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Happy Laura is very frikin' happy~

Morning my pretties! (or morning it is for me at least...) I have cool news...

I posted this picture of myself a few days ago on tumblr, and decided to share it and the story behind it on Kira Kira too for those who have yet to discover the pleasures in the madness that runs lose on that site. The XXI Salón del Manga de Barcelona (XXI Barcelona Manga Con) is coming up, and the editorial that licences Sakisaka Io's mangas (Strobe Edge, Ao Haru Ride) in Spain is bringing her over as a guest for the con. Thus they have organized a sort of contest to get her autograph where you had to send them a photo of yourself with the Sakisaka mangas you owned, and the most creative ones would be the ones selected (as you've probably guessed, the above is the photo I submitted). Well, turns out I just got a confirmation email this morning telling me I'm one of the lucky winners! (banzaaaaaaai!) 
I wasn't actually sure how strict the "contest" would be, but I think most everyone who sent a photo of them with their collection would be getting her autograph, and if there were too many of us they would select those with the bigger collections and the cooler photos... Anyway, whatever the rules were, the bottom line is I'm getting to meet Sakisakai Io in person and getting her autograph!!!!! (banzai again!!!) 
You can check out the translation of what I wrote in Japanese on the image on the original tumblr post I made about it. 

Also, to all Spaniards that follow my blog: I'll be attending the con on Saturday the 31dt of October and Sunday the 1st of November! I know there's quite a few Spanish-speaking followers around here, though they're mostly from Latin America, so I'm not actually sure if there's actually any Spaniards around... but hey, if anybody feels like meeting up and nerding out over anything, feel free to contact me through tumblr or Kira Kira's email,!

'Tis all, my lovelies. See you soon!

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