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Comment: Kamisama Hajimemashita 143

[WARNING!] Spoilers for Kamisama Hajimemashita 143 (duh!)

Quick summary

Nanami has come to the realisation that she can't let herself indulge in the dream life she lives with Tomoe. Thinking about the hardships that await her and Tomoe, Nanami is desperate to earn as much money as possible. In the next three consecutive holidays she has planed on taking on as many part-time jobs as possible to earn as much money as she can, but she comes down with a fever and has to stay in bed.
Meanwhile, Tomoe goes to work in her place and manages to do an excellent job. Nanami thanks him for his hard work, and Tomoe tells her she should keep indulging in him and let herself dream. The chapter ends with Tomoe pulling out a gold statue: it's 500 years worth of pay for his work as a familiar at the Mikage shrine.


Nanami right now.

I must say I'm not really sure what to think of this chapter. To be honest I was rather disappointed by it... I was hoping we'd start a proper arc in 143 after Mizuki's emotional chapter in the last issue, but in a sense this sort of felt like a filler. It follows KamiHaji's usual stand-alone episode formula: Nanami tries hard to achieve something without relying on anybody, she pushes herself too hard, and in comes Tomoe to sweep her off her feet and save the day. There has been progress in the story, and like Nanami points out, it is true it will take Tomoe time to get used to the human world, but I got the feeling that after taking one step forwards in the last arc we took two steps back with this chapter. You'd think we'd be over the "prince charming rescues princess" phase of the story by now, especially with how much the previous arc stressed they'd be walking this path together.
Despite this, I really liked the way Nanami pointed out she couldn't let herself daydream too much. She has to get back to reality, as the series has been stressing in the past few chapters. This dream she's living won't last forever, and she has to get a grip before the problems start hitting her like punches. I quite liked that Suzuki Julietta didn't, however, forget that Kamisama Hajimemashita is still a manga about adolescence and the fun that goes with it, and decided to add a comic twist to the end: Tomoe tricks Mikage into writing a pledge to reward his work at the shrine these past 500 years, and he does so with a golden maneki-neko of all things. It looks like Nanami won't have to worry about money for a while! And who knows, maybe with this she'll be able to go to university.

That's all pretties, next chapter out on the 20th of February. Hope you all like the new bolg, and make sure to read the About Kira Kira and F.A.Q.s pages before commenting or asking any questions!

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  1. I'm not sure will we get the proper arc in the end or there will be just at least 6 more episodes of tying the lose ends.
    Tomoe might lose his powers when he become human, but I don't think he will lose his cunning. And in this issue he did reminded me of fable foxes. Poor Mikage had to pay 500x365x500 yen, because he have forgotten how sly his familiar is. :D
    Anyway with that money they both can attend university and later get better jobs.
    (By the way Tomoe is using Mikage as his last name in school).

    1. lets hope next year is when the manga ends!

    2. Yeah, I had assumed when I saw "Mikage" as 御影 that Tomoe was using it as his surname, but I read that part of the manga such a long time ago I honestly don't remember a thing about it...

      And I just pulled out my calculator and did the maths, that's JPY 89,000,000 :'D so roughly EUR 682,600 lololololol

  2. after all the tragedy and hardcore problems, comic relief is good in itself ;)

  3. Hello Laura..Thank you for translating. By the way, I am curious about the guy and the girl in this blog background. What are their names and from which manga/anime are they? ^^ Please tell me:D

    1. Hello. Please refer to my FAQs for the answer to that question :)

  4. Omg I love Tomoe. I was staring at this chapter thinking "who is that, and what did he do with Tomoe" until I realized he was tricking Mikage out of approximately 5 million dollars. I swear, even if this was just a filler chapter, I was EXTREMELY satisfied with just that! I was laughing my head off when he gave that statue to Nanami, like "here 5 million dollars mean nothing to me go ahead and take it". He is by far, my favorite manga character period.

  5. For some reason I really don't want Tomoe becoming human :3 I don't know why I just feel that that's a HUGE change.Also have you uploaded chapter 140 because I can't find it anywhere (and I still can't get over chapter 135).Thank you for translating ^-^.

  6. Hi Laura. I am so thankful for being able to read your review again. Gosh..thank you so much and appreciate what you've done until now. Thank you..thank you..thank you!!!


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