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Comment: Kamisama Hajimemashita 144

This chapter is all I have ever wanted from KamiHaji.
(*gets her tissues out and prepares for the sobbing that is to come*)

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Kamisama Hajimemashita 144 (duh!)

Quick Summary

Ten months have gone by since the mess in Yomi was cleaned up, and Nanami has safely passed her entrance exam into a junior college! Now, three weeks away from graduation, she, Ami and Kei look back on their high school days, and Nanami is glad she made friends with them.
On her way back home she comes across Tomoe, who brings Koutarou with him. Now looking more mature, Koutarou is here to ask about Himemiko. it looks he hasn't been able to contact her for over a month, and wants Nanami to check up on her. When the arrive in Numa, Aotake takes takes them through the back door to meet Himemiko, where they discover she is with child! Himemiko is over the moon, regretting that, seeing as the people of Numa have confined her for fear that something will happen to the child, Nanami will beat her to getting married first. Tomoe says there's no need for a wedding ceremony, but Himemiko can tell Nanami actually wants one despite her reserved reply. She gets Aotake to whisk her away to her court ladies,. announcing they're going to put on a little show!


This chapter guys.
This chapter.
I already expressed my displeasure with chapter 143, after which I began to fear that Kamisama Hajimemashita wasn't going to offer up any more surprises, wasn't going to address the unfinished plot lines, that it was going to walk out on us with a sigh rather than a bang.
Wow, what a way to miss the mark Laura. You're concern was obviously unnecessary. Where do I begin expressing how much I loved chapter 144? It touched home in more ways than one. Not only will it resound within all of you younger pretties on your way to graduation, but it has us older ones reminiscing our high school days and the weeks before our graduation. High school can be an unpleasant experience at times, but after moving away from home and setting myself on a different path from all of my other classmates, I have come to think of my memories in school as fond ones. I sometimes find Japan's constant celebration of youth in anime irritating, but I can't deny it really touched me this time around.
To top it off last summer a friend of mine told me she was pregnant just before I left Japan, and she gave birth to a very health boy two months ago. though I can't relate to Himemiko's feelings, Nanami's happiness and excitement is something I now know all too well. What a way to leave us in shock... I can't believe Suzuki Julietta decided to go the extra mile and include such mature elements just as her story approaches its conclusion. Kamisama Hajimemashita has always been a manga that, despite it's fantastical elements, has taken itself and the hardships that come in life very seriously, all the while stressing the beauty of human emotions and the reward that these bring. With the curtain about to fall on this stage, what better way than to approach the finale than by going back to the very beginning and remind us of Nanami's great achievements?
I get teary-eyed just thinking we'll soon be bidding goody to this fantastic manga. As one or two pointed out in the last chapter, it doesn't seem like we'll be getting a final arc per say, so I suspect the end is closer than I originally thought it would be. But after this chapter... honestly, I don't even mind. If this is what awaits us in the road towards the final The End screen, then I'll gladly stick around and wait for my turn to clap the credits out. I'm finally feeling that everything's coming to a closure, and I can't help but get emotional about it. Will they hold the wedding ceremony on the day of their graduation? Will Ookuninushi transform Tomoe into a human right after it, a la fairy godmother coming to rescue Cinderella? I'm so excited to see how this ends!! I can't wait for 145!!!

Next chapter will be out on the 5th of March, my pretties! I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did, because I even read through it twice before translating it with how excited I was. Kotarou even went from cute little shouta to manliest of men!! See you around for the next one!

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  1. I'm really nervous. I've become so attached to these characters, it'd be really hard if this manga ends with something bad happening to any of them. This chapter begins with the Yomi Goddess thinking about Nanami, and the titles for the 3rd and 4th planned OVA episodes are "The God gets married" in April, and "I'll meet up with the God" in August! Aarrgh, why does someone need to meet up with the God? This makes it sound like there's a big goodbye and some character is consoling him/herself that they'll meet up in that golden lake under Yomi or something. That would be unbearable!

    Tomoe thinks that becoming human will allow him to be with Nanami forever, but humans can be fickle, what if he and or Namami fall out of love with each other? What if one is hit by a car and killed? Get cancer and die young? Also, Tomoe doesn't seem to realize yet how important Mikage,the two shrine spirits, Kurama and even Mizuki have become for him. After he becomes human and they leave the shrine, it'd be like they have to give up their family AND all their friends except for Kei and Ami (and maybe Kurama). That's A LOT of pressure on a young human couple, to only have each other.

    It'd be much better if either Nanami can be made immortal. What about the Dragon King's eye? Can she live as long as Tomoe if she swallow it again and doesn't have a child?

    Thank you so much for your translation.


    1. Your opinion are identical with mine! Human's life is not as good as Tomoe thought, He is very innocent about the human world. He could learn how humans live their life and the the way they think by living among them like Kurama do. There is no need for him to actually turn himself into human. I would rather something happen to change the situation and Nanami end up become immortal instead of Tomoe turn into human.

  2. OMG!!! OMG!! i can´t belive that i just read one of the sweetest, lovely and mature chapter of KH, really i just love this chapter! thanks Laura for your hard work, really thank you! i´m so sad that KH will be over soon. I don´t know if i want Tomoe to be human anymore hahaha it would be awesome if Nanami and Tomoe have a baby half human and half fox (okay it sounds weird like that haha) but better wait to see what Suzuki Julietta is preparing for us!! So thanks again Laura! see you next issue love u :D

  3. This chapter really skipped the school life time of Nanami and the others so much! How about their 3rd year high school? More important than that, After one year has passed, how come Nanami remain the same as before? Her appearance is not change even a little! She should grow up a bit just like the normal girl at this age should be, right? And I am very surprised that Kotarou made Himemiko pregnant just for one year later!! My Tomoe is fall behind the kid like that even though he and Nanami has been confessed to each other before Himemiko and Kotarou did over 500 years.
    Laura, Thank you very much for translating this chapter, I looking forward to your next translations.

  4. will read with calm after my brain stops overheating due to studying all day <3 looking foward to it

  5. Thank you Laura so much for your translation. I really love the way you translate every single word of the chapter carefully and the explaination of some japanese phrase that may get us confuse. You are really amazing and I admire you so much that I think no word can express my feellings. I hope that one day I can be an amazing person like you! Because my tumblr account is curently blocked so I start to use my Google account to thank you on every chapter you post. Thanks Laura!!

  6. Muito bom, obrigada pela tradução, e eu estou de acordo com as outras pessoas quem deveria mudar é a Nanami, ela não tem mais familia no mundo humano, a verdadeira familia dela esta no templo Mikage, espero que ela tome a agua da mudança e vire imortal

  7. Oh my god. I even re-read your summary twice. Man, Koutarou despite having herbivore looks, he actually a carnivore ;). Can't wait for the raw and the next chap.

  8. No offense but those who want to Nanami becomes a goddess, They have very infantile wishes.
    Nanami is representing the maturity that all humans must pass, and wishing to become a goddess is something too fanciful without much depth of real life.

    1. THIS. Thank you. I have been saying this for a while.

  9. Thank you Laura. I love Nanami and Tomoe and seeing this manga is going to end, make me sad. I hope they both will have a happy ending and have a child. Tomoe looks so adorable when he transformed into a young boy previously. I wonder how their kids will look like.


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