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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 122 — Beside you

So many things happened I'm not sure which one to lose my shit over first...
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 122 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Joo-Doh insists Hak must be killed, as he represents a menace. Geun-Tae opposes this, but Joo-Doh tells him he doesn't understand how trully frightful the Thunder Beast is. Eventually Su-Won persuades him this is not the right moment, as the Wind Tribe is watching them and they've finally managed to unite the Five tribes.
Just as Su-Won is leaving Zeno runs into him. They recognise each other, and Zeno asks him if he wishes to have the dragon warriors for himself. When Su-Won replies he doesn't, Zeno leaves with a smile. Hak hugs Zeno once he gets back to them.
Yona&co. settle down, and Kija sobs incessantly over letting his dear princes get hurt. Jae-ha reveals Hak gave him a hug too, and noticing Yona's jealousy he tries to trick Hak into hugging her. However Yona stops him, and once Jae-ha notices how terribly embarrassed she looks he stops his teasing, thinking to himself it's more than enough to be beside her and see her smile.
Yona falls into a deep slumber, surrounded by the lively voices of her friends. Suddenly her pleasant dream turns into a nightmare and she wakes up, startled. She notices Hak isn't in the tent and searches for him. He's picking up firewood, and tells her to go back.
Yona looks at him and tells him she wants to touching. The chapter ends with her asking if it would be okay for her to walk towards him.


The Hak x Yona feels. They be real.

Let's start with what pissed me off though: I had defended that there was no definite proof that Geun-Tae knew Yona was alive, but had suspected after recent chapters he already did, as previous events had implied he most definitely had gathered Su-Won had committed regicide. So Geun-Tae's lack of reaction was understandable, but what about Joon-Gi? Not only has this man not shown any sign of knowing the truth behind Su-Won's ascend to the throne, but he has never before seen Yona. Why is he not reacting? (Or perhaps Joon-Gi is too blind to see Yona??? Is that what's going on??????) 
But disappointments in Joon-Gi and his lack of action in this entire saga aside (you'd never guess it was his daughter who got kidnapped with how passive he's been), did anybody else spot how Geun-Tae looks at Yona and then turns to insist Joo-Doh doesn't kill Hak? Geun-Tae, I think you're having a デレ期 moment yourself here. The only one who isn't being affectionate here is Joo-Doh, who's having some serious trouble keeping his cool. I had definitely not expected Joo-Doh to snap this way - I had thought him a lot more colder, a lot more in control of his emotions. This chapter gave him a new dimension, he feels a lot more human to me now. I genuinely sense that he favoured Su-Won as a king more than just for practical reasons now - I feel that there has to be some sort of personal motivation in there for him to be so guarded against Hak, the one man he feels is capable of cutting Su-Won's head off clean. Now that speaks miles about his character.
I also feel the battle with Sei ended up being just a short shower rather than the storm I expected it to be, but I suspect Kusnagi is keeping the "all-out war" card up her sleeve for a better moment.
I'm also back to being suspicious about Zeno and thinking here's something about Su-Won he knows that he hasn't told the others yet. A lot of people are speculating that Su-Won is somehow a "part" of Hiryuu, which could possibly explain the odd way Zeno reacted when he saw him in the Water Tribe. Either way. I'm thinking Zeno did not run into Su-Won just because. Hmmm...

Now then.
Yona and Hak.
The cherry on the cake. The moment we've all been waiting for. Did you see how terribly bare and raw Yona looked when she told Hak she wanted to feel him   to touch him   ouch there's no way to make this not sound erotic I promise that's not the way it comes off as in Japanese to be with him(?????)? She looks so genuinely lost in the moment, so desperate to feel his warmth (no, no erotic thoughts, no erotic thoughts, shoo). I'm hoping the next chapter will prove to be a turning point in their relationship, but with Kusanagi you never know.
Last but not least, this is just my opinion, but I'm pretty sure the title this time around is both referring to Yona's literal need to stand by Hak right at the end of the chapter and Jae-ha's feelings for her. I've spoken previously (though mainly on tumblr) about Jae-ha's growing feelings for Yona and how he, by nature, avoids facing them head on and blames them on the dragon blood. I didn't dare consider this, but after 118 and especially after 122 I get the feeling this is not the last we'll see of Jae-ha's inner battle.

Anyway my pretties, off I am! The next chapter will be out on May the 2nd, so no AkaYona in the next issue!!

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  1. I didn´t mind that Yona didn´t do anyting major in this fight because instead the ship is final preparing to sail. I didn´t expect her to do this so soon but I guess the nightmare did the trick. And now we wait...
    But, but, but, how about her hairpin? He didn't give it back to her, so he will keep it?.. I want to se more of that

  2. Thanks, Laura! What do you think about the whole Su Won being a part of Hiryuu theory? Personally I wouldn't like that at all. We accepted that Yona as the main character of the series and as the only is the reincarnation of the Red Dragon King. If Su Won shares this huge responsibility with her, the relationship will get even more tangled and complicated.

    I know that Su Won has a key role in the story but I prefer to think of him as 'the sword' of Ik Soo's prophecy.

    1. Thanks Laura!
      I agree with you, even i think Su-Won is the sword in the prophecy with Hak being the shield. Yona has to be the King. else the dragon's would not have experienced the initiation without Yona being the king.

      Also for Su-Won to be part of Hiryuu is impossible. SoWon is definitely older than Yona, and in Zeno's arc, both Zeno and Kija see the red star ascending; basically sensing Yona's birth. I think Zeno just knows Su-Won from past, or more accurately knows Su-Won's past which we are not aware of. Su Won is definitely a descendant of Hiryuu, so he must be looking very much like him. That's why Zeno was shocked seeing Su-Won for the first time (or he was just knows Su Won from before, that shocked him)

      What are your thoughts?

    2. I agree that Su won plays a major role to express the drama and complication of the story. But i doubt that he will be yona's sword and hak as the shiled. On the chapter of zeno being ripped apart in front of yona and co. I think he clearly stated there that, he will not die because he was ouryu, the dragon born to be king hiryu's shield. I mean it was literally told that he was the shield so maybe the other three dragon warriors with exceptional power are the sword of hiryu.

      Regarding of zeno being surprised when he saw suwon, i think it was because he has watched over yona for a long time. As zeno explained what happened and why it had happned after the ripping of his body incident and staying alive after, he said that "it will be mean but iwas testing you (yona) , from the time you were chased out of the castle..." . Maybe that was the reason of his surprise, seeing the person who hurt their princess upclose. And he saw him after he saw yona bunched up with lili and many others. So maybe he was just shocked seeing yona and suwon in one place at the same time.

    3. I was one of those who was in favor of the theory from the beginning and I still am.
      As I mentioned before, there are several parallels to Denyuuden - and they exist on puropse. Suu-Won is Shion - the author even hints at this using a similar name! In Denyuuden, Shion became king to save his country, but he had to betray his two best friends. And Shion had one part of a demon inside of him, his friend the other one. Now, Soo-Won is looking like Hiryuu (only exception: the hair-colour) and Yonas father was extremely against Yona and Soo-Won marrying. You just got to put 1+1 together here.

      Also, the shield is probably Zeno (he said it before himself) and the sword is probably Hak. On the very first pages of the manga, Yona is standing there with a sword. And the stone inside the sword and Hak's hair have the same colour. The following first sentences are also probably metaphors. They are saying its cold because they are high up in the mountains. Translates to: Yona has almost reached her goal at this point, but she could only make it this far ("high") by giving up other things ("cold"), so it's "cold high up in the mountains". They often do this metaphor-stuff at the beginning of a story.

      My guess: I don't how how this works out with the sword, if Hak is buying one for her later on or whatever. Though it's pretty obvious that he is not a normal human being and there are SEVERAL!!! hints in the manga, that he might not be on the "good" side. Anyways, the priest was crying because of Yona's fate, the king never wanted Yona to carry a weapon, so I do believe that Hak will leave (die, leave Yonas side or whatever), once she gets her sword.

    4. Oh well, I might as well post even more. I can only recommend reading Denyuuden. Parallels:
      There are demons in the story that lose their strength once they leave the country (sounds familiar?) and the king Shion is waging war against his neighbors to expand his influence. But this is a necessary thing! It's something good for humanity (sounds familiar?). Also, gods are something evil in this story, and Shion is fighting against these gods (sounds familiar?- > when Soo-Won becomes king, he says something similar).

      And Yona and Soo-Won are definitely two parts of Hiryuu. In Denyuuden it was the same. Even though there existed two parts of the demon, Ryner was (in the story) more important. Same here with Yona - she is appearantly the part that the dragons strongly react to. But it's not like they dont feel anything towards Soo-Won (remember Kija's reaction). Zeno wouldn't have reacted so surprised if he knew Soo-Won before btw.

      Yona + Soo-Won= Hiryuu

      Also, in Denyuuden, *SPOILER* the two friends (Ryner and Shion) were responsible for the chaos in the world. I don't know exactly what happens there (hasnt been translated), but from what I know, they were in love in their previous lives. They always die tragically and are reborn, die and are reborn etc. If I remember correctly, Hiryuu also had some problems because of a woman. I don't know what happened that made Hiryuu split up, but it probably has something to do with some "tragic love-story". Random guess: Maybe he could't decide if he wanted to be a good king or wanted to stay close to his loved one, so he split up in the end when he was reborn? Anyways, a similar tragic love-story as in Denyuuden is probably the reason why the priest was crying about Yona's fate.
      Also: remember, when Soo-Won became king, in this scene, Yona hears the voices that Soo-Won hears. The two of them are obvioulsy connected.

      Some hints that Hak (and Yona?) are not on the good side, but Shion is:

      - Soo-Won knows more about the "structure of the world" (???), and what he knows is enough for him to prefer betraying Yona and Hak. By now it's obvious that he suffers a lot because of this decision, so there has got to be a very good reason for him to do what he did
      - Soo-Won asked Hak to look after Yona, even after he knew that he would end up "betraying" them
      - Yona's father knew about the same "secret" Soo-Won knows, but chose another path. Il never wanted to let Yona touch a weapon
      -Hak: what's up with the name "dark dragon"??
      -Hake: scene when they are with the pirates. When he says he enjoys seeing Yona struggle, he doesn't sound and doesn't look very "nice"
      -Joo-Dos reactions there. He too obviously knows something more, if not, he wouldn't have freaked out like that.

      Anyways Haks "use me, that's what I'm here for" and other sentences he says, sound to me like he really has something to do with the sword. And giving Yona a sword is probably not something good.

  3. She doesn't seem terribly worried about losing the hairpin (at this point). That signals to me more than anything else that the ship is ready to sail. I think that this arc has been mainly about a couple of things: Hak's relationship with Su Won and his feelings about Su-Won's betrayal (and learning to trust the HHB), and Lili's growth and badassery.

    Perfectly love how Kusanagi illustrated those last few panels.

  4. THE HAK AND YONA FEELS. UGH UGH UGHHH!! I agree with a lot of what you wrote. Lili needs to run the water tribe tbh. My favorite part has to be how embarrassed yona gets when jae-ha tells hak to hug her; can anything else be more adorable (besides Hak hugging his friends? ahhhh!!).

    While, I would love to see the ship sail, I suspect (and this would be good too) that Kusanagi will make this scene more geared towards Hak being a central cornerstone to Yona's sense of grounding after awful events, rather than romantic affection. Much like after her father was murdered, Hak's physical presence and pushing let her know that yes what happened was real, but that she was okay, would be okay. And though she's grown since then, it still helps to have that assurance, that stead-fast belief coming from someone she trusts. I think she's also hesitant, ie even asking in the first place, because of the what-ifs with soo-won she considered last chapter. In that regard, a better interpretation of the last line (Can I be with you?) may be "Can I reach for you?".

    HOWEVER, if Kusanagi decides the ship must sail, I am all prepared and happy for that too. I'm most excited for Hak's reaction because he also went through hell (why must soo-won do this to my son) and maybe he needs assurance that he'll be okay too. He should definitely hug her at least. I will settle for soft smiles and blushing though.

  5. Thank so so much! I can't wait to see more Hak X Yona moments in the next chapter, I hope there will be a lot of those ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. I pretty much agree with everything you said, you just worded it better than I could ever hope to. I completely forgot Joon-gi was a part of this arc until I saw his small panel where he was...just there...And I love the Wind Tribe sooooooo much! They were practically daring Joo-doh to make a move! They were ready to fight. I don't care how much Hak says he gave up his name or whatever, the Wind Tribe is still there for him no matter what! I love how the last time, it was Hak to lose his cool, and this time Joo-doh completely loses it. Oh how the tables have turned. Like you said, it makes Joo-doh seem much more human. Zeno's entrance had me cracking up! I loved it. He definitely knows more about the situation than we do. I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly when he started watching over Yona, but was it after she left the castle or a little before so he saw enough to know who Su-won was? I thought when he first met Su-won, his initial shock was just because he knew that he was the reason Yona was forced out of the palace, but if he didn't know who Su-won was at that time, that idea goes out the window. Then everyone started coming out with the "Su-Won is a part of King Hiryuu" theory, and now I'm just like...Oh... Didn't Zeno say he wouldn't have followed Yona if she didn't overcome all of those obstacles and go through what she did and become who she is now? That makes me wonder if at first he was HOPING for Su-won to be the reincarnation of Hiryuu and maybe saw some similar personality traits, therefore wanted to support him. Zeno seems like the innocent dope in the group, but he's no idiot. I thought it was interesting how the other dragons made it quite clear that they would only lend their power to their king (who is not Su-won), but Zeno actually asked did he want their power. Then that smile he gave! I think he's content(? I'm not sure if that's the right word I should be using) with Su-won's answer, and sees that he's not power hungry and really wants what's best for the kingdom. Maybe he does recognize similar traits in Su-won and Yona as Kija admitted earlier, but I think he sees Su-won taking shape of a king that resembles Hiryuu. But I don't necessarily believe he's a part of Hiryuu if that makes sense...And I'm not quite sure, but didn't Zeno have the same power as Ik-soo at some point (the ability to hear from the gods)? If he has the same ability, does he understand more of the prophecy than the others and just chooses to keep quiet about it? I've always loved Zeno's character, but I swear he leaves me with more questions than answers! He's like the all-seeing, all-knowing one that pretends he knows nothing and just goes along for the ride. Oh and I completely forgot about the hairpin until I read some other comments! I wonder what Su-won's going to do with it! I wonder how long it will take until Yona realizes she doesn't have it anymore. And that last moment. Hak and Yona. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! That is all.

    1. Yona does knows the hairpin got left behind, but its all in the past because HAK <3

  7. LOL I used the exact same GIF to react on this chapter before seeing your comments on it XDD
    Thank you for your hard work!

  8. Wow! Such a wonderful chapter! Thank you for translating as ever Laura. I looking forward to KH 146 translation as well. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

  9. I think that Joon-Gi knows what is going on, but chose to side with Soo-won. Soo-won has gathered strong people to save his daughter and works to make the country a better place, which would certainly help to keep his daughter's away from danger, so Joon-Gi has a good reason to be grateful to Soo-won and support him.

    1. True very true! But let's not forget yona who save lily in the bar and save her and tetora life when she was stab. Lily amires yona and yona is the reason why lily fight. She even said "I want to be like you" and "if I can't save this person then I deserve to die". Yona save his tribe when they fought against kai. I am just saying that yona deserves a thanks.

  10. Thank you for translation, it's wonderful as always! :D

    As about Ju-doh, I wasn't exactly that surprised. What he wanted to do was indeed reckless, but then again, we did see him as a hot-headed man quite frequently; even Lili once said that he was short-tempered. So, it's not like it came out of nothing, thankfully :)

  11. Silly Jo-do, the wind tribe is gonna slaugther you and get all agressive with the kingdom if Hak or Yona get hurt...
    The feels, Jae-ha! i can be your girlfriend if you want, but dont suffer!!

  12. Thanks for the translation <3

    I hope Kusanagi has planned something for Joon Gi because the guy has to be the worst managed side character in the history of ever. We could cut all his scenes and the arc would be the same. At least she should show Soo Won's camp after the HHB run away to tie loose ends (Lili awakening, Joon Gi acting like a worried father for once, Soo Won capturing Tsubaru...)

    I disagree with the Zeno and Soo Won's theory though. Soo Won's thing is being Yona's foil and that includes the humans vs gods philosophy. He even refused the power of gods this chapter. I think Zeno's reaction in the Water Tribe arc was because he stalked Yona for half of the series so he was at least in the castle when she and Hak ran away and when she met Soo Won in Awa. He then saw Soo Won and Yona together and went "oh crap". He might know something about Yu Hon's death too, so he is keeping an eye on Soo Won?

  13. THAT moment when you read "I want to touch you" without reading the PS.... Then you learn there is not erotic throught .. XD
    (I'm quite sad fod Jae-ah btw, even if i love hak and Yona)
    Can't wait for the next chapter, 1 full month is sooo long!!!
    And thanks as always~

  14. In regards to Zeno and Su-won...Zeno has been around a super long time and has watched a metric ton of kings come and go. He's probably watched Su-won for ages, being that he was so important to Yona. I can't imagine that he wouldn't have seen him before now, Water Tribe reaction or not. I think he knows that Su-won's plans are to unite the kingdom, much as Hiryuu had and Su-wo did get a taste of the dragon's power in regards to helping defeat Sei. So it could be a valid question of "are you going to try and use us?" Because that had happened in the past, that was a reason why the dragon villages stayed hidden.

    <.> I have a lot of feelings for Zeno (mainly my heart cracking in two) but him barreling straight for Yona after his cryptic talk with Su-won warmed me straight through and while the ただいま made me second guess my Japanese (fun game kids, translating Japanese on a tiny screen and no sleep) it was the most heart warming because in a sense, Zeno is seeing them truly as a home now, no matter if he might lose them in the future. (His face with the Hak hug should be my new icon, I'm still rolling over it。

    As for Yona and her ハク に おれたい そばにいってもいい (in English, this sounds so ... odd XD) I think it's more of a "oh-- I see him this way now and I want to be closer to him." It's a huge step for her, because her fear is being betrayed. She trusts Hak and the HHB, but she doesn't trust her own feelings and also-- I think this is important-- she's noticed HAK relaxing enough to reach out to others and hopes that she can be one of those. I think it's more of a "can I be one of those you can reach out to for comfort" in a long-winded sort of translation way.

    ありがとう ございます!

  15. Thank you for your translations! This chapter was awesome though, I was kinda expecting more of a reaction from Hak when Yona came at him like that. Seriously, he was taking it all in stride - not even a blush. Maybe it hasn't "hit" him yet. Ahhh the feels tho... And the dragon warriors and wind tribe /touch Hak if you want to be shredded apart looks were awesome!

  16. OMG! Can Zeno be more lovely??? the way he runs to Soo-Won, his manner of speach, the way he greets Yona is just so adorable! jajaja and Hak... and I love to see the wind tribe looking at Yona and the rage, OMG I am still processing but I needed to express at least a small portion of my feelings toward this! and of course the final part! she looks so abandoned in herself... so intense, so numb in the desire to love him! I just thought it was the most beautiful thing I've seen! hahaha It made me shout and yell (I am a man god damn it! but I wish Yona was real) hehehehe... as alwasy thank you with all my heart Laura, you are totally awesome!

  17. And finally they gave Yona some water ^^ haha I know that's not what I should be focusing on but the lack of hydration thing was bothering me how could she live all that without water
    Anyway , thanks so much for the chapter , Hak's look he was shooting to Jo-do like I dare you come ! made my heart bound , Jo-do asking Sowon didn't you cut your attachments yet shocked me , of course we all knew that somehow but saying it out loud was shocking .
    Yona's nightmare made me scared , I thought my heart would get torn apart from her frightened look
    Finally ^^ yonaXhak wow that's awesome I can't wait for his response , Kusunagi always manage to leave us breathless for the next chapter
    sorry for not connecting my thoughts and organizing them i'm still going Kya Kya
    Thanks for translating again

    1. What worries me is that yona nightmares always come true. Remember that extra story in previous issues when she had nightmare and made hak sleep with her. She dream that they were escaping the castle and then she dream hak death. Well the escaping the castle dream came true.

  18. Well.. I have a lot of feelings about this .
    I didn't like how Ju-do reacted in this chapter despite that he hates Hak but I think he should reconsider Yona's feelings more because you know that he doesn't hate her like when he said in the water tribe arc " I never wished for you to die . I prayed that you'd be alive somewhere faraway where my eyes couldn't reach you." That means he doesn't want to hurt her more than this and also feels guilty. But after all I think that was impossible for him in this situation. And I really LOVED Geun-Tae when he stopped Jo-doh, he was trying to protect Hak and Yona in his own way.
    And for my Hak and Yona ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am so excited to see what will happen in the next chapter OMG I want to cry when I remember how Yona's expression was❤️ When she asked him " is it okay to go by your side ? " I was so happy I couldn't believe it !!! Of course you can!! After all he is yours and you are for him ❤️❤️❤️!!! My girl sure grow up ❤️❤️❤️. But at the same time I don't want to raise my hope because she's kusanagi-sensei after all .
    Thank you Laura as always ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Thank you so much for your translations. I am very grateful for your excellent work.

    Yes, Joo-Doh's reaction does seem strongly uncharacteristic of him at first, but now that he has shown such bloodlust towards Hak even when Hak posed no immediate threat to Soo-Won, it has affirmed my speculation that Hak and Joo-Doh are exactly the same kind of people. Remember how Hak went savage after Soo-Won in Sensui, even though Soo-Won had helped them and had done nothing to harm Yona, yet Hak who is usually calm threw away all reason just because he believed that the sooner he killed Soo-Won, the safer Yona would be. And I wouldn't blame Joo-Doh for acting so paranoid about protecting Soo-Won and killing Hak after seeing how Hak had reacted in Sensui.

    Joo-doh's devotion to his master is similar to Hak's devotion for Yona. Hak's romantic attachment to Yona aside, the chief reason he stayed with her and is so loyal to her is because of his sense of duty toward King Il, a master he respected and had chosen to serve. Yoo-Hong was deeply loved and respected throughout his country and Kouka best warriors and generals such as Joo-Doh, Geun-Tae had fought together with him as comrades. I am sure the respect and loyalty that Joo-Doh felt towards Yoo-Hong could have even surpassed Hak's devotion for King Il, since Yoo-hong was not just a worthy master but a general and man he looked up to.

    So, it is no wonder that he played an active part in King Il's assassination, he would have hated King Il deeply for killing Yoo-Hong and the king's incompetence would have just aggravated his anger. He too must have initially seen protecting Soo-Won as his foremost duty in honor of his late general and decided upon, making Soo-Won the king and supporting him until the end, his life's goal. Just as after they had escaped from the castle, Hak had silently promised that he would protect Yona when King Il couldn't anymore, and that one day they would return to take back the castle.

  20. I also suspect Zeno hasn't revealed everything yet. I loved the interaction between Soo Won and Zeno. It just felt like this connection that was hard to interpret or explain. Haha. I don't think What I am saying is making sense. I also loved how Hak went up to Zeno and hugged him and also hugged Jae Ha the previous chapter. This chapter shows how important everyone is to each other.

    Once again, THANK YOU LAURA!

  21. I have a feeling that yona's nightmare was about hak being killed
    I didn't see the raws coz i couldn't find them but i read the summary
    Oh god i feel that hak will die eventually
    I love them both and wish a happy ending for them
    Zeno on the other hand is my favorite dragon and surely he has many thing to say in the future
    I just love this manga 💓

  22. Just a theory for su woon already..i dont know if u guys will agree with me as well..i gues thats why zeno ask su woon about having the dragon warriors himself because to have them is to get yona first DEAD know what i mean ..maybe running away from reality causes su woon to banish yona away from the castle not because he just wanted to protect her from the guys who are about to kill her just as her mother was killed ...(i believe su woon didnt kill the king ) he wAnted to protect yona and if yona dies that makes the next king hiryuu =su woon
    Again guys this is just a petty theory of mine

  23. I was wondering about what zeno said to su woon cuz my theory goes on like this...again this is a theory of mine alright so its ur choice to agree with it
    ..when zeno asked su woon about having the dragon warriors for himself...
    I guess that has to be done with yona being KILLED know what i mean ...
    Since su woon cares for yona ....he wanted yona to be alive no matter how yona thinks that su woon killed his father...
    Excuse meh i dont believe that su woon literally killed the king for himself...and i guess u dont believe that either..
    So to protect yona he forced himself to banish yona from the castle ..for her safety ...and for her not to be ended up like her woon wants to make the country better....a strong leader....joo doh once says might not the exact line but he said to su woon once...when hak was about to kill su woon...well nit literally...that before u want to die have to fullfil ur duties to be a king first..
    So i guess mu theory goes like this..
    In other to have those dragon warriros to be in su woons possesion...yona must die first to let su woon be the next hiryuu..
    Ok guys it is just a theory of mine..not to mention about yona and hak kyaaa!!!

  24. When Yona said she wanted to go and stand beside Hak, it sounded like she was asking to be equals (which as a major theme between Hak, Su-won, and Yona in past chapters, and also why he can only call her Princess.)
    I'm not sure if that's really what she wants, but I sincerely hope he's going to be permitted to call her Yona for once.

  25. I think Joo-doh's reaction wasn't shocking because the last time he and Hak fought, yes well, he saw that Hak is really going to kill Soo-won.

  26. Actually there was chapter in the manga where the priest mentioned the sword and shield appearing after the four dragons are gathered. I'm thinking hak and so-won are the sword and shield.

  27. ... What if the sword and shield aren't physical things? Maybe the sword and the shield are metaphors for experiences that will make Yona the ruler she needs to become, both protecting herself (physically or mentally) and her people. If experience is what Yona started the series lacking, maybe her experiences forge the sword and shield to protect the sovereign. Su-won's betrayal opened the punny metaphorical castle gates (I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself) to an opprotunity to experience loss, hardships, hunger, pain and anger. Traveling to find the dragons made her aware of the famine in the Fire lands, corruption among government officials and an unfortunatly healthy slave trade, while meeting the dragons taught her how to get people on her side and comradery (no idea if that's actually a word). She still needs the sword, though. How will this come about? Hak's death, Su-won's death, total war? Whatever it may be, Ik-soo's tears at veiwing her future means something very bad is going to happen to our Happy Hungry Dragon Bunch w/ Momma Yun.

  28. Thanks for your work!
    You are the best))))

  29. Hi! when the next chapter is released? :)

    1. Hello! Chapter 123 will be published in Hana to Yume's issue 12, out on the 20th of May!

  30. Thank you always for uploading these and making a new blog so we can continue reading your translations. :)


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