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Comment: Kamisama Hajimemashita 145

Oh no... I'm going to cry.
[WARNING!] Spoilers for Kamisama Hajimemashita 145 (duh!)

The cover of this issue isn't up yet, but I'll upload it once it's up on Amazon.
You can take a look at it on the Hana to Yume page here for the time being.

Quick Summary

Nanami is taken to Himemiko's changing room, where court ladies have Nanami try on a white ceremonial kimono, in which Nanami looks stunning. When Nanami questions what is going on, they explain all the gowns in here are clothes Himemiko has prepared longing for a wedding with Kotarou.
Meanwhile, Himemiko explains to Tomoe that in exchange for bearing Kota's child she is being urged to cut her ties with all humans. She wants Tomoe and Nanami to hold a wedding ceremony because this way the people of Numa might change their views on relationships between ayakashi and humans. Tomoe says he's against this - he doesn't approve of weddings between ayakashi and humans. That is not the way in which love can be fulfilled. Himemiko explains that love takes different forms for everybody, and that her love with Kota was not blessed... but she wants to bless Nanami's love, and she wants her to be happy.
Just then Nanami enters the room, and Tomoe begins to understand what Himemiko is trying to explain. He tells Nanami she looks beautiful, and then the court ladies have her change a billion times into different dresses. At the end of it all Tomoe tells her he doesn't mind them holding a wedding ceremony and asks her to marry him, to which she replies with a yes.
Back at the Mikage shrine, Mikage comfort's Mizuki and tells him that fate is something that doesn't end, and that Nanami's and his path may one day meet again. The last page shows a black feather falling on Kurama, and hints that it's an important message from someone.


Evidently this issue of the Hana to Yume is out to make me cry.

What a marvellous chapter... I'm awestruck, I don't even know where to begin. Not only did Nanami look absolutely gorgeous, but Suzuki Julietta managed to fully bring out the beauty and the emotion of the moment wonderfully. Though Kamisama is a story about many things, it is, above all, a story about romance and overcoming the difficulties that such romance brings with it. To have Himemiko point out to Tomoe that happy endings aren't a given thing, that love is not something so easily achieved, and that one must appreciate the value of it really hit deep. Himemiko and Kotarou's love will never be accepted officially, and this is a dark reality that will, most likely, not change. Yet the situation for Nanami and Tomoe is different: they have the means, and their union has been blessed. Himemiko doesn't just want them to marry for the sake of pretty dresses and frilly decorations, she wants them to bask in happiness, to enjoy every moment of their fortunate situation that has come to be after many hardships.
I was also particularly impressed by Mikage's explanation of "fate" (縁 en). A fate that has been tied cannot be easily cut. Though Nanami may walk a different path from her friends at the Mikage shrine, the ties she has with them cannot be broken. They will always be linked, and her path will eventually intersect with theirs once again.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this story ends, and I'm definitely excited for this wedding ceremony. We're all going to cry buckets of tears, and you know it (heck I was on the verge of tears by the end of this chapter, I shouldn't of played emotional music in the background whilst I read). I'm also infinitely curious about what this message Kurama has received is - I suspect it might mean he'll be going back to Mt. Kurama after this...

Well pretties... next chapter will be out on the 5th of April. Brace yourselves, because Kamisama Hajimemashita is to end in 4 chapters!!! It's a straight sprint towards the end from here on, guys... try not to cry too much.

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  1. I hate I was right about manga ending in couple of issues. :(
    Have to remember to pre-order last volume, since it looks like it is going to be so sweet and romantic (and we are getting the wedding). With your translations I won't just look in pretty pictures and searching for too few kanji/words I know. Thank you. :)

  2. Your translations just gave me the feels. Even without the scans the captions just hits kills me with feels internally. The fact that this manga ends in a couple of chapters just ruins like my whole year. I need more of Tomoe and Nanami <3 My only wish is that the author will give us monthly short chapters like Hino did with VK. Thank you always for providing translations for us viewers ^-^ I cannot appreciate you enough for this! ^-^

  3. four chapters? OH NOOOOOOO :((. anyway thank you

  4. Thank you very much Laura, your translation made me feel happy (as well as made me cry sadly knowing that KH will reach its end in only 4 chapters). As I thought, this manga will end in Vol.25 with the 4th OAD bundled. It feels as if the last 2 OADs are a farewell gift to KH 's fandoms. I wonder if they will made the 3rd season of KH anime ever again? Moreover, Suzuki sensei will create any further story of KH as 2nd season manga? Ah! my beloved manga is going to end one another. How sad.

  5. Thank you Laura. Am so happy for them even though this story is going to end soon.

  6. i feel like a parent sending of her child to marry ;_;

  7. I'm curious if Nanami will finally meet with her father or not. Thank You for all your effort KIRA KIRA :))

  8. I hope Ami and Kurama hook up


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