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A toast to the We Love Kusanagi-Sensei Project's success!

And now we need your help to finish it off!

This might come as old news to those of you who follow the welovekusanagi tumblr blog and that have kept up to date with this project from the very start, but I am pleased to tell you all that the We Love Kusanagi-sensei Project has been an absolute success! (like, since February... late announcement, sorry...)
Last November, Kimalysong and I set into motion a project to send Kusanagi Mizuho — author of NG Life, Akatsuki no Yona, Mugen Spiral and other mangas — a scrapbook with fanarts and photos from all her fans worldwide as a birthday present. Once she'd told us on twitter whatever we sent her should safely arrive if sent to the Hana to Yume address on her blog, we got down to work. 
After months of organising submissions and translating into Japanese the many messages of the 147 people from 30 different countries sent us, plus an entire week of actually making the scrapbook, we managed to send it in time for her birthday on the 3rd of February.
A few days later, having safely received it, she tweeted about it, bewildered: 
On my birthday I received a book with messages from people from 30 different countries…! I was shocked speechless and very deeply moved. It is a very big book with many pages full of translated messages, photos, drawings (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
All the pages are beautifully full of messages and collages to the brim, they’re overflowing with feelings and I just gazed at them for a very long time. It must have been an incredibly hard task for Laura-san and Kim-san to gather all of the messages. Thank you, thank you so much!
There are cool and cute drawings, cosplay photos, photos of handmade dolls… there's just so much I can’t show everything off, but thank you to everybody who made this! It’ll be my treasure! (#^.^#)
Laura: This is Laura. I'm very glad you liked our birthday present. I shall inform everyone about it!
Kusanagi: Thank you for this wonderful present. Your Japanese is very good! It’s impressive, I laughed a lot at the small comments, and I was moved by the detailed drawings and the collages. It must’ve taken a long time to put together. I will treasure it! (#^.^#)
Kim and I would like to thank everyone who took part in this amazing project, that started with just an out of the blue idea Kim had thrown in whilst chatting on an AkaYona skype chat group. We are beyond grateful to everyone that took the time to participate and send something in, and apologise for the limited amount of time we gave to send in submissions, as we know many people didn't manage to send their works in time.

But the project isn't over!!

Yes, we still need your help for one last detail.
As you may have noticed from the photos, the scrapbook was entirely handmade (I enslaved two of my flatmates and spent a week sticking and cutting enough papers to give me nightmaters). We made sure all the fanarts and photos were printed on good quality paper, and sent the scrapbook through express mail to make sure it reached sensei in time.
Of course, all of this cost money. Everything included, we ended up spending 180€ on this project, and we need your help to pinch in and help out with this amount through donations. We'd like to underline that this is completely voluntary and that we are aware that many of the participants were underaged and not in disposition of the means to make a donation, but we'd really like to encourage you all to help out.

There are two options available: 
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer (available only for those living in Spain)

To donate, we ask you to send an email to Kira Kira Treasure Box's email, which we have been using to sort out this project:
Make the subject of the email "WLKSP Donation", and in the body inform us whether you'd like to donate through PayPal or through Bank Transfer. Note however that because international bank transfers will have extra fees included this option is only available for those who live in Spain (sorry guys, I'm afraid I only have Spanish bank accounts). We will send a reply with the details you need to carry out your donation!

You may have also noticed we haven't posted photos of all the pages of the artbook. This is because anybody who donates will not only receive HD photos of all the pages of the actual scrapbook, but also an electronic version of it that is currently in the making. Note however that the electronic version will not be identical to the physical version we sent Kusanagi-sensei, and because we have decided to respect the privacy of all the participants, we will be deleting any personal information that they'd rather not share on the electronic version. We will also be slightly editing the photos of the physical scrapbook (mainly just censuring odd messages or blurring out names) so that they match these decisions: above all we want to respect the privacy of our participants. 
If miraculously the total amount donated goes above the 180€ the project cost, we will be donating all the spare money to the Red Cross! 
There's no deadline for these donations, but we estimate the electronic version will be ready by the end of April. We don't have it down to a science, though, so we can't really set any actual dates.

That's it pretties!! Please help us out and donate, and feel welcome to do so even if you didn't send in any submissions!!

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