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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 124 — Thank you for Coming

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 124 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Back home Lili has a swarm of people waiting outside, wanting to thank her. Lili has decided not to see any visitors, because she wasn't really the one who rescued these people from Sei. Su-Won steps in to check on her, and Lili struggles to be polite (failing epically at it) now that she's aware of who he is. She tells him these people have made her a hero when she is nothing of the sorts. Su-Won disagrees, saying that the fact that she didn't lose her will to live even whilst standing on the gallows surely encouraged them to live on.
Lili reminds herself that Su-Won is Yona's sworn enemy, but at the same time doesn't feel that he is evil. Suddenly Geun-Tae pops into the room, wanting to check up on Lili... and Lili turns into a meek little girl and blushes furiously. Once he leaves it becomes obvious Lili is terribly in love with Geun-Tae, and she rolls around her bed, cursing the fact that she forgot to thank him.
As Su-Won takes his leave Lili thinks to herself she'd like to know him better.
That night, Yona visits Lili. Lili tells her about how Geun-Tae told her she had become a fine woman, and Yona in turn confesses Hak said something similar to her recently. Lili is shocked to realise Yona is in love with Hak and tries to persuade her into telling him about her feelings, but Yona resists. In the end Hak comes to pick her up, and after Yona leaves Lili hands him Yona's belongings (the ones that got taken from her at Sei). She tells him there's a very expensive hairpin in there, and that she'd like for him to hand it to her in her steed.
Hak smiles sadly, and says he'll do so.


Thank you, Kusanagi, for making my day with your humour.

Woaa looks like Kusanagi-sensei is stepping hard on that comedy! After so many consecutive gloomy and emotionally heavy chapters, finally seeing our characters being derpy again sure is a relief. Suddenly it's become very clear why Geun-Tae described Lili as "quiet" and "meek" all those chapters ago!! Look at her! She just turned into a huge ball of chaos the moment he stepped into the room!
But comedy aside, there are three things that stood out in this chapter for me. The first one is Lili's interest in Su-Won. I'm not saying these two are going to become an item (though Kusanagi thus far seems to be taking it that way), but the fact that Lili realised that she couldn't judge him when she doesn't yet know everything about him was an extremely important detail. Perhaps this is the beginning to figuring Su-Won out?
The second moment that stood out in the chapter was Lili's and Yona's reunion. I just loved seeing these two rush towards each other and hug in such a friendly manner. They've come a long way together, and you can tell how much they care for one another. There's nothing I enjoy more than girl friendships and girls watching out for each other (I'm also pretty sure there's quite a few yuri fans out there that squealed throughout this entire scene).
Last but not least....... Hak's expression as he accepted the hairpin, and the fact that he agreed to giving it to Yona. Something here has me suspecting he might not actually hand it to her... and obviously that face he's making is not that of happy man. It's so heart breaking to see him this way, and I fear he might decide to do something stupid, or further let his negative feelings towards Su-Won weigh him down.

ANYWAY PRETTIES. I have news for you: I have officially finished my last exam in my degree and handed in my dissertation, which means I am done with uni. It's been a a very long trip, with it's ups and its downs, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry buckets of tears during my graduation next week. By when chapter 125 rolls on the 5th of July I'll no longer be a student!!
See you then!!

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  1. I left an ask on your tumblr already, but the amazing thing about Kusanagi is the ambiguity of that last panel -- we only get to see him in side profile when he says thank you so it's SO HARD TO READ WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON. She's a genius

    1. That last panel is so ambiguous, I really don't know what to expect from here on out from Hak...

  2. This chapter was great. Well, I find every chapter great.

    Seeing Lili like that was so hilarious, especially those "he's married" lines.

    I thought we'd be taking some break from the seriousness and feel the shoujoness in this shoujo manga for a while, and BAM! The cursed hairpin appears. Then WOOSH! Hak makes an expression that scares me as if he's going to fall into despair..............

  3. All this time I thought that since Lili likes older men, spring was finally arriving for Joo-Doh ahahahaha! But I'm glad this is not the case, his behavior in the last chapters left a bitter taste.

  4. Out of curiosity… Su -Won said that he didn't understand love. Does this mean he never developed romantic feelings for Yona? Maybe Yona's love really was unrequited after all.

    1. I believe he never loves back Yona, I think he loves her like a little sister but he knows she isn't and there are centain things that they couldn't; sleeping in same bed is inopportune. But I think he lied when he said I do not understand the love, before he became king, he was around for all country maybe he met somebody who likes. I know there aren't proofs but when Soo won spoke with Hak about marring Yona he said " I cannot marry Yona". Why? For me there are two possibilities: soo won knew Hak's feeling around Yona and he hoped Hak won Yona's heart, Soo won was always the first Hak's fan and friend and he couldn't stole the woman who is loved, in fact he said protect her. Second possibility Soo won was in love with someone who we do not know, it can be proved by first chapter that soo won seems to used with the girls. In everycase if i am right ,I feel between soo won and someone finished very bad, if soo won doesn't want talk about

    2. I have always thought it is the case. Soo-won is concerened for her, but in a way one would be concerend of one's siblings.

    3. I was confused because I thought it seemed odd that Su-Won was agitated and blushed when Geun-Tae (I think it was him) kept teasing him about the woman he was flirting with in Awa (and who was actually Yona, chapter 38).

    4. I have two thoughts on Soo-won's reaction to the others teasing him about the mystery woman. I got the impression that he was either feeling uncomfortable about hiding Yona's presence and deceiving everyone(hence, his awkward reaction) OR it could just be too that it had nothing to do with Yona and he was just generally embarrassed from all the teasing. I suppose it could just be me but if everyone teased me about flirting with someone when I really wasn't, I'd still be a little flustered even if I don't have feelings for that particular person.

      When Hak told Soo-won to marry Yona, Soo-won had said that he couldn't. Either he doesn't have feelings for her or he knew he was going to betray her so he couldn't have feelings for her. It just doesn't seem like it would be the latter only because we've never had any evidence of him actually having those types of feelings. It seems Soo-won was always more enamored with Hak rather than her and, during his visitation at the beginning, he was anxious to see Hak and Il, practically ignoring her. And he didn't appear jealous at all when Yona claimed she was engaged to Hak, etc, etc. Nothing really suggested that his feelings for her were ever more than platonic feelings. Like someone above said, it's possible he even knew all along that Hak was the one in love with Yona, hence handed Hak the responsibility of being the one to keep her safe. He figured that Hak would protect her with his life. Again, when they met up in Awa, Soo-won was wondering if something happened to Hak but instantly deduced that Hak was fine because Yona was safe. He knew that Hak was continuing to do all he could to protect her. These things point to the idea that maybe he was always aware Hak cared deeply about her. Soo-won was always an intelligent child, after all.

  5. Thank you so much for the summaries!! And also, congratulations on almost graduating!! All your hard work will now be rewarded hehe, I'm happy for you! :D

  6. we have the same thought about lili and su-won,
    but tbh, i don't want to see lili to fall in love with su won later on :(

    1. I'm alright with SWxLili, but I do hope Kusanagi-sensei doesn't make all prominent female characters the love interest of prominent male characters (thank goodness Yona shines miles over Hak so really, she's not dumbed down in any way).

    2. Right now the only reason why I don't like Lili x Su-Won is probably because I'm just not seeing it - their relationship hasn't developed enough for me to even consider them a couple.
      I agree with Jael's comment, but if Kusanagi decides to make them an item and she manages to sell it well, I'll buy it.

  7. Wow. Fancy you linking this chapter with the one previously where Geun Tae thought Lili was quiet!! LOL! I certainly failed to make the connection xD

    I am so happy Soo Won made an appearance in this chapter. I was really sad he didn't appear in the last chapter, though I'm really starting to like Hak now and the last chapter was so sweet.

    I think Kusanagi-sensei is a genius with how she handles the character development. Slowly, and one aspect at a time. I mean, back at the start of the manga it was all about Yona maturing mentally so she did not have the capacity left for love (and she was probably too emotionally scarred by the death of her father and the betrayal of her crush to think about romantic attachments), but now that she has stopped being a girl and became a woman, she finally realises, "oh shit I just realised I love my best friend since forever - what do I do?!" And that's how I love my romance stories. Not the love at first sight garbage the mainstream world is trying to feed us.

    I hope Hak has grown up enough from the previous arc to know that he can give the hairpin back to Yona and she'll be alright. More importantly, I hope he realises that he is close enough with Yona that one hairpin from a lifetime ago won't ever stand between him and Yona. If he hides the hairpin and Yona finds out, something tells me it will cause a rift to form between them. Not because Yona loves Soo Won per say, but because she's hurt that he chose to not trust her. Kind of like a betrayal. On the contrary, if Hak gave it back to her, she'll probably be like, "oh, thank you." and keep it away woth all her other junk. Keeping it, because it reminds her of the old days when her father was alive and they were a happy trio, not because of her crush for Soo Won.

    Honestly, I'd be really sad to see this manga end, but part of me really want it to hurry up and show us what's up with the prophecy and that prologue. If Yona tries to start a war to take over the throne from Soo Won, I might hate her for being a hypocrite, and she doesn't seem like one so I don't think that's what happened. Chances are, something got so badly messed up that Kouka fell into enemy hands (no!!! What will happen to my Soo Won?) and she had to step up to help (and spit fire).

    This whole prophecy is starting to play out like a Game of Thrones story right now. "Winter is coming" since Book 1 and we are at book 5 and season 6 and it's still just autumn!!! I swear if AnY does not pick up on the prophecy in the next 2 years, I'm going to flip the table. And probably give up on it. Because it's really such an emotional toll seeing these 3 best friends evading each other. Damn you, red dragon! Just flipping wake up already, alright?!

    1. I really like how you pointed out the romance doesn't develop until late in the story because the main point at the beginning is not romance, but Yona's development. That is so true!
      About the hairpin: I think the hairpin, more than a reminder of her past, is her proof that Su-Won was not "evil" and that the Su-Won she knew was not "fake". I feel like her keeping it represents her conviction.

    2. I would not mind Su-won & Lili as long as it is done well and since they are not the main couple, chances are that their potential romance will be better than Hak & Yona’s, because from my experience supporting character’s romances often tend to be executed better than the main’s. Not that it bothers me that Hak & Yona’s romance is a slow one. It doesn’t at all, but I would prefer if Yona realized that Hak is interested in her, especially since his advances were not subtle at all, and just told him that she didn’t feel like getting into a romantic relationship, because of what had happened, instead of having her oblivious to what was clear for everyone around her.

      Other than the prophecy I would also like to see explored what happened in the past between Il and Yu-hon. It hasn’t been touched since the manga started and we are no wiser on this subject than we were after the first three chapters, but then Kusangai is not Mochizuki who kept revealing information throughout Pandora Hearts in such a way that it only posed more questions until it turned out that all those pieces of info that we got in the first 15 volumes created a false image of the situation. Kusangai’s strong point are relationships. The relationships between Su-won and Hak and Yona and Su-won are intensive. Lili and Yona’s friendship is another relationship which I came to like a lot, so I try to enjoy these relationships and not mind that Kusangai is not a great mystery writer.

    3. Those are some really good points Jael! I feel like if Kusanagi takes too long to reveal at least a shred of evidence as to what the prophecy entails, then I might start to lose interest (and I reeeallly love AnY so I don't want to! >_<).

      I love their banters, the heartfelt moments, and Yona's character progression, but now that we are reaching a deeper point in the story I think it's time to bring back that long forgotten prologue. By this I don't mean we need to see anything about the sword and shield just yet, I just want something dead centered on the main plot of AnY. There's just too much to put to speculation with the information we have. Throw me a bone Kusanagi sensei! T^T

    4. I agree. I'm not necessarily saying that I need ANY to end soon. But at the very least, I need the main plot to progress! And if it's going to turn out that the whole prophecy was a joke, at least let me know now!

      I went and read the first few chapters again and realised something
      1. They were in the mountains at the prologue, and they're now at a mountainous area. But it was also cold there, and so far the area they are at now isn't.

      2. I have a feeling the King is someone we don't know, or at least, someone who has been regarded as a lackey all the way up to now. Because really, there doesn't seem to be much "awakening" for either Yona, Soo Won or Hak to do... In the past, I kept thinking that the trio would be the sword, shield and king, but right now I'm starting to think otherwise. Unless it's referring to Soo Won awakening to the fact that he needs the power of the gods? Yona awakening to the fact that she needs to regain the throne for the country an age old prophecy to finally come to a full circle? Hak awakening to the fact that he's really the direct descendant of King Hiryuu and he's really the rightful king? (Bwahahahaha #cracktheory)

      3. Can we address how bad a king Yona's dad was? I mean, back at the start, only Mundok and Joo Doh knew exactly what happened. The fire tribe's general probably didn't know the exact details but could somehow guess, and Geun Tae had very clearly hinted that he knew about it. That said, did the generals and all of Kouka's soldiers really just stand back and do nothing when they saw Hak in the flesh and not demand that he be brought back for questioning? Okay, granted most soldiers probably didn't recognise Hak, but really, the vibe I'm getting from it was that the entire nation basically knows that Soo Won rebelled and they are okay with it. What?

      4. Actually, it seems like Lili would make a good match for Soo Won. I just need it to work out properly and not have Lili lose focus once she becomes romantically attached. I mean, who better to be the queen than the one girl that basically every general in the country approves of? Even Grandpa Mundok thought Soo Won likes Lili (I really can't help laughing at that chapter). Well, I suppose a political marriage to strengthen alliances would be good, but something tells me that's not the way the story is going.

      5. I need to know what Mundok's thinking about Soo Won right now. Somehow, I really wish Mundok will eventually forgive him, like how I foresee Hak and Yona forgiving him. Rereading the beginning reminded me of how harsh Soo Won was at the beginning (it felt like a lifetime ago now) and I don't blame them if no one ever forgives Soo Won, but it's really so sad. This guy basically threw away the only TRUE friends that he had in order to save the nation... And he's doing it all while not having a single friend to back him up and cheer him on. I mean, he has tons of allies, but these aren't people that you share your fears and doubts with, and everyone must have those moments.

    5. Lol I love your crack theory. Hak should not only end up as the descendant of King Hiryuu, but the reincarnation of the dark dragon who was thought to be a myth.

      I actually hadn't thought much about the Il debacle for quite some time... yeah seriously is everyone just like "well he's dead and Su-Won is king now, soooo why worry about the past"?! Which brings me to something else I've wondered about: Soo-Won mentioned a few times (as well as his advisor) that he's been through a lot waiting for the day he would usurp the throne. What exactly did he see to cause him to take such drastic measures? He doesn't care whether he dies or if he's king so long as he completes his goal.

      Soo-won does seem like a tragic character, one who has pushed aside his feelings for far too long. Is it bad I wanna see him breakdown? Based on the last chapter it's obvious he can easily push aside his own personal interests without bothering to speak about them.

  8. Thanks a bunch for these summaries, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and was so glad to come across your page. I also love the Kamisama Hajimemashita series and am SUPER GRATEFUL that you translated these as well!!!!! Congratulations on graduating!!!!!

    I actually ship Lili & Su-won & noticed in recent chapters Kusanagi was moving towards that. I think it will be pretty interesting how Kusanagi will play with everyone's relationships.

    I love Yona & Lili's friendship it's adorable! Yona has a close female friend now after being surrounded by so many guys (which I didn't really hate in this series especially since they're all pretty good-looking). Yona and Lili are also adorable and hilarious around the people they'e in love with too! Which is especially cute since it has been kinda gloomy recently.

    I think Hak might actually keep his distance from Yona, but eventually give it back to her (the hairpin) as he still believes Su-won is still just that important to her (just a complicated type love). Or that he may keep his distance from her AFTER giving it to her because of this reason and may fear that in the end she will come to hate him once he finally faces Su-won and fights him (as in for the kill/to the death).

    Hak and Su-won's friendship is still present like in previous chapters, but Hak still has a lot of mixed feelings because of what Su-won did to the previous King (Who he highly respected), himself, and especially to Yona. I don't think Hak plans on literally killing Su-won, or will in the end; but there are still a lot of hostile and (especially on Hak's part since Su-won isn't hostile but more depressed about what his actions had to instill for him to help the country). Hak is still angry with Su-won (For good reasons) but is also depressed about the loss of his close best friend. Thing is, there's just a lot of complicated feelings in this series.

    Wish the chapter came out sooner though, since I'm always WAY TOO impatient when it comes to my favorite mangas. But manga authors are people too.

  9. I like Yuri very much Aaa

  10. So Lily likes Geun-Tae! well the Suwon/lily shippers will cry this day lol

    1. Someone once suggested that she and Ju-Doh would make a good couple... Ju-Doh/Lili shippers are probably crying double the amount of tears :'D

  11. I really enjoyed this chapter and Im continously seeing that Yonas hair is getting longer and longer. I wonder if she will cut it again or let it grow back out. I think what I thought was noticeable in this chapter was how Soo-won didn't keep the hairpin, which shows me he never had a love interest for her or has cut ties, because if he kept the hairpin, we would know he has a thing for Yona.

  12. Laura, first off I want to congratulate you for completing your degree for university. Congratulations!!!
    And also, thank you for translating chapter 124 of Akatsuki No Yona.

  13. I'm not feeling any romantic connection between Lili and Su-won at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to get married and strengthen Kouka together. Actually, now that I've said it, I WANT them to do so. This way Yona will still have a strong connection to the throne without it having to be Su-won, the guys can stop teasing Su-won about girls, and Lili can keep on things. Yup, sounds like a plan!

    Congratulations on completing uni!

  14. Well I like the latest chapter that sensei published.


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