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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 113 — Fight!

It's time to put your war paint on...
[WARNING!] Spoilers for chapter 113 of Akatsuki no Yona (duh!)

About the title

Those of you who follow me on tumblr will know that I've been debating on what to translate the title as because of it's particular use of kanji (you can read the two posts about it here and here). "Fight!" is the final translation I went for, though I do wish there was a word between "fight" and "persevere" that could fully bring out its meaning... 



Some had already guessed Su-Won would get involved in this matter, and I guess I should've seen it coming after his appearance in 109, but I thought he'd only barely scrape in at the end of it all, when shit hit the fan. Am I happy to see him? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Hell yes I am. Do I want another Yona/Hak/Su-Won encounter? Not too sure about that yet... I want some more development to happen before they meet again, but I guess seeing as Yona has admitted she's fallen for Hak and confessed to Lili she doesn't want to seek revenge, perhaps this is actually the perfect moment for her to face Su-Won. Who knows? Maybe she'll watch him take care of this matter in a way she disapproves, and we'll openly see her disagree with him not because he is her father's murderer, but because his ways and hers clash. That, ladies (and gents?), would be very interesting.
Surprise appearances aside, Yona and Lili's inner monologues were like cement walls hitting you in the face. The were powerful and full of meaning. They become even more so as you note they're both not just fighting for their own benefit, but for each other — they're fighting to survive.
And woooaaaaah that escalated quickly!! The dragon circus is going to have to hurry up, because our two girls are in big trouble... I can safely say I am especially excited for the next chapter!! I wonder what Su-Won has up his sleeve... hmmm...

Anyway pretties, next chapter will be out the 5th of November! Look forward to it!!!

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Posted on: 20/10/2015

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