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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 123 — Feelings I cannot convey

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 123 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Yona immediately regrets blurting out that she wanted to touch Hak, and instantly takes it back. Hak thinks he's hearing things, and Yona thinks he didn't hear her. Wanting to stay beside him, she proposes they talk, but just as Hak's about to take her hand she realises she hasn't taken a bath and her hair probably stinks. After pushing and pulling for a while, Hak finally pulls into his arms, and lovingly hugs her.
Eventually he draws back, and notices Yona's injuries. Yona tells him she's okay, and that what happened was nobody's fault. Yona thinks to herself that she's come a long way since her time as a princess, when all she cared about was pretty clothes and taming her unruly hair. Back then she enjoyed her time with Su-Won and looked forward to seeing him, but the way she feels around Hak is different. It's like she can't breath, and even speaking becomes hard.
Hak curses himself for leaving her alone with someone they'd only just met, and Yona stresses that distrusting someone who's been kind to you is very painful. Hak thinks to himself that Yona will probably never give up on trusting others, no matter how many times she is betrayed.
As Yona looks at the necklace she gave Hak, she thinks back on how she was planning to one day give Hak his freedom back. Now she thinks that when that time comes she might not be able to let him go.


Akatsuki no Yona is back from a very long break, and it's stepping hard!! It was pretty obvious from the previous chapter and from the fact that issue 11, where ch. 123 was supposed to be published, had Yona and Hak on the cover that this chapter was going to focus on them. I wasn't exactly expecting a romantic development, as AkaYona's romance errs on the slow side and I believe there are yet many obstacles we need to overcome for these two to be together, but the chapter still had my heart racing and my palms sweating! (as well as my stomach muscles aching from how much I laughed with the first few pages)
I can't say it's the development we've all been waiting for, but we've indeed gotten a step closer into seeing what Yona and Hak's relationship is to become. For one Yona has realised not only that she might not be able to bring herself to let go of Hak when the time comes, but that her feelings for him are different from those she had for Su-Won. I've stressed many times that Yona's love for Su-Won was immature, relying solely on Su-Won's kindness - something akin to a "crush". Yet her current relationship with Hak is a much healthier one: he not only accepts her for what she is, but wants her to keep being herself, to the point that in this very chapter he comes to realise that he cannot persuade Yona to distrust people, and this is a fact that will never change. Though it is obviously not something that make shim happy, he accepts it as part of who she is, making the scene incredibly meaningful.

But come on, lets put the seriousness away. Did you see that hug? The way he took in her scent?? How he brushed his lips against her ear????? KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Alright pretties, I've got a long day ahead of me because the last KamiHaji chapter is out and I mean to get down to it today too, so I'll get going. You may have noticed this chapter was shorter than usual: this is most likely because of all the trouble that's been going on after the Kumamoto earthquake. There is also no fixed date for the next chapter, which is understandable. Kusanagi Mizuho updated her blog, where chapter 124 appears as to be released on the 3rd of June, in issue 13! Remember there are ways to help Kumamoto out, and that we're also encouraging people to do so through the We Love Kusanagi Sensei Project!!

LAURA: Sensei, because of the love they feel for your manga many people around the world have been worried about the Kumamoto earthquake and are trying to help out through donations. GO KUMAMOTO!
KUSANAGI: Uwaaa! (>_<) Thank you so much! I must work hard too.

See you next time!

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  1. I've been looking forward to this so much! One small step for a hug, a huge jump for HakxYona! Thank you so very much Laura-san for translating this and KamiHaji! Your gracious spending of your free time has been the highlight of my month many times and the start of a few obsessions (Pandora Hearts, KamiHaji, AkaYona, Hakuoki) and for that, I thank you. Hopefully this chapter can help soothe the gaping wounds left in my heart after the end of KamiHaji.

  2. The romantic development was just about what I'd been expecting, honestly.
    Going straight to such a drastic development like kissing or confessing just didn't seem AkaYona-like at all. Gotta take it slow, makes it much more meaningful (and painful, for us. Oh each and every little scene kills us all...) So many things to clear up first before they could get to that point, honestly.
    I really want the three (Yona, Hak, Su-won) to have a serious confrontation some time in the future. Along with like, all the tribe leaders. That'd be one hell of a scene.
    Anyway, keep at it! I don't read your translations just cause I don't need to (I used to though, and they were really really good), but I always come to check out your comments every chapter! Otsukaresama!

  3. Yona's position in this chapter reminded me of something. A novel I once read, 'the mill on the floss', had this patragonist 'Maggie', who used to have sectret meetings with Philip and talked to him alot. She thought it was love(but really she was inexperienced and just guessed that), later she finds 'Stephen', who made her restless, unlike philip- with whom she only had verbal pleasure, she really loved that guy. It's exactly like Yona felt in this chapter. Also, both of the guys seemed to love her, and that seems to be the case in this story too

  4. I have to say it. Thank you so much for everything you do. I'm always waiting to read your comments. You are amazing! I don't know what I would do without your blog. Thank you so much, again, y un abrazo super fuerte! De verdad que muchísimas gracias.


  6. I laughed so much with this... and found so incredibly sweet how Hak simply doesn't care if she smells, they are kind of like a old married couple who simply know each other so well they don't care about such things... I also loved how she recognized how different her feelings for Soo-Won (which she thought were love, even though I feel were more like a sweet admiration) are so different from what Hak makes her feel... I felt that was the centre of this chapter. Thank you very much for your translations Laura as always you are the best!


  8. I usually don't care much for Hak and Yona's romantic relationship, but this chapter has gotten me to see a new liking to this couple. I like the development of their romantic relationship in this chapter. It combines their individual character development into their romantic relationship development. I don't think I am making sense with what I'm writing here. I do poorly at conveying my thoughts. But THANKS AGAIN Laura!

  9. Thank you for your translation. I usually only be a silent reader, but I've been waiting for this chapter anxiously and I love how the romance developed between Yona and Hak. I've shipped them ever since they both escaped the palace together, and now the ship seems ready to sail. I'm so happy.

    Always love your blog, Laura. Otsukaresama...

  10. muy buen capitulo XD
    al amanecer los dos con ojeras de no haber podido dormir jajaj
    lamentablemente yona aun estará tironeada de entre sus sentimientos por ambos, la horquilla regresara al igual que faltaría otro encuentro con soo-won mas privado (intimo) sumado confusión para la llegada de la resolución

  11. Isn't this the first time Hak has addressed Yona without a royal honorific? She asked him to always call her princess, but here he uses Zeno-speak as an excuse to address her differently. But then maybe I'm reading too much into it! PS: thanks for the translations!

  12. Thank ya! It's great that I finally got some more amazing manga, I'll be looking forward to the rest of this wonderful manga, hopefully, soon!

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