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Translation: B's-LOG (8) Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden short story

I received a request to translate a short, one page Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden story published in B's-LOG 2016 issue 8 (June 20th) on tumblr a few days ago, so here it goes!

First of all, I'd like to point out I actually haven't played any Diabolik Lovers games, as I only play PC otoges, so I'm not too knowledgeable on the story. I did watch the unbearably terrible anime adaption back when it aired (I'm guessing the entire fandom wants to pretend that didn't happen, aha :'D) but I pretty much forgot everything about it 10 seconds after it finished —all except for the fact that Ayato was very hot, that is—.
In second place, I must confess a few parts of the story were very hard to translate, because I have no idea what this game is going to be about. I tried some shallow digging around and sort of managed to understand what the overall story will be, but it is at best a very general idea. Thus I warn that I'm not too sure about the two odd sentences that talk about a "power" and a "king", so I tried to keep them as close to the original as possible in order not to mess up.


In anticipation for the curtain rise on Lost Eden, here comes an entirely new short story. As the Sakamaki Brothers head to Eden, Kino and his servant, Yuuri, think of what’s to come...

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden


——Looking back at it now, the sings that the end was approaching were most likely already there.

A letter had been brought to us by a familiar. I broke the seal, and instantly tossed it onto the table. I knew it was very unlike me. It wasn’t as if the contents were particularly tedious, but I could see it had been written with a certain determination. If I may say so myself, my intuition is annoyingly sharp.
“…What’s wrong, Reiji?” asked my younger brother Kanato very suddenly, who had been sitting silently beside me on the sofa, fiddling with the fringe of a cushion.
I shrugged. “Father wants us brothers to all go to Eden.”
Kanato cocked his head. Surely he was questioning whether that was all.
“That’s all,” I answered, trying to sound as unconcerned as possible.
“Let’s refuse him!”
“This is, most likely, Father’s last order,” I pointed out in reply to Ayato’s careless declaration.
At this, all brothers here gathered looked at each other. When it came to talking about Father they always displayed an odd sense of unity. Amazed as I was, the one who got the ball rolling was Laito.
“How do you know it’s the last? It doesn’t look like there’s anything in particular written about it in the letter…”
“Who knows? However, I am completely sure of it.” I replied.
Lying sprawled on the sofa as always, it was Shu who understood the meaning behind my words. “So it’s about the next family head, huh?” he said, not objecting or rebutting my assertion. Though I’m not one for praising those who share my own blood, at times like these Shu’s sharp senses make things a lot easier and quicker to get through.
“The last one, huh.”
Subaru’s words held no special deep emotions, and neither did the rest of the brothers. All they felt in their hearts was an obscure fear and uneasiness. I understood this well enough because I, too, felt the same way.
It wouldn’t be odd for someone to inherit that power…and they had already vaguely guessed this.
“…Call that woman over.”
“Do you intent to take her with us, Shu?”
“There’s nothing about that written in the letter.”
As he spoke, Shu slowly sat up straight on the sofa. Had this been any other normal situation they would grumble and voice their discontent, but in these moments alone they appeared docile and obedient. They were all most likely and wholeheartedly wishing to be freed from this uneasiness as quickly as possible.

Calmly taking in the fate that had befallen onto us, we headed to the demon world—like martyrs awaiting our time of demise. Thinking it all very ironic, I drew my hand towards the pocket watch of demise I kept in my inner pocket. The chain rattled and chimed.

——To me, it sounded like an omen of both perish and rebirth.

The road to paradise is a long one.

“Kino, where are the church adherents?”
“Oh, they went back a moment ago.”
At my reply, Yuuri silently headed outside. She was most likely going to ready a second glass of guava juice for me. She is very perceptive of my irritation.
“Well, at least with this the path to the earthly world has been secured.”
As I breathed out a sigh, I sat on a stool. With my hands joined below my chin, I narrowed my eyes at the putrid earth that stretched outside the window.
Soon I would be able to leave this abominable place behind. As I thought of this I felt something inside of me stir and rise. It wasn’t homesickness or anything of the sort, but rather something born from exaltation.
“Wait for me, guys.” This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, I continued in my mind.
I sneered. I took the glass of guava juice on the nearby table that had long thinned and stirred it. As I did so, for some reason I tasted figs in my mouth.

——Smiling wryly, I thought about the late King and the one who had obtained the King’s power, and closed my eyes.

That's it, my lovelies. I see the fandom is very excited for this game, and some are speculating it'll be the last in the Diabolik Lovers saga. What are your thoughts, and will you be buying the game once it's released (whenever that is)?

Posted on: 29/06/2016

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  1. La protagonista en el anime es terriblemente monótona y desagradable, tiene más personalidad y cae mejor en las versiones adaptadas al manga e imagino el juego, al escoger una ruta, y no una neutra (que irónicamente la mantiene neutra en el anime). Hay caminos mejores que otros, como el de Hayato o el de Shuu, la verdad depende de la personalidad de cada chico.

    1. Puah, a mi el anime me decepcionó muchísimo porque la verdad es que el setting me molaba. No he leído ni los mangas ni las novelas visuales... pero seguramente pasó lo mismo que con el anime de Amnesia, donde con tanto empeño en meter a todos los chicos y hacer que no se enamorase de ninguno la prota acabó menos expresiva que un limón, y eso que la historia molaba un montón.

      Algún día harán una buena adaptación de un otoge, pero today is not that day.

    2. Recomiendo los mangas, son bastante buenos y cada capitulo se centra en escoger a un chico diferente, o sea, que ves desarrollo según el chico (y de los propios chicos también -kanatoestálococofcof-. Ese es el problema con adaptar reverse harem, la chica no escoge a nadie, lo que hace a la historia perder toda la gracia.

  2. Thank you so much! Ah, I'm excited for this game. While it may be the last DiaLovers game, I think/hope Rejet will come out with another fandisk... I guess we'll see! :)

    1. Here's to hoping they'll ever make a PC version for us PC gamers.... *sobs*


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