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Spoiler Talk: Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.

Bro, we have to talk about the endings in this game...

Warning, this is a spoiler talk for an R-18 otome game!
But because we're cool at Kira Kira, this post is completely clean!
(Save for a few f*cks and sh*ts, because I'm not very ladylike...)

Read my review of the game here!

Sooo me writing up spoiler talks for otoges is actually a pretty new thing that I'm still figuring out. Apparently a good deal of people also come to spoiler talks not just because they've played the game and they want to hear someone else's honest opinion about it, but because they want to find out how the game ends (which I hadn't thought about in my previous spoiler talk). It's not like I'll narrate the story out as if this were a summary, and I don't like writing about stuff that doesn't motivate me so I'll still be glossing over the details I didn't care much about, but imma try writing up something nice and complete for everyone to enjoy!

The Story Overall

I have such mixed feelings about this game!!! For starters, and as I pointed out a few times in my review, this is not the usual game I go for when I hunt down otoges. I like drama, mysteries, murderrrrrrrr... so stories that are a joke in and of itself are usually not my cup of tea.
Yet Bocchi Musume made me laugh. It made me laugh a lot. I wasn't expecting it to be clever, but it turned around and slapped me in the face with its gags. Some of the endings were hilarious. The very first ending you can get rolls on if you pick the wrong option the first time you get to pick paths... which is 5 seconds after you've begun playing. If you chose to sleep in that day the game skips Emma's entire life and skims over it very vaguely; now she's 80 years old and an angle comes to take her to Heaven telling her her life could've been very different if only she hadn't slept in that morning.
Another favourite of mine was ending six, where Emma finds this mushroom in the forest that reminds her of the ones that appear in Mario games. Because she's so clever she concludes that if a mushroom like this can make little Mario big, then it should make big Emma small. If you decide to eat it raw, Miki tries to stop Emma and in the process ends up stepping on the mushroom, causing this magic drug powder to blow out of it, intoxicating the three of them and everyone goes bonkers and they strip their clothes off and start running around the forest like druggie BFFs and whaaaaaaaaaat the actual fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck best ending everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Then there was this other ending where Emma gets haunted by the ghost of a 5 year old kid that drowned in Miki's apartment OH MY GOD MY STOMACH WAS IN SUCH PAIN AFTER THAT ENDING because sweet lord this "ghost" had previously appeared in a very casual manner somewhere in the common route and I'd forgotten all about it, it was amazing, I don't know if I should trash this game or enshrine it.

ANYWAY. On to the actual story of Bocchi Musume.
Emma goes about her usual gloomy days at school, having lunch in the backyard, away from prying eyes. One afternoon she accidentally eavesdrops into a love confession from a girl to the very popular Hiraizumi Miki, who out rightrejects her. Awkwaaaarrrddddd, thinks Emma to herself, until Miki spots her and the words in her head turn to "oh shit, LEG IT". And so Emma runs away, though to no avail, as Miki catches up, hugs her and starts calling her his muse! Apparently he is desperate to make clothes for her. He gives her his address and begs her to come visit him after school.
Yeah right, like that's gonna happen. Emma leaves school creeped out by today's events and throws away the note with Miki's address. Unfortunately she gets caught in the act by the worst person possible: Shinjou Saito, another gorgeously handsome(?) boy from her school who happens to be friends with Miki and is not about to just let her go. Emma gets dragged to Miki's apartment, where she is threatened persuaded to give Miki's a chance. The next day Emma returns slightly excited... only to discover the clothes Miki makes are not normal clothes at all! Too much skin exposed and too little covered!! Clearly only a pervert could think of making something like this!!!
But Emma is yet again persuaded to cooperate, and Saito and Miki explain the details of what they have in mind. They want to film a video of her with Miki's clothes on to post it on a foreign online site this summer, but before that can do that they must first work on turning  Emma into a model!

Thus begins Bocchi Musume. Most of the game focuses on Emma working towards fixing her bad habits, such as straightening her back or eating healthy, making it a pretty standard slice of life. Eventually the game culminates with the team —Team batsu, batsu meaning "no good" or "error"— participating in an expo where they'll be showcasing Miki's designs. Whether you chose Saito's or Miki's route the basics of the story are essentially the same, even the antagonists. At school Emma has to deal with Sumire, your usual bully who's jealous of her spending time with Saito, and by the end of the game the absolute bad guy turns out to be Miki's douchebag dad. 
I felt Miki's dad was bad because he was just bad... You know those caricature evil characters in cartoons or shojo mangas? The villain who's the villain because we need a villain to add spice to this otherwise very bland story? That's who Miki's father is. Come on, he's even got the evil villain moustache and grin for it:
Like, just look at his face!! The fuck is up with the cat eyes? Also this dude has no name, so I'm just gonna call him businessman dark daddy from here on out.

Other than my issue with businessman dark daddy and the very trope-y story —which in a very twisted sort of way can be considered part of the humour— I wasn't too happy with the triangle relationship between Miki, Saito and Emma. See, when they finally record the video and it goes viral, Miki and Saito reveal that their plan all along was to make Emma a super model.
My face at this point was 100% Grug's.
(If you haven't watched The Croods you totally should)

Here lies my main problem with this game: these two keep dragging Emma around, not giving a shit about what she wants. She's just a play doll to dress up. Sure, I understand that this is a comedy and that I'm not supposed to take anything in it too seriously. I also see that as Emma's self esteem is lower than the Mariana Trench's ocean floor her becoming a model, the representation of confidence itself, is the best path to teach her how to love herself and hold her head up high. Still, I just couldn't bring myself to agree with how Saito and Miki pull her into it. What if she doesn't want to be a model? What if it's not her vocation in life to pose for the camera and wear clothes on a catwalk?? Did you ever stop and think of that??? (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )
A few people seem to be justifying this by pointing out that eventually Emma does appear to like the situation she is in, but I feel I must set something straight: what Emma likes is not getting dressed up, but rather being in the company of Saito and Miki. Emma has finally discovered what it is to socialise and spend time with others, and when she finds herself yet again alone she can't help but long for their company. By extension we can assume this means she doesn't entirely dislike what she does with Saito and Miki, but it doesn't change the fact that they spend a great deal of the game pushing her into it and forcing her to wear clothes she is not comfortable with. However much a comedy this may be, this aspect of the story just didn't sit right with me.
The only morally commendable thing in this game was the fact that it accepted that what Emma's parents were doing was neglecting their kid, and that bullying because of homophobia is a very common happening in the US. Not bad Kalmia8, not bad at all.

Moving onto the character routes, there are three events that trigger them in the game:
  1. About a quarter into the game they record a video of Emma, and Siato and Miki begin to squabble over who's at fault for it not being perfect: whether it's Saito's camera and editing skills, or Miki's clothes. They're both arguing that they're the one who's at fault, and eventually they toss the ball at Emma, who has to decide what needs improvement. Selecting that the camera work needs improvement will send you down Saito's event, whereas deciding that the clothes need working on will send you down Miki's.
  2. Further down the line Emma becomes sick and tired of getting dragged by the two of them, so they tell her that she should be the one to decide what steps they ought to take to make her into a model. Here you have the option of leaving it up to Saito or asking Miki to teach her how to lead a "fulfilling every-day life" (リア充 ria-juu; lol this term is so tricky, I'm not sure how I should go about explaining it so just read this page).
  3. Nearing the end of the game, right before the expo happens, Miki finds out the secret sponsor that gave them the necessary money to participate in the expo is in fact businessman dark daddy. Miki is furious, and suggests ripping the clothes they made into shreds. Saito is greatly against this, and Emma is asked to decide on which side she stands.
Incidentally, picking "The problem is with the model" in event #1, "Well then, why don't you two become my underlings?" in event #2, or not being able to pick sides in event #3 all trigger batshit crazy endings :'D


Hopping onto Saito's route involves Emma going to his part time job, a butler café, and practising her social skills by working there three days. Now at this point I was still digging Saito's route, because it was clear Emma was starting to really want Saito to treat her differently. She notices he treats other girls respectfully and that upsets her. By the end of the three days at the café Emma tells Saito she wants him to treat her like a girl, and then asks him to carry her princess style. So he does it, and Saito's bird brain concludes that being treated as a woman = taking her to a hotel and doing the dooby-do.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? :'D

And we still haven't gotten down to the best part! Saitos' route became annoying as fuck when the expo rolled on. Basically he tells Emma she doesn't have to do anything at all she just has to stand there and leave everything to him. This really pisses Emma off (duh) because she wants to prove herself and have Saito dancing on the palm of her hand. So I'm here thinking, craaap she's gonna snap and be like "mother fucker I ain't no Barbie doll" and it's gonna be so awesomeeee... and what does she do? She ditches the duo to go with businessman dark daddy.
What. the actual. fuck. The worst part is she instantly regrets it because businessman dark daddy is too businessman for her and she comes running back sobbing, but Saito's already gone to the creepy butt fingering Michael dude —a fashion big fish who had ever so subtly stroked Saito's butt when the expo began and invited him over to his hotel for some sexy time—, so Emma valiantly chases after him to protect Saito's butt chastity.
Fortunately that's not exactly what's going on, and when she arrives at the hotel it turns out Saito came here to beg Michael to let Emma be one of his models. Emma joins in the begging and Michael says all is cool, he has no intention of deflowering a straight boy's butt (atta boy Michael) and he was going to make Emma one of his models anyway. And as the cool bro Michael is he gives them the key to the room nextdoor so they can enjoy some sexy time lolololol. Eventually Emma becomes one of his models and Saito stays as her producer. The route ends with a kiss CG of Saito helping Emma with her catwalk at the butler café but it's all wrong???

Like, how the hell are angles working in  this CG? Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) If Emma's facing this way ⇩ and Saito's facing that way ⇦ wouldn't he just kiss her cheek? Or just plain air?? Shouldn't it be more like this????:

Do feel free to admire my photoshop skills.

So, what to think of Saito's ending? Well... I hated it. It wasn't what I wanted from this couple. Emma was supposed to be out to do something that would impress Saito, but in the end it got twisted by the comedy and just turned into the Quest to get Saito to Kneel Before Me. In the end Emma stays the pretty Barbie doll and Saito's still bossing her around — she hasn't proved herself at all! Sure, she came in and begged Michael to help her too... but that conversation was all kinds of wrong. Saito states that it's his dream is to make Emma a super model, and Emma goes ahead and begs Michael to "make the dream of the person she loves most come true" under the pretext that this is her dream. As in, her dream is seeing someone else's dream come true.
WHAT? Gurl, that is not a dream, that is borrowing someone else's dream. Have you never seen Chihayafuru? You've never seen Chihayafuru, have you? You definitely should.


Emma and Miki look gorgeous in this CG. Pity the human body is probably not capable of bending this way.

Miki's route, as I pointed out in my review, was the more satisfying of the two. If you hop onto his route fully you have to tell him there's room for improvement in the clothes he makes, which leads to Emma staying with him at home and helping him come up with a new design. The scene takes a turn towards the awkward, because Emma ends up running away, which prompts Miki to chase after her, cling to her legs on the streets, and beg her not to leave...
This didn't help Miki's character image. Fortunately the second event went a lot better. In figuring out what leading a "fulfilling everyday life" means (lol what even), Emma and Miki try selfies and other cool stuff cool people do — all leading to hilarious results. Eventually they end up playing an otoge (Kalmia8's previous game, Torikago no Marriage HAHAHAHAHA) and that gives them the idea of going out on a date. So Miki whips up with his awesome godly sewing skills some yukatas and they go to a local matsuri where they're having a cute awesome time holding hands, until Emma blurts out that she can only do these things wiki Miki because she doesn't consider him a guy.
This obviously gets Miki very stroppy and angry, which eventually leads to him kissing her (????) and then going for woo-hoo time with her the moment they get back home (welcome back awkward H scenes, I missed you not). ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Though his H scene was just as weird and uncalled for as Saito's first H scene, Miki's route is considerably more enjoyable. He doesn't shy away from telling Emma he loves her, and their short but frequent kisses were extremely cute. Eventually when the expo rolls on businessman dark daddy steps in and tells them he's signed their booth up for the runway, which sends Team batsu into a frenzy. Emma is not a profesional model, and she has no idea how to catwalk. Businessman dark daddy gets all stroppy and angry about this and manages to find a substitute model, threatening Miki with sending him back to the US if Team batsu doesn't participate in the runway. Eventually Emma decides to do it herself, easily becoming the star of the show because lol modelling is just walking ya'know? Easy stuff.

Sooooo with the runway in their pockets Team batsu becomes famous and so does Miki. Businessman dark daddy gets all jelly of his son's success and leaves the expo pouting. Miki leaves to the US for a few weeks to sort a things out, Emma becomes a model, and when Miki comes back Emma throws herself into his arms and kisses him passionately, with Saito screaming at them not to make a scene. Paparazzi snap photos of them incessantly, but they give zero fucks about it all.

Though Bocchi Musume doesn't have a "true ending" per say I believe Miki's best end is without a doubt the most appropriate finale to the game. It makes absolutely no sense if you take into consideration the high school setting it originally went for, but I guess this is just one of those moments where you've just gotta shrug it off and move on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. He has a "good" ending where things don't turn out so perfectly (as does Saito), but the only value in it was Emma revealing, in her signature careless manner, that her parents are actually reaaaally important people in the business world. It had been hinted throughout the game that her family was pretty rich, and I just ooh-ed at the screen. It was satisfying to see Miki's dad cower and scramble off in a hurry after speaking with her.

Anyway pretties, here ends my spoiler talk. In a nut shell, my main problem with the game is that it all comes down to the effort the guys have to make to succeed, and not the efforts Emma has to make. I don't think it's a problem with Emma's character as much as I think it's a problem with the story crafting and the story writers' lack of ability to squeeze out the potential in an interesting character. Nonetheless, I don't think this is going to be a particularly conflictive otoge, especially not in comparison to the last one I played, but I'd still love to hear your opinions on it! Feel free to comment on what you disliked and liked, or even if you're planning on giving the game a go or if you've decided to let this one go ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

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  1. I've Just finished Saito's route and I feel so disappointed. As you said, everything was going more or less well until the first H scene. Seriously, after Emma told Saito she wanted him to treat her like a woman, I thought he might do so, but instead they went to a hotel and he raped her (WTF?). I expected his character to develop into a nicer one with the protagonist, but no, at the end, he continued being a jerk.
    In the end, the best part of the game were the bad endings (lol).

    PS: Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta! Me parto con los reviews. Saludos desde Sevilla :)


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