,I'm still laughing :D

    By the way doesn't Voldo resemble Hak a lot, imagine him without this sly eyes and the mole? Coincidence or a hidden hint for another story, I mean Xing lies next to the Wind Tribe Territory 0.0

    And finally AkaYona is not only licensed in English but also in German, can't wait till October. The Lady in my bookstore possibly thinks I'm an idiot when I were rushing in, out of breath, to pre-order the first Volume :3

  9. Is it just me or Hak looks an awfull lot like Vold?


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