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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 118 — To Where You Are

HAHAHAHAHAHA Zeno my boy :'D
[WARNING!] Spoilers for chapter 118 of Akatsuki no Yona (duh!)

Quick Summary

Mun-Dok chases Hak around throwing bombs at him once he hears what happened to Yona. Hak explains he's not alone, and that there are other with him. They all head to Kushibi's fort, and Hak reunites with Yun&co. Kija informs him, reluctant, that Su-Won is here. Hak tells him he's aware, but right now they have more important things to take care of.
In the forest, Yona is tracked down by some soldiers. They're about to drag her away when Zeno falls from the sky, hurting is body horribly and triggering his powers. Jae-ha carries Yona away, who breaks into tears lamenting her inability to protect Lili. They head towards the fort to save her.


Woooowwww Kusanagi, you sure don't hold back with Zeno's wounds do you? What's all this gratuitous gore? I mean, don't misunderstand me, I love how raw and crude this is portrayed, it conveys a true sense of urgency and intensity (plus I'm a bit of a gore fan), but if we get too much of this over and over we'll eventually become indifferent to it.
Moving on to other matters: Hak's awkward moment trying to explain what the Dragon Circus + Momma Yun are to him was extremely adorable. Mun-Dok's last comment ("that's a relief") is especially endearing... One can guess from it that Mun-Dok was worried about how Hak would interacting with others after Su-Won's betrayal, and doubted whether he'd be able to manage to trust anyone ever again. I'm becoming fonder and fonder of Grandpa Mun-Dok with every chapter.
Lastly, I have something to confess... though Hak and Yona are canon and I love them, I'm a closet Jae-ha x Yona shipper (but mind you, I enjoy the thought of it being one-sided. The angst breathes life into me). The ending of this chapter had me squealing hard, and Jae-ha's answer was incredibly powerful: "I'll be your legs. Until the day you no longer need me, always." The fact that he needed to underline that he will one day might not be needed has be thinking he believes the day will come when Yona will walk away from them, perhaps once her mission is complete, which is making me feel dead and empty inside...

Anyway pretties, I'm in a hurry to finish the We Love Kusanagi-Sensei Project, so I'll leave my thoughts here. The next chapter will be out on the 5th of February! See you all then!!
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