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Comment: Kamisama Hajimemashita 147

Almost there!!
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Kamisama Hajimemashita 147 (duh!)

Looks like Fukumenkei Noise is getting an anime!

Quick Summary

It's the day before the wedding, and Kei and Ami visit to help Nanami with the preparations. Tomoe gets back from visiting Ookuninushi, who has told him to go to Izumo after the wedding, and sits with Mizuki, who is stressing over how little people have actually replied to the wedding invitations, unable to count how many people are actually going to assist. Kurama drops in, announcing that the guys from Mt. Kurama will be coming tomorrow (prompting Mizuki to demand the exact number of tengu coming).
Just then Kotarou drops by, looking worried. He wants to ask Tomoe if he should break up with Himemiko or stay together - he's worried he is the cause of her distress. Tomoe tells him he should definitely do that, and casually drops in the fact that Himemiko is pregnant with Kotarou's child. Kotarou realises how pathetic he is and runs off, and Mizuki, Tomoe, and Kurama decide to have a drinking contest to see who's the better heavy drinker.
Nanami drops Kei and Ami off and heads back home. On her way back she promises Onikiri and Kotretsu, who are looking rather down at the prospect of Nanami not being able to see them any more, that she won't forget them.
Nanami gets back home and finds the three big idiots completely smashed and dead drunk (with Mizuki seemingly out cold). Kurama is about to lecture Tomoe on the difficulties of living a human life, until Tomoe brings out the solid gold maneki cat and Kurama flips out. He demands Mizuki say something to him, but instead Mizuki reaches out his hand and tells Tomoe he likes him, and that he's glad Tomoe's the one who's taking Nanami with him.
that night Nanami sits with ikage, who tells her he can get in touch with her dad if she wishes for him to attend. Nanami is both shocked and surprised, but tells Mikage there'll be no need for that. Just as her father has found things he must treasure, she has things she must treasure herself. She will deal with her father when she has become an adult. As Mikage is Tomoe's guardian, he is Nanami's father now. She asks him to take care of Mizuki, and the chapter ends with her monologuing about how everyone here is her family, and thanks Mikage for everything.


If I could cross into the pages, I'd give Nanami a very well deserved pat on the back.

After seeing Nanami in so many wedding dresses I'm wondering how Suzuki-sensei is going to surprise us on the wedding day! I thought we'd finally get to see them marry, but it looks like we're going to have to wait for the next chapter for that.
Interestingly enough Nanami's was reintroduced into the plotline in this chapter, and I like the way it was done. he doesn't magically pop up, and Mikage doesn't just bring him here on his own accord. He sits down and consults it with Nanami, which goes to show how much he respects her opinion on this matter and that he understand this isn't something anybody can just decide for her. I like how Suzuki-sensei didn't have Nanami simply forgive her father - she hasn't openly said she hates him, and perhaps we haven't managed to completely cross that line into a more mature storytelling where we admit that people have faults and shojo protagonists don't have to be perfectly kind and caring in all aspects, but we haven't stuck to the stereotype either, have we? Nanami has decided she doesn't need her father at her wedding day: she has found her own family, one that wanted her. She will deal with her father when she feels ready to do so, and that, ladies and gents (not sure how many gents we have here), is what makes this chapter spectacularly honest. Nanami is not yet an adult, she has many things to experience, and there are things she can't handle right now. She is not mature enough, but she's ready to face life and grow up. She's not pretending to be something she isn't, and I find that very admirable. Interestingly enough, it makes her seem wise beyond her years.
The cherry on the cake for me in this chapter, though, was seeing Mizuki admit to Tomoe that he likes him and that he's glad Tomoe's the one taking Nanami away. It might've been under the influence of alcohol (they do say alcohol brings up ones true feelings, don't they?), but he said it nonetheless. He might deny it in the morning, but the words are indeed out, and I couldn't help but smile stupidly at the pages.

Well then pretties, see you on the 2nd of May!! We're two chapters away from the finale!!! I'm still hoping to see more of Mai and Kurama, and of Kotarou and Himemiko of course.

For those following Akatsuki no Yona, because of the Kumamoto earthquake the publication of chapter 123 has been delayed. read more about it here!

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  1. I want to see the wedding but don't wanna Nanami to become normal :(

  2. Thank's for the translation laura :)
    And isn't kurama can give his feather to nanami so that nanami can see mikage sometimes?? Because I don't wanna see them apart :( *sorry if my english is bad :)

    1. Oh wow, I'd totally forgotten all about that!!!! You're actually right, he COULD give Nanami one of his feathers so she could visit all her friends... then again Kurama's going to be busy with his duties on Mt. Kurama, so perhaps that's why the option hasn't come up yet...

  3. Thank you so much for your work! :) thanks to you I can read the chapters of this manga much earlier then others. It's hard to accept that two chapters left... Hope that the author will show us not only the ceremony and Tomoe's transformation into human (or maybe it'll be Nanami, still there is a huge hope) but some pictures of T&N human (yuokai????) life. (Sorry for mistakes :)

  4. Thankyou so much for translating as ever, Laura!! I feel like my heart is almost to broken. I don't want this manga to end this fast!! I love to see Tomoe in every month. I want the next arc, and I don't want Tomoe and Nanami to end up live their lives as normal human. Will they have any chance to continue living as immortal? If the demon can turn into human, then human should be able to become the real god, am I right?
    By the way, the 3rd OAD of KH which was released 2 days ago is so amazing! Nanami in this episode is really beautiful (I mean in the previous episodes and normal anime both 2 seasons, Nanami is merely a cute girl not count as the beautiful girl like this). And precisely, Tomoe in the past is so smart and wild!! (touch so much). Well then, I am looking forward to your next translation in both ANY and KH. Take care yourself.

    1. I'm currently waiting for my copy of the OAD to arrive, I'm so excited to watch it!! :D

  5. Thank you for translating it for us. Am feeling happy but at the same time sad that Tomoe and Nanami are going to be normal. I wish Suzuki sensei will show us a glimpse of their kids as well as the relationship progress of Kurama and Ami as well as Kotarou and Himemiko. I also agree that we'll face the problem as in the state that we are in now. Thank you so much Laura!

  6. It really disappoints me that many want Nanami becomes immortal because for me that would already be very childish, the life of a human being is special and being so, the human being means mature and use the time you have.
    Wishing her to be immortal is always a little childish and mature desire.
    But I also think she should not be separated from all his friends, I think that as n life one chooses his path and work hard but always your friends and family will stay together

  7. im so proud of Nanami, but mostly of Mizuki, for saying his honest feelings and that he is ready to let Nanami go to live her life away from the paranormal.

    1. I feel we've come a long way since the series began... all the characters have matured a lot, and I'm so happy to see how much they've grown and changed :')

  8. There's so much to look forward in the next chapter! I hope they don't skip anything important, like- their graduation, and goodbyes at school, then welcoming guests n all for wedding, different reactions of all the different characters, something between kotaro and himemiko , their wedding ceremony and their feelings all through it, then best wishes from all (I wonder how jiro's reaction gonna be), then going to izumo for the final step... I have really high expectations from the next chapter (and I hope we get to see the wind God too, it's been a while, we saw him last)

  9. When, in this chapter, tomoe talked about kotaro requiring a little push, then I recalled his first date with himemiko. When he returned from bringing beverages, he found she was being bullied and flirted with, but his body froze, he couldn't move. Tomoe said he's going to require a little push and nanami literally have him a push, and tomoe said- how simple-minded, to her. After being pushed, kotaro really came out strong. That scene was funny, charming and full of satisfaction as nanami completed her first job as a god

  10. I want to know why after wedding nanami can't see Onikiri and kotretsu T_T

  11. Sighs, just don't want Tomoe to give up his Fox Spirit. Eh, but he wants to live and grow together with Nanami


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