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Comment: Kamisama Hajimemashita 146

Oh god I love this couple...
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Kamisama Hajimemashita 146 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Kurama visits the Mikage shrine to announce he is going back home.
Meanwhile Nanami has sent invitations to all the people that have supported her along the way to her's and Tomoe's wedding ceremony, to be held at the Mikage shrine after her graduation takes place.
AMi receives a letter from Nanami, and feels that she's like a slow tortoise in comparison to how fast Nanami charges forwards. She should learn from her. Just then she gets a text from Kurama asking her if they can meet up, and at the same time hears on the news that he's quitting his job as a singer. She rushes to see him and tells her she's happy for him, all the while thinking she doesn't want him to leave. Kurama hold back the need to reach out and comfort her, and explains he is going back home to act as the one selecting whoever is to become the next head of the tengu. Ami can tell by his look that he is happy about this. She asks him if she may wait for him, and Kurama tells her she can't just as he brings out his wings and leaves through the window. Ami is about to give up, but decides she can't just let this go, and she screams out the window that she'll wait for him to come back.
In the school backyard, a very shocked Kurama crouches down, terribly embarrassed.


This couple, this effing couple, I love them so much. I just want this ship to set sail already so badly!!
I am so happy Suzuki-sensei decided to bless us with this wonderful chapter - I squealed and rolled around on the floor in a puddle of hearts at Kurama trying to hold back from comforting Ami, and at him blushing furiously when she tells him she'll wait for him not matter what. I can't, I just can't. I have been waiting for Suzuki Julietta to come back to these two and give us some sort of proper finale for their relationship, some hope to hang onto, ever since the Okinawa arc ended. My patience has been rewarded (God bless you Julietta, God bless you).
Shipping feels aside, I loved how sensei also decided to bring back every character we have met along the way. I admit I had forgotten about most of these (save for the tengus of course, and Kayoko, because her name came up in one of the recent chapters), and was very pleasantly surprised to find myself going "Oh yeaaaah, I remember you!". It brought on a waterfall of nostalgia - I have spent so many hours reading and translating this manga, that I can't help but feel emotional now that it's ending.

Anyway pretties, there's nothing much to say now that the loose ends are being tied off. I'm still wondering if Nanami's father will make some sort of appearance, but if he does it's definitelly going to be a rushed one, so he might as well just stay out of it. Next chapter will be out on the 20th of Apirl! 3 more chapters left to go!!!

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  1. At last! I have been waiting for developments for this couple! I can't wit to see the raws! Kyaaa!<3 I giggled like crazy when I read the whole chapter. I love what Kurama said that he was willing to waait all day for Ami. Waaah, PLEASE KISS ALREADY! Hahaha :P It's nice to see the minor characters resurface again, esp our Dragon King. He's very funny, haha! XD Thanks for the translation, Laura. You're a blessing to us fellow KH fans. (^_^)

    1. Man this couple has been on my mind ever since the Okinawa arc, I'm so happy Suzuki-sensei decided to address their situation before ending the manga.

      Does anybody else love how Ami is rocking long wavy hair? I loved her short her but she looks so charming like this, I love it!!

  2. I really wanna Kurama and Ami to be together.♥ But think that the ending fo manga will be little sad because Kurama is going to quiet his career like singer and go away.And the most sad thing is that Nanami will refuce her God mark and never see the supernatural thing like Onikiri and Kotetsu,the Dragon king or Tengus.And Tomoe...he will become human and refuce his fox powers.My Mizuki is going to be alone :((...I don't know , i don't like this. I hope everything will end great for all characters.

  3. Finally! i knew this couple had a future!! <3

  4. I love this pairing with the strength of a thousand suns!!!

  5. I loved this chapter.....but to think that this series is going to end,i think that there are still unfinished stories behind.In wikipedia of KH series it's given that it's unknown how akura-ou and tomoe met,and also there is also akura-ou's chance to come back because there is a way for him.In early chapters mikage says that by making akura-ou to drink essence of evolution,he can attain his body......Also akura-ou's feeling for nanami is still not confirmed.He once says that she is interesting and also in near chapters he says,her words are piercing into his feelings are not yet confirmed but i don't know why the author wants to end such a nice and untold story...

  6. OMG..Nanami and Tomoe's wedding is on the way. Kurama deserves his own happiness like Nanami and Tomoe. Yes..I hope Julietta will reveal Akura-ou's feeling for Nanami and hopefully give us a glimpse on Akura-ou getting back his body through essence of evolution. Can't believe my favourite manga is going to end soon...

    1. Ahh, but he's not going to get his body back through the essence of evolution in the end. Kirihito's mother decided she would "birth" him as her own son, and Izanami decided to test the essence of evolution on herself to see if they could use it to somehow "destroy" Akura-Ou's body, that way ensuring no one else misuses it like Yatori did.

      Regardless of this, I sure want Nanami and Tomoe to meet again with Akura-Ou, all as human beings ♡

  7. My shipppp!!:0

  8. excuse me, where can i find all your KamiHaji summary chapters and translations? it's killing me to wait for long time for the actual translated chapter TT

    1. All the information you need is on my tumblr! ^^


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