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Autumn 2015 Anime first Impressions

It's Autumn! It's getting cold! Back to work, holidays are over! Yaaaaaaaay! To be honest with you, the only thing I actually like about Autumn is colour-changing leaves, but being back in Spain where we just sort of seem to skip from summer to winter that pleasure has been taken away from me (oh Japan, how I miss your momiji). Well, I guess the anime season is still around to cheer me up(?), especially after I never got the chance to follow the summer season with all this moving from country to country deal going on...
Anyway, I intended to post this two weeks ago, but I've been too busy lately... So six weeks into Autumn, with most animes halfway through, It's time to write up some first impressions on the shows I've decided to follow this time around!

New projects

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Tittle: 落第騎士の英雄譚
Studio: Silver Link
Allotted episodes: 12
Episodes watched so far: 4

Get ready for accidental walk-ins on girls in their underwear, accidental boob gropes, and accidental naked scenes! Accidental, accidental, accidental! Like this anime's success! Welcome to yet another fantasy fanservice anime, like all others you've watched before.
In a parallel world, individuals with magical powers known as blazers have the ability to manifest their souls as weapons (devices) and utilize magic known as noble arts, and those who've mastered both become a Mage-Knight. Seven academies, who participate in a battle tournament, exist to train them for this. Kurogane Ikki, who, with zero magical ability, is ranked the lowest in his academy. He meets the princess Stella Vermillion, ranked between the best, who challenges him to a duel and discovers, much to her surprise, that though he may not be able to use magic, Ikki is actually hella strong...
I think I left pretty clear in this post a few weeks ago the general impression I had of this anime and it's twin sibling, The Asterisk War, but I still held some hope inside me that it could maybe, perhaps, be worth my time. And well, maybe it's not so bad. Maybe Chivalry of a Sexy Hunk Failed Knight still has something to offer, but with how little time I have to watch anime in general at the moment, I just can't be following a series that motivates me as little as broccoli does. Though I do understand that it can be the chill series of the season for some, the one with which you can have some giggles and not think too much about, so I'll praise it for it's action visuals and for actually getting the romance going (my God, when was the last time a light novel adaptation did that? Good job Sexy Hunk!), but overall it's a general disappointment. I'll either be dropping it, or forgetting about it only to maybe, perhaps, possibly finish it off sometime in the far future. 

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation-

Tittle: 櫻子さんの足下には死体が埋まっている
Studio: Tryoca
Allotted episodes: 12
Episodes watched so far: 5

Who wouldn't watch a show with the word CORPSE in it's title? Though officially released as "Beautiful Bones" in English (a tittle that's actually quite catchy too), the original Japanese translates as "A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet." Now I'm not one for gore, horror or scary shit when it comes to live action films, but funily enough creepy animes are right up my alley...
Shoutarou is your average high-school student, except he's slightly more accustomed to death than others. The reason being he recently became acquainted with Sakurako, an osteologist from the prominent Kujo family, who's obsessed with bones and anything dead. Now if only that were the only twist to it... The thing is everywhere Sakurako goes she always seems to get involved with corpses and homicide cases!
I actually had no idea what I was walking into when I began watching this anime, but I can honestly say I've been pleasantly entertained. Unlike other detective anime's I've seen thus far (the obvious one I always think about is Detective Conan, but I'm talking more about stuff like Gosick), Beautiful Bones actually takes death and homicide rather seriously and isn't afraid of showing how gruesome and shocking a decomposing dead body can be. It reminded me of the anime Shiki from a few years ago and it's first few episodes, and the truth is it has impact. This, paired up with the spotless animation, that switches from vibrant colours to gloomy funeral shots, has me loving everything this anime has to offer. Character wise, Sakurako is sort of a detective a la Sherlock Holmes often capable of figuring out a crime scene just with one look, and it's interesting to see how dysfunctionally obsessed with death she is. She literally adores it, so much so that analysing a corpse and its bones isn't something she does out of righteousness or an innate sense of justice, but because she has a morbid fascination over how bodies decompose. Unfortunately the protagonist and sidekick of the series, Shoutarou, isn't as interesting, but seeing as we still have half a series to go, I'll forgive him for the time being.
I'm also looking forward to how they'll take on their relationship, seeing as it clearly can't head in a romantic direction, which is a pleasant break from all these rom-coms the anime industry seems to be obsessed with. Heck, the very fact that Sakurako isn't a high-schooler is already a big enough breakthrough! I'll definitely be watching Beautiful Bones until the very end, and I have high expectations of it.

One-Punch Man

Tittle: ワンパンマン
Studio: Madhouse
Allotted episodes: 12
Episodes watched so far: 6

"Local Man Saves Anime!" declare all internet posts about Saitama (AKA One-Punch Man), the baffling protagonist of the series. Saitama used to be your average man, until he one day regains his motivation to fulfil his childhood dream: become a superhero. And he actually does it... sure, he loses his hair from all the stress, but he's now become so strong he can defeat any bad guy with a single punch! But...what do you do once you've become the strongest man on Earth?
One-Punch Man is the new anime sensation obliterating all in its way, and I must admit there's plenty of reasons why. Not only has Madhouse poured in all it's budget and produced a visually stunning action anime, but the story is shit-buckets hilarious and clever, because it parodies every superhero anime in the history of ever. Remember those ridiculous bad guy disguises, always looking so evidently evil, so classical in magicalgirl or mecha animes? Those mad scientists, those aliens seeking to take over Earth, those creatures born from humanity's negative emotions... they're all here, and they look ridiculous as ever when faced against Saitama, who's so strong he stands unfazed before all of them. Of course, I can't help but wonder if the story of a superhero capable of defeating everyone with a single punch will manage to entertain me until the very end, but then again No Game no Life had a similar idea, and One-Punch Man has a hell of a bunch of other heroes to compensate for Saitama's lack of emotion, and plenty of comedy to keep things going!!
I could go on rambling about how much I'm enjoying One-Punch Man, and how much it pains me that it'll only be having 12 epsiodes, but we'll have to leave it at this for a first impressions comment. I can safely say this is probably the most exciting show I've picked up, and I'll be following it religiously until the end.


[ For the record, I'm also watching Owarimonogatari and Haikyuu!! Second season, but because my expectations of Owarimonogatari are predetermined by how awesome the Monogatari series is in general, and I know what's going to happen in Haikyuu!! because I've read the manga, I'll refrain from boring you with my pointless first impressions of those two. ]

Noragami ARAGOTO

(I keep reading "Aragoto" as "Arigato"...) 
Tittle: ノラガミ ARAGOTO
Studio: BONES
Allotted episodes: 13
Episodes watched so far: 5

Yato, the shrine-less god; Yukine, his regalia; and Hiyori, a human who's soul has the tendency of slipping out of her body, are back for the long awaited second season of Noragami, and it's stepping hard from episode one! I was left quite stumped after marathoning through it's first season, and was pleasantly surprised to hear it would be getting a second season. Now I've managed to keep myself off the manga, but Noragami has been getting better and better with every episode, and I can see myself following it after Aragoto ends (heck after episode 4 I was this close to just devouring it).
In this second cour Noragami finally decides to explain the source of Yato's and Bishamon's enemity, and dives deeper into Yato's situation as a God nobody knows of. It's been hitting heavy on these particular feels and stressing the pains of solitude, not just through Yato, but through the rest of the chast, and I can honestly say I'm so far enjoying it twice as much as S1. The visuals are fantastic, and the soundtrack is still as impressive (props to the opening Kyouran Hey Kids!! by THE ORAL CIGARETTES, that I'm absolutely obsessed with!!). If you watched Noragami, then there's no reason for you not to follow Aragato. And if you haven't checked out the series at all in general, if you're into a good action comedy with a genuinely interesting fantasy story with Japanese shinto elements, Noragami is your cup of tea.

Well then pretties, that's it on this season's anime. I hope that gave you an idea of what to avoid or what to check out, if you haven't already! Below are some series ai'll most likely be marathoning through or checking out once they've finished airing, but if you have any recommendations of your own, do please mention them, as I'd be glad to take them into consideration!!

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen [ those who read my review for S1 know I was less than impressed with this series, so I'm not in a hurry to watch it ]
Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

Depending on the reviws:
Dance with Devils

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