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Comment: Akatsuki no Yona 111 — The Town Where People Disappear

Dragon dorks. Dragon dorks everywhere.
[WARNING!] Spoilers for chapter 111 of Akatsuki no Yona (duh!)


There's one big mess cooking on the stove over here, and it's Yona who first notices something's wrong! Though a bit too late... looks like our girls are about to get kidnapped. Pretty sure I saw some people call this one out on tumblr a few days before the chapter got released. I was actually hopping our dorky dragons would be the ones targeted, but as always it's the girls who get caught first. However it's Yona and Lili we're talking about: I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing some butt kicking soon! And I'm excited to see how the dragon brothers will act now that Yona's not around... will they lose their heads (probably) or keep their cool (eventually)?
Oh and did you see that? Look at it! Beautiful! It's a Yonak festival all for us with a tsundere Yona and clueless Hak! Oh, the fun we're bound to have seeing these two from now on, though I'm pretty sure it'll also be quite frustrating. My personal favourite was the moment where Yona looked at Hak and nodded, conveying her desire for him to go help out; I felt she was so in control of everything, it was thrilling.

Anyway peeps, I don't have much to say about this chapter (or should I scream and scream about the dragon dorks being dorks?), I'm saving up for when shit hits the fan. Next chapter will be out on the 18th of September! See you pretties then!

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Posted on: 20/08/2015

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