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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 125 — That Which I Had Dreamt Of

I don't know about you guys, but this is the chapter I've been waiting for.
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 125 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Hak looks back at his memories from when he was young, and remembers thinking that Su-Won does not discriminate and loves everybody equally. Back then, he thought Su-Won was a very open minded person.
Back in the current time frame, Hak hands Yun the bag with Yona's belongings so that he may hand them to Yona, but Yun accidentally drops it into a valley. Yun is very worried about this, as he knows the hairpin inside it is very important to Yona. After a few jokes and back and forth humour, Yun guesses from the way Hak is acting that the hairpin is something King Su-Won gave to Yona, and that she was in love with him. Eventually Hak goes down to retrieve the bag, but falls into the river below. As he lets the current drag him away, he thinks of Su-Won. What he can't forgive isn't the fact that Yona loves Su-Won, but rather that the very same day and with the very same hands he used to hand that hairpin over tu Yona, Su-Won killed king Il. He thought Su-Won was open minded, but the fact that he loves everyone equally might also mean he holds no special attachment to anybody. The day he saw Su-Won trying to kill Yona, he was so sad he felt his heart was being smashed to pieces.
Yona finds Kija, Yun, Jae-ha, and Hak completely soaking wet, and they brush it off by saying they went to play in the river. Once Yona leaves they all reprimand Hak for just letting himself get swept away by the current, worrying them sick. Luckily the hairpin is fine, and Hak laughs at how very noisy the Hungry Bunch is. They decide they'll give the hairpin back to Yona, and let her decide what to do with it.


This. This is what I have been waiting for. A monologue on Hak's thoughts about what happened, something to shine some light on his feelings about Su-Won.
I have pointed out many times that before the Water Tribe Nadai saga, AkaYona's story had always focused on the pain Su-Won's betrayal had inflicted upon Yona. It's when Hak lays eyes on Su-Won once again, at such a short distance from Yona nonetheless, that it dawns un us that he was betrayed and hurt beyond repair too. He lost a friend that was dear to him, a friend he admired and respected. A friend for whom he was willing to give everything up, including his small crush on Yona. Yet this friend backstabbed him, and for a very long time it's been very easy to forget that this greatly affected Hak too.
It's become obvious since then that he is not emotionally okay with what happened. Su-Won's attack might've seemed like it was mainly aimed at Yona, but it betrayed, at the same time, all the expectations Hak had of him. He wanted him to be king. He thought him wise. We could even say he had an inferiority complex towards Su-Won, who seemed so magnanimous and open minded.
I especially felt for the fact that he pointed out he didn't mind Yona being in love with Su-Won. My first instinct here was to call out TSUNDEREEE, but it really isn't what matters most to Hak. What matters is that Su-Won gave Yona that hairpin the vary same day he went and brutally murdered her father. How messed up is that? His conclusion to Su-Won's personality traits is extremely shocking, too: from believing Su-Won was fair an impartial, he turns to think that what this means is that Su-Won actually doesn't feel attachment towards anybody. Loving everybody is, contrary to what it sounds, just the same as loving nobody.
This ties in with the many questions I have about Su-Won that I pointed out in that analysis post I wrote up: can we really say he has no feelings towards Yona? Why exactly would he give her that hairpin if he knew shit was going to hit the fan that very same night anyway? Is it because he's completely apathetic? Is what Hak says really true? Does he really feel no attachment to anybody? We know from his coronation speech that the only two people that made him ever doubt his plans were Yona and Hak... and this conclusion Hak reaches only makes this even more heartbreaking. Su-Won, who was impartial towards everybody, found himself breaking this rule when being with these two, and still decided to go forth with his plan to usurp the throne. This entire chapter just adds salt to our open wounds, and it was terribly painful to read through Hak's monologue, however much Kusanagi might've tried to cover it up with comedy.

On a side note: Jae-ha not wanting to take off his shoes just further proves to me that he doesn't like the way his dragon leg looks. It was drilled into him that he was a horrible looking creature, and I suspect he has a complex about showing his dragon leg. Oh Jae-ha, the many layers of complexity you have do fascinate me...

Anyway pretties, that is all for today. I ended up shedding a few tears with this chapter, Hak's monologue really got to me. I'm a sucker for this triangle friendship and betrayal drama. Next chapter will be out on the 20th of July! See you all then!

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Posted on: 05/07/2016

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  1. This chapter was incredible, I cried too... Hak's emotions were so intense. I always enjoy reading through your comment Laura. Thank you for everything you do!!

  2. Ohhh Laura what can I say other than thank you as always! you are awesome... I've notice that since the last arc Kusanagi-sensei has been showings us more and more about Hak, his feelings (how he feels about the hungry bunch, how he feels about Yona, his Grampa to Mundok instead of old man, and this) other interesting fact is that we get to know Soo-won mostly through other's thought about him and just very rarely from his own thoughts and actions (which are complex and cannot be easily understood) it remembers me to Gatsby... that is a character so complex but we never get to know the man, but the mystery he is to everyone around him. I love how humane the characters are in this manga, I would say that chapter's like this one have way more character development that other series in full. Looking forward to the next chapter and as always mil gracias ;)

    1. You are so right, Kusanagi has really been shedding a lot of light onto Hak's character lately and I love it.
      About Su-Won: I've pointed it out a few times, but I totally agree with you. What makes Su-Won a real mystery is that we really have had no chance at all to see what his thoughts are. The only time we ever got a proper inner monologue from him was during the coronation chapter, and that was a long time ago.

    2. Exactly... for me Soo-woon is the tragic hero, kind of like a revolutionary leader, full of idealism (wanting the best of his people) but thrown out to the harsh world were people lie and betray and war is the rule so he has to live there and be smarter than everyone (and in some ways crueler) he is very smart and he truly sees the big picture... Though that may dehumanize him as well (he didn't do anything to stop the troops from kai from destroying the villages he had just regained for Kouka) he is willing to move like an experience chess player and that is admirable for me... but that is probably his big difference with Yona and Hak... Hak is very smart (easily understanding Soo-Won strategy in that very same battle I mentioned) but he is loyal till self-denial, Yona on the other hand is also smart and understand at least basic of strategies...but Inside her hearth I feel the most important is to eradicate suffering somehow, to carry that weight (like a redemptor figure...very fitting with an incarnated god)... probably Soo-Woon will be develop until a challenge up to his intelligence appears (now he have been able to easily surpass his enemies) then we will probably get to know the man and what he thinks.

  3. Thank you so much for he translations!!!! I can't wait to see what Yona does with the hairpin....

  4. this chapter was amazing! hak's feelings are heartbreaking! by the way, i agree with luis5d6b and would really like to read more about soo won's feelings and thoughts too. personally, i think that soo won really cares about yona and hak, and maybe i'm wrong but i think that killing yona (and hak) wasn't his original plan and he didn't really want to do it, and if yona wasn't present at her father's murder he would let them live by his side...but these are just my thoughts, kusanagi sensei knows better!!!
    thank you very much for providing this traslations! waiting for the next one! :)

  5. Laura, thanks for the translation.

    It was a heartbreaking chapter with very well dosed humor. I still believe that Suu Won did what he has done for pratical reasons. Love in second place. I don't think he is as cold as Hak think.

    After all this introspection, I think it's time to solve some stuff, no? Up to now, Yona still doesn't know her place in the world, Hak doesn't know the mutual feeling and Suu Won is suuwooning from tribe to tribe doing king's job (yeah, I like him and I hope he stays as a king - unless he has to sacrifice himself to save Yona). And the dragons still are the same - I want them to digivolve and kick some asses at the Sky's Tribe hahaha And I want Yoon finds a library and the cancer cure - or the dragons profecy, anything written.

    What I didn't get is why the super pretty genius boy thought (even for a second) that he could save a man with double of his weight hahaha (<3 Yoon)

  6. As always, THANK YOU! Every time I finish reading your translation, I come here to read your comment about the chapter. You put a lot of thought into the entire story line and even characters, so I always enjoy reading your comment. I feel like reading your comment gives me more insight of the chapter that I sometimes fail to give enough thought about. I have also been wanting a chapter from Hak's perspective about Soo Won. I loved this chapter.

  7. I think we all need to be asking right now is, what the heck is Yona gonna do with this hairpin? She obviously hasn't been desperately missing it at all. She hasn't even noticed it's presence is missing. Do you think she will let go of the hairpin? I think its a possibility.

  8. Thank you for the translation <3

    I think Suwon has personal feeling for Hak & Yona as well, but he was determine to cut their tie to accomplish his goal which is still mysterious.
    One thing I've wondered recently is it's too emphasized that Suwon loves people much more than anything? I remember this has been stated at least in three chapter so far.

    By the way, Yona chan please throw that Hair Pin away, we don't want to see Hak hurt again :'(

  9. Thank you so much for the translation. It is a heartbreaking moment when we know what Hak really thought about SuWon. I really hope Yona will do something to ensure Hak to move forward and claim Yona for himself, so both of them, Yona and Hak, could wipe all the pain SuWon had caused to each other away.

  10. GreenChicken319 July 2016 at 21:34

    Forget the the hairpin drama, the real mystery is why is Hak the only one to not get a towel to dry? His hair is clearly still dripping wet on the last page. Yona better start the next chapter by giving the poor dude one. ;)


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