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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona Extra Chapter — From good morning to goodnight

Pure shits and giggles.
[WARNING!] Spoilers for the extra chapter of Akatsuki no Yona "From Good morning to Goodnight" (duh!)

「おはようからおやすみまで」 — "From good morning to good night"

Quick summary

Hak wins a load of liquor in an arm wrestling contest, and the group decides to have a showdown to see who blacks out first, and the winner can order the losers to do whatever.
Everyone blacks out except Jae-ha, but Yun walks in the next morning having accomplished a mountain of chores, and they unanimously decide he's the winner.


I had the biggest laugh in this chapter when Shin-ah goes back to looking the way he did in the Lushing Forest mini-arc and out-right tells Jae-ha he can see his heart. And Ao on is shoulder, like a vengeful spirit holding back the desire to murder you.
Please. This entire chapter was for pure shits and giggles. Though if I dare say, I thought Kija acted slightly out of character here. He's always very careful with what he does with his hand, and all of a sudden he's wanting to have a physical fight with Jae-ha to see who breaks down first. I understand that it's for the comedy, but it didn't fit his character much.
On the other hand I loved that one panel where Jae-ha looks down at the other dragons and says that he actually doesn't need anything else. It's simple, yet effective. He's casually stating he currently has everything he could wish for whilst with his dragon brothers here. Oh Jae-ha, you've come a long way. This moment really does pair up nicely with his words in 118 where he suggests that he believes one day Yona won't need him any more, and the party will go their separate ways. Jae-ha can be very tsundere about his emotions, but my guess is that he's grown so attached to the group that he's subconsciously considering how his life will be if they split up and dreading the possibility.

Anyway pretties, I really enjoyed these 14 pages of sillyness. See you when the next chapter comes out! 

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  1. Thanks for reposting this, Laura!
    With all the stress and suspense going on in the story it's nice that Kusanagi Mizuho made a funny extra chapter. I must confess that the extras can be scary because *maybe* they give clues about the future. For example, like you pointed out in this chapter, Jae Ha believes that there will come a day when Yona won't need the 4 dragons anymore and they will all go their separate ways. It's sad, but it makes perfect sense. That aside, I remember one extra chapter in which Yona dreams that Hak was killed. I wonder, was that just a dream or was it a prediction? Ik Soo and Zeno also talked about Hak's death (chapters 13 and 62) and it makes me uncomfortable.

    Laura, I don't know if you have time, but since you make good character analysis, would you consider writing about Hak? He's most people's favorite character (I think). Personally, although he is my favorite character, I think that his life purpose revolves too much around Yona. He is madly in love with her and he is her bodyguard, ready to protect her and die for her anytime and anywhere. However, since the beginning of the manga, he seemed kind of directionless. Even if he is the strongest and most talented warrior of Kouka, he never had any big goals or ambition. I think he hasn't had enough character growth. It worries me that Hak's purpose is not as important the other characters'. I really wished Kusanagi made of Hak something more that a tragic hero.

  2. To me it didn't seem out of character for Kija only because he is the type to want to prove he is the strongest, which is seen early on in the series. For him it's a matter of pride, especially given his upbringing in the Dragon village. It's kind of like his wanting to join the drinking contest, for him it's a way of bonding with his Dragon brothers, which includes the unofficial Dark Dragon. Kija is very interesting in this respect, he loves this group and would fight to the death with them but he can't stand being challenged, he has that drive/need to prove himself.

  3. I didn't think that Kija was out of character either because the topic was about comparing the strengths of the Four Dragons. Kija always holds the Four Dragons in high regard so the idea of him getting exciting comparing his strength to Jae-ha, who is another fellow Dragon, was honestly not surprising to me.

  4. hello to you laura :)

    i was visiting your blog but i learned that it was taken down,but then fortunately i tried to search on google if u have made another account and here i am. hihi :)

    anyways thank you very very much for the hard working that u have been doing for translating these manga's. we really appreciate it and hope that u will not get tired of doing the translations. FIGHTING LAURA!!

    and oh i was just curious, cause i wanted to read the extra story of akatsuki no yona from good morning to goodnight but i cant seem to find a translated version of it. where can i be able to read that chapter? thank you.


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