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The thing with renting out appartments and swapping addresses (and country) every year is that you somehow always end up back at your parents' home.

Moving from Japan back to Spain was so incredibly stressful that now everything else seems pretty much like a joke to me... but now that I'm sitting down and thinking through it properly, I've realised I've actually just drawn the curtain on a very important phase in life.
As most of you know, I graduated from uni a few weeks ago and "officially" have a degree in East Asian Studies (technically I still have to pay 300€ for them to actually give me my certificate) ((yes bro, that's how much getting the king of Spain to scribble on a piece of paper costs)), which means I have no business left in Barcelona. So here I am, back at my parents' home after a very stressful weekend that included both moving away and my flamenco school's show, where I masochistically spent an entire day at the theatre and ended up injuring my right ankle ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯
Have a photo of my feet, because there's no decent photo of my face.

So what's next?
No idea. Is there even life after university? For the time being I'm taking a year off to dance flamenco and chill, but where do I go after that? Should I do a masters on Japanese Studies? Should I move to Japan and start working? Is there life on Pluto?? I feel like I belong in nursery school playing on the slide, what do you mean I have to make decisions on my own???

Incidentally, those of you who follow me on tumblr might already know this, but I actually got an A for my dissertation on The Art of Flamenco in Japan, so not all is bad?
But anyway! I know you pretties aren't really interested in that, so here, have some photos of the friend that's staying over with us:

Her name is Nala, she's very old and very fluffy, and that's her favourite plastic toy chicken. Her daddy's off visiting his home country, so we're taking care of her for a few days, which has Honey, our dog, very displeased because she's a jealous bitch (literally).

Jelly dog is real jelly.

Anyway, fluffy dogs and the shedding season nightmare they brought with them aside, I'd just like to remind you all that I'll be in Japan from the 23rd of July 'till the 17th of September. I'm taking a Japanese course in Tokyo from August 1st to the 28th, but really that's just an excuse to get myself back over there because I miss my friends :'D and who knows, perhaps I might start striving towards passing the JLPT N1? (Yes no maybe perhaps never actually bad idea let's not do that just yet) But the point is activity around here might drop again because of this... "trip", but I'm hoping to regain my sense of freedom and go back to watching anime and reviewing!

That's all I have to say. Here, have another cute photo of my gorgeous princess (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

PS: Apologies for the comment section disappearing a week or so ago when I published my comment on AkaYona 125 - I sort of fiddled with the code the night before to fix some stuff on Kira Kira that was bothering me and ended up touching things I shouldn't have. I really am no good with technology.

Posted on: 13/07/2016

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  1. Love your cat :D
    mine is a Napolelon cat, (they want to call it minuet, but honestly, Napo is to good), so has has dwarf legs, and can't climb on the kitchen table (that is the theory, if she'll find "stairs", she still will)
    I thought it was the remedy to cat wandering when i adopted her after my last stray passed away.
    Anyway, nothing is ever going to keep these furry from beds i guess :)

    so i hope you have great holiday and studies in japan, and thank you for your beautifull translations :)

    1. Naww thank you so much! She looks cute but really she's super spoiled and nasty... she thinks she owns everything in the house :') Napoleon cats are so cute!!!

      Thank you, so far my trip is going great! I'm not even jet lagged, which is pretty odd, because normally when I visit I'm jet lagged for about a week :O


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