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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 120 — Let it Reach

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Akatsuki no Yona 120 (duh!)

The cover of this issue isn't up yet, but I'll upload it once it's up on Amazon.
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Quick Summary

Su-Won and the Kouka elites begin to fend off the soldiers that attack them.
Kija still can't sense Jae-ha or Zeno, and assumes they are, at the very least, not on the execution grounds. As the fight progresses, Kushibi grows impatient and orders his soldiers to also hang other hostages. Lili, enraged by this, knocks a soldier off the gallows and tells everyone that if they don't want to die they should fight back. A soldier pushes her down and leaves her in a daze. He places the noose around her neck, and they get ready to hang her.
Just then Jae-ha and Yona approach the scene, and Yona begs in her heart for someone to rescue Lili. Bellow, Su-Won takes Joon-Gi's bow and aims at the platform. He can just about reach the noose with it, but the problem is that once he cuts it Lili will fall down to her death. In a split second, Su-Won meets Hak's eyes, and Hak runs towards the gallows. Su-Won's arrow cuts the rope just as Kushibi orders Lili to be hanged, and miraculously Hak cushions her fall, rolling over in the dirt and successfully saving her.
Yona stares at the scene, tears in her eyes.



This chapter was a whole load of YES.

I was sweating; my blood pumping; my body shaking with sheer excitement. I cannot express how hard this chapter has hit me, and how impressed and moved I am by how marvellously Kusanagi-sensei is capable of showing such deep emotions in just a few textless pages.
This is the reason why I love this manga so much. The chapter title, 「とどけ」todoke, is a plea for something to reach. But what is it that has to "reach" exactly? It's a number of things: It's Su-Won's arrow; It's Hak's body itself, that must cushion Lili's fall; but it is also Su-Won's thoughts that must reach "someone" - his plea for "someone" to help, because he alone cannot save her. It absolutely must, or else Lili is done for... but there's not enough time. Everyone's too far away, too busy fighting others. And in that chaos, it's none other than Hak, the beloved friend he lost, that meets his eye... and catches his silent message with just one look. 
Look at everyone stare in bewilderment at the miracle that just happened. Look at Yona, lost in what just happened. How ironic for a relationship Su-Won himself broke to be the one relationship he can count on the best, and how painful and how meaningful for this to be the way in which Lili is saved. We were all waiting for Yona to step up and be the one who rescued her with her bow, but this is infinitely more powerful. One can argue it is the collision of their interests that lead to this moment of cooperation, but it is so much more than that - it accentuates how deep Su-Won and Hak's relationship went, and it only makes Su-Won's betrayal harsher. In the tensest, most nerve-raking few seconds in this entire saga, in which the life of an ally literally hangs from a string, the one whom Su-Won's mind turns to is Hak.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is heavy.

And what to say of our brilliant Lili? Lili, oh Lili... Your determination is admirable, and I am so fascinated over how much you have grown as a character. "Fight back!!" she orders the hostages in a heated moment of borderline desperation. Their lives are at stake here, yet they cower and shrink to the floor. This is what Akatsuki no Yona has been trying to defend from the very start - that though weakness is a reality that is hard to overcome, it is not a valid excuse to give up. One must stand up and fight to defend themselves and protect that which they love, be it man or woman. Yona, and now Lili too, have become beacons that defend this idea, and I just can't get enough of it.

Well my pretties, I have nothing but praise for this chapter. I'm still sweating and my heart is still beating like a drum. Next chapter will be out on the 19th of March, but I don't think I'll be able to sit calmly and wait for 121 to roll on. See you next time!

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  1. Hak saved the day. That was the most unexpected outcome EVER. How come he went THAT far to save Lili? And what's with Yona's face on the last page??
    Thank you, Laura!!!

    Yessss.. this chapter is definitely a YES! HAHAHA THANK YOUUUUUUH~~!!!

  3. OMG!!!!! I totally wanna kniw what happens after . I am now even more confused as to how su won and hak understand each other so well. Plus why is hak so calm all of a sudden. Did he understand su won's true motives. Also Su won is amazing in hitting arrows at the right aim at a far distance. Even Yona is similarly good at that. I wander how exactly are Yona and su won related????!!!Ahhh.. This manga is just awesome. I am still so excited !!!!!;)

    1. well...they ARE cousins :> their dads were brothers and all

    2. i think there is something more than the cousins relation remember when zeno saw soo won th e first time?? maybe there is something related to hiryuu!

  4. Thank you so so much!!!!!

  5. This was absolutely amazing. I agree wholeheartedly about the strength that the textless pages in Akatsuki no Yona have; it feels like literally everyone in those pages is holding their breath or something like that, it's very impressive.

    All I can think about now is: how is this going to continue?? They seem to all have arrived at the same place, including Yona. Hak is out in the open, with basically everyone's attention turned to him. WHAT WILL THEY DO NOW?? I WANT TO KNOW!!

  6. I'm glad we won't have to wait so long for the next chapter!

  7. Thank you so much for translation! I love you <3

  8. This chapter takes my breath away. Hak & Soo-won are amazing! They read each other's minds and rescued Lili. Yona, my lovely princess. She was shocked that Hak and Soo-won did a great work together. She was relieved that Lili was safe in Hak's hands. I'm so excited to see next chapter! The wait gonna kill me... Thanks for everything Laura!

  9. This was quite the intense chapter...I have no words to describe my emotions right now. I'm a bit worried though...I mean, I'm glad Hak saved Lili by cushioning her fall, but doesn't that action also put him out in the open for the others (that aren't the Wind Tribe, Soowon and now Joo-doh)?

  10. OMG those where exactly my thoughts and reactions. I find the Hak-SooWon relationship to be really deep and interesting and I am delighted that Kusanagi-sensei came up with this to rescue Lili. THAT page when their eyes meet and Hak understands what Su-Won will's amazing. And then Yona witnessing it all, seeing how deep their connection remains and how Hak is actually teaming up with Soo-Won instead of actually trying to kill him.
    I just...can't. There's such a level of pent up emotions expressed heart can't take it. Thank god we are bak to normal schedule, we just have to wait 15 days to see the interaction between Soo-Won and Hak. Will Yona go directly to them? Will she hug Hak or viceversa? What will she say to Soo-Won? I think she will probably be very grateful, but what else will she say? Aaah, seriously these three are going to be the death of me.
    As always, thank you Laura for your amazing translations!!!

    1. i want her to kick the bad guy arse for hurting her best friend

  11. I wanted Yona to show to those palace fools she is not the same pampered princess anymore, but the episode was so overwhelming that i forgot it for a momento and was like: OMG SUCH A TWIST! setting aside the differences to save a friend in peril, one look that says it all... so much yes!! cant wait to see what happens next!

  12. This chapter was definitely one big emotional rollercoaster chapter! It so clearly showed the deep bond and connection between Soo Won and Hak, which has been hinted at through the manga like when he is able to guess Soo Won's moves in earlier chapters. The difference is now it appears he's more receptive to it but I wonder how everyone will react to his presence because now he's been clearly seen by all the Generals.

  13. Is there a comment a person could make about this chapter? My heart stopped beating and still did not come back.

    Oh, my Gosh... Everything <3 I don't know what to say... It is even better than anything I could ever imagined. And it really makes my assumptions about THAT NIGHT even more clear.

    I think that everyone at the royal palace knew about the premonition; the previous King sided Il and tried to avoid the dark ages by avoiding wars... they expelled the alarmists, but, in the end, Yona's mother got killed (maybe to avoid the prophecy's KING). Nothing worked and the kingdom started to rot. King Il tried to endure his position and kept everyone away from battles. So I think Suu-Won killed the king and sent Yona to hell because that bitch wouldn't do anything besides bitching around. Of course, it was harder because Hak was there to bodyguard her (sorry, but I side Suu-Won and would never marry Yona from the past as well hahaha).

    But I do think he never stopped caring about them. He only had to be sure that the kingdom was safe - if not by her, by his power as the King, a king that makes things happen. (in this case, I really think that he doubted the Gods that she would fulfil the prophecy. I would).

    Thanks God she did it, and also he became a nice king. I really like the three of them together. And I also believe that Hak and Yona are Suu-Won sword and shield (although Suu-Won didn't believe in Gods, he was the one who made everything according to the plan. HA). Without Yona and the dragons, his accomplishments so far would be harder. Without Hak, invade the other fort and rescue Lili would be impossible.

    I hope that Yona understands all the situation about the kingdom and Suu-Won's position. And even if they won't ever be as they were before, I wish they will surpass those feelings for the sake of the kingdom - that's what being royal means.

    And I'm in love with those faces at the end of the chapter <3 <3 <3 Group hug!! :3

    Aaannndd also thanks Laura and theyseemewhalin for the scans and translations (even though I doubt the scans girl will read it here hahaha thanks~)... I would never be able to follow this manga from the other side of the world without you two. You are really fast (if it were me, I would roll with those pages for a while before thinking of scanning/translating them hahaha) Thank you very much!!!

  14. Su-Won and Hak team up YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!! I wonder if saving Lili with Yona watching it all will set up the next arc as one in which Hak and Yona attempt to understand Su-Won's motives in everything in order to be able to forgive him. Yona did think something about not being able to hate Su-Won and acknowledging that he was healing the kingdom that her father had left so vulnerable, after all (or something to that ilk). I think it's about time Hak and Yona (and the readers!!) discovered what exactly went on between Yona's father and Su-Won's, because that's obviously going to play a big part in the story somewhere down the line.

    Ahhh I love this series so much. And Lili becoming more and more bad-ass like her bff Yona is making my heart hurt with happiness.

  15. i thought hak is trying to point his spear to suwoon when he see him (on the page 24)?
    but did not do it when he see what is happened to lily and run to save her instead (page 25 and 26)? :/
    am i wrong huh? o.O

    1. To me it seemed it was more of him letting the spear go, as well as maybe some of his sense of revenge, to work together and save Lili

  16. Hi Laura,
    First, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Laura!!! I am very grateful for all u do and I absolutely love ur comments!! What u wrote about Hak and Su-Won's deep relationship made me remember that AnY chap where Yona tells Hak he seems to know/understands what Su-Won is thinking (and if I remember correctly it is the same chap we have the falcon scene and Suwon’s longing face). Hak replies he doesn't/don't want to know. And then in this chap we see he does and that they both still have this strong connection that is both a blessing and a curse. So deep they know what the other is thinking in a lighting’s speed, and yet so unwanted because the trust which was build upon was the same used to ruin the family of a dear common friend. So important and so indispensable to bring Kouka stability and prosperity (as Yona has told Hak before) and yet they could never stand on common ground/agree with the sacrifices the other thought had to be done.
    What u wrote made me realize that one of the things that pains Hak the most is that he understands Su-Won’s betrayal but will never allow himself to admit/accept it because it would mean to forgive the act, that was not initially against Hak but mostly against Yona’s father. It would be no different than to partake the dead. It must also pain him that he didn’t suspect or predicted it even though he is the one that seems to know Su-Won’s thoughts the best. Kusanagi-sensei has implied that Su-Won had not been around Hak and Yona much when they got older, but she hasn’t given us the reasons yet. Could Hak have done something for his friends? Does this question matters now that all is done? Hak anger has a justified reason to exist and I believe part of it is directed at himself.
    And what pains Su-Won is that he knew he couldn’t ask Hak to partake the dead much less Yona, reason why he tried to make it unknown to them... but then one could say the gods had other plans. Su-Won himself wishes to never be forgiven and so to never be trusted again. But still he longs for that friendship and the shattered dreams of what it could have been. That is why for Su-Won to be aid in such a moment and manner is both blissful and miserable, it thrusts in him all the weight of his betrayal. For Hak is the unyielding truth the Su-Won he knew is still there. The man who acted to save the people in those forts and Lili is the loyal, kind and strong man, leader and friend worthy of being King he would have fought for to the ends of the Earth and beyond, but has chosen a path he would never follow. For Yona, besides the relief for Lili’s being safe and complicated grateful feelings she must have for Su-Won right now, this combined Hak and Su-Won’s action is the confirmation of what she have always known in her heart, what it could have been of Hak and Su-Won if not for what she witnessed that night.
    Yona have tried to tell Hak that not forgiving even if she understands is her duty/dignity to bear. It was her father that was murdered. “It’s alright. I’m fine.” She said in the first Water Tribe arc. But Hak’s character, love and loyalty to King Il and Yona (putting aside the romantic love he has supressed) would never allow himself to also betray them, even if for the good of the nation. He would rather take the blame upon him and die alone (like he tried to do in the beginning of the series) than dispose of her or leave her to carry that burden alone. He is not only her friend and protector, he is her witness and his loyalty to her is the reminder that what Su-Won has done should not be forgiven. For how could it be okay? How could she be fine now? This is all too personal for him.

  17. Sorry, still the same person. Another thing that has been pointed many time in the last chapters is that Yona and Hak ideals are in harmony and they know what the other would want. Hak always thought King Il’s ideals to be just that, wishful thinking, but he respected it and wished for it in his heart. Yona has come to the same conclusion during the series. And many times Yona questioned if wishing for it is bad or good, is the right thing to do or not, because Su-Won actions and his results seem to indicate the opposite of what King Il said is the best way to go.
    To me Su-Won is not that opposite to King Il’s ideal, as I have not seen Su-Won drop blood for enjoyment or just because. He only wages war when necessary and with a calculated purpose so I would say this is a middle position between extremes, and that it goes not against what Hak and Yona must believe (I mean Hak was a general and is known as Thunder Beast and Yona knows that fighting can be unevitable and even have learned how to fight). I would even say it matches what King Hiryuu has done, reason why people have said they remember Su-Won and Yona and to some extent Hak when they see his drawing. Even Kija associated Yona and Su-Won.
    I believe this discussion is more than a political/philosophichal/moral ethic talk and just part of the war plot. The answer to this question entails that Hak and Yona approve or not of Su-Won and his actions and will eventually determine how Yona differs from Su-Won and King Hiryuu. Zeno is right, the miss in not the King. And what Yona chooses will change the fate of Kouka and the dragons.
    The most amazing and wonderous thing in this chapter is that the real unnarmed and weak character that doesn’t know a thing about how to fight or self-defense and that is the emboydement of King Il’s beliefs is Lili. She is the peacemaker fighter and what King Il might have been, even she shed blood to save a loved one so might have King Il. And wasn’t for Yona and company and Su-Won and company Lili would have been dead.
    I see a connection between King Il and Lili. Their difference is that when we met King Il he was older, a widower with a tragic story and a young daughter oblivious to the world, apparently he was restricted to the Palace (maybe became so at some point or has always been like that) and had few supporters. I could add he was not as handsome or striking, I mean even men in this story have stated how Su-Won is beautiful and implied how this increases his good points, even if for the fact it helps his charismatic self lol.

  18. Lili is young, beautiful, compassionate, idealistic, can be brave to the point of stupidity, is greatly influenced by people with big hearts and great power and has increasing supporters. In this chapter I could see Lili shine with the dignity of a Queen in her hungry, thirsty, disheveled, dirty, exhausted and desperate state better than I would ever if she had all the jewels of the world adorning her.
    Truth is all her speach, passion and will of living alone might not be enough to make people react, as it has made them stop but not made them choose to fight for themselves like she has done. I dare say that the people there will probably do something (IF they do) after days under Nadai and fear effect because Yona and Co. and Su-Won and Co. are there to fight (what has been proven by Lili’s rescue), but I won’t deny Lili’s situation might ignite it.
    It somewhat reminds of what King Il implied of giving the example and being a peacemaker figther. Either way this whole experience could give Yona some answers to some of her questions, but only time and Kusanagi-sensei will tell.
    I am sorry that this got so long and for the broken english O.O! But this chapter and specially ur comments gave me too many feels and I just wanted to share. Thank you for reading and you don’t need to worry about replying. I will go back to my hiding reader’s mode and will be looking forward to ur comments on AnY as always :D!! Best regards!

  19. Wow this chapter was such a heart pounding chapter. I agree about what you said Laura. Hak and Soo Won rescuing Lili was better than having Yona rescuing Lili. With that happening, this chapter had so much more depth to it. It brings in so much emotions in the characters and their relationships from the past and the present. Loved it! Thank you for your hard work!

  20. Yona is touched because Lili is rescued, because she saw the two guys worked together, and because she was reminded how good they were, and because she knew the days are definitely gone. It is a mixture of feelings, which is heavy.

    "Todoke" also has the meaning of "transmitting this message to you", I guess.
    It is a sad chapter. The two guys are not only friends, childhood friends, they are soulmates. But Hak does not understand why Soo Won betrayed him and Yona. Yona understood his betrayal ( or started to understand). Yona is also a soulmate of Soo Won, to certain extend, they are similar because Yona politically understands Soo Won. And she even thinks more than Soo Won. I think the author tries to put the three people to think more about the country and they may cooporate. This chapter tries to imply that Soo Won cannot make the country a better country by his own. Just like he needs someone to pick Lili. And before that, Yona had already experienced the aftermath of a war, no matter who won and lost, the impacted would be the normal people, who may have governed by different countries (their nationalities changed and changed).

  21. Thanks so much for this! I'd not noticed Hak and Su-woon meeting each others eyes and reaching the decision...apparently I rushed to read the ending~ I'm guessing the next chapter will be all about revelations and all of them meeting --- but it will probably be about the enemy generals...
    And thanks a lot again for the translations!

  22. During that moment when Suwoon was going to shoot the bow and the noose I thought of that time Suwoon and Hak were shooting bows at the targets in one of the beginning chapters and how Suwoon said next time he'd hit the dead center. I was hoping please let this be the "next time" lol. Can't wait for the next CH

  23. I wish i could see the pages. I want to see everyone's expressions

  24. Thank you for the share!^^

    I love this chap!^^ So intense & alot of turning points but the best part is Hak & Soo won, I love that even though these two has a strong issue (king death) they still set aside that issue & focus at the matter at hand! I love how a simple I contact said it all as Hak already know what Soo won is planing it really save Lilies life.

    I feel in the next chap the dragons will go all out & Yona will snap her badass self will appear both her kingdoms generals & the enemy will see her eyes! I always looking forward Soo won seeing Yona's deadly glare & this will also be a mark to all the dragons have return.

    Im also hoping that sword will awaken I think this the situation we need to awaken something. Like what happened to Zeno if the guys werent sick his powers wont be revealed.... speaking of Zeno I hope he appears soon his the only one missing but he might up to something our young wise old man... cant wait for the next chap!^^

  25. OMG! My heart almost stopped, this was so incredibly good! as always thank you so much for your work and well... those 3 have the most complicated relationship ever! they are so close but so broken at the same time... I think this is kind of Hak's arc, is the first time we see him so clearly and so intimately in so many aspects.

  26. All I could scream was "YESSSSS!!! YEEEESSSSSS!!!!" in those no text pages. That chapter was exhilarating, and I can't wait until the next one. Thanks for the translation :)

  27. Same reaction here !! My heart is racing , I agree to all your praise , but something hit me hard , the fact that sowon was thinking about that hairpin and that yona might as well be with the slaves is difficult to understand . And also lili's thinking that she heard her father's and Tetora's voice , she can believe that Tetora might be here but her father , that's hard to believe , I'm too was shocked by her father shouting Lili
    It was a beautiful chapter

  28. Thank you so much Laura! I really really really appreciate you translating chapters for us every time it updates! And all I can think of is how amazing this chapter was. I was screaming around the house. It's amazing! And I can't wait for the next chapter- like how do you continue on from such an emotional and impacting chapter? but Kusanagi sensei always seems to surprise so I wonder what we've got in stall for us next time! :D

  29. Oh my god. Oh my god. This is so so so so heavy and I cried in silent perplexed tears. The chapter title just tugs my heartstrings and I think this chapter was my favourite interaction out of all of these! Thank you so much for translating this Laura. I'm forever grateful. AnY is the only Manga I'm currently reading and I hope the anime continues as well. The music was sublime.


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