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Summary: Taisho x Alice prologue

I ended up buying episode I of this all ages otome game trilogy the other day on a visit to Ikebukuro and decided to take a break from the R18 otoge I started a week ago (looks like too much naughty naughty gets tiring after a while...). So here goes a write-up of the prologue of the game, pretties! I'd call it a summary, but it's pretty detailed... anyway, hope you enjoy it. I'm quite liking it so far!!

The narration refers constantly to you as just "you", so I'll stick with the style.

You’re walking in the darkness. You’ve been doing so for a very long time. You don’t know where you are or where you came from, not even how you got here. You don’t even know who you are or what your name is, or whether you where here with someone or were alone to begin with. Suddenly the darkness around you begins to swallow you in, and you run away desperately. Running and running, you finally find someone at last. A boy with fair blonde hair and blue eyes.
You jump on him, terribly glad to find someone. But he’s not as happy to see you as you are… in fact, he finds you quite annoying and asks you to get off him. You ask for his name, but he tells you you should start by stating yours. But you don’t remember who you are… and he concludes you must have amnesia. You try to explain your feelings right now, but he insists he doesn’t care about you, nor does he feel any sympathy. You insist on talking to him: you want to know him better, so you ask for his name again. He won’t tell you, so you ask him to name you… after him. He refuses to do so. Why would he have to name you after him? It’s not like you’re family!
But you insist on at least knowing his name, and at last he answers: It’s probably Alice.
“Probably”? When you question this he explains, irritated, that he doesn’t know how he got here, or where this is either. But unlike you, there’s one thing he remembers… the name “Alice”. But he’s not sure whether that name is his. Plus “Alice” is a girl’s name! And you see, he wouldn’t have needed a name in the first place if he hadn’t met you! Anyway, he decides to name you Alice too. It’s possible you knew each other before you got stuck in here.
So you ask Alice if there’s a way out, and he says there isn’t. His sixth sense tells him so. He asks you why you want to get out of here so badly, and you reply that you don’t really know why. The darkness attacked you, so you feel that you must escape. Alice says you’re really weird… the way you put it makes it sound as if the darkness had a consciousness of its own!
Suddenly, you realize you can see Alice perfectly despite being in the darkness, and he calls you an idiot for only just realizing. You wonder if Alice can see you too… maybe you’re just a ghost? Alice calls you an idiot yet again and tells you you can check for yourself by looking down. You do, and you see your own arms and legs. Indeed, you really are there!
Alice goes back to asking you why you want to leave this place, and you tell him it must be because, just as his intuition tells him there’s no way out, your intuition is telling you to get out before the darkness swallows you. This doesn’t make any sense to Alice. He’s been here for a long time, and nothing’s happened to him. You tell him you still don’t quite understand, but you get the feeling that if you get swallowed by the darkness your existence itself will disappear.
Alice decides to change his question: "Do you know why you’re amnesic?" You reply with a no, and he asks another question: "Do you want your memories back?" You say you do, but Alice tells you that this would probably mean to stop being “you”. After all, people become who they are depending on the environment they grow up in. The “you” right now is the “you” that’s lost all her memories. If you awaken the “you” who knows who “you” are, you’ll cease to be the current “you”. What if you weren’t someone nice? What if you have many sins piled up? Can you withstand knowing that? You tell him you can, and he praises your courage… but though you might be able to live with the past "you", will the past "you" be able to live with the new "you"? What if the new path you walk denies the path your past "you" has walked thus far? Isn’t that the same as disappearing, as getting swallowed by the darkness?
You don’t quite understand what Alice is saying, but you get he’s worried about you. Alice tries to deny this, but you’re sure he’s a very kind person.
Alice freaks out—you really are an idiot! Why would he have to worry about you? Well, if he isn't worried about you, then there’s only one other possibility: he’s scared of disappearing. Alice falls into silence to this... but then asks you what you think this place you’re in is. You tell him it’s a world of pitch black darkness, and he calls you an idiot again. He tells you he thinks this is a dream. He knows this isn't real, so the theory that’s closest to reality that he can come up with right now is that this world is a world inside a dream. He tells you there’s no way this darkness has a consciousness, and if it tried to swallow you in then it must've been something that looked like darkness. After all, if this is a dream, the rules of logic don’t apply here.
So if this is a dream, will it hurt if you pinch your cheeks? Alice helps you out and pulls both your cheeks, and they sure hurt. Alice explains this is like when you taste food within a dream: it’s because the memory of it is stored somewhere within your brain. It’s not real, yet you feel it. But well, this is all a theory. He’s got no proof.
You wonder why you won’t wake up if this is a dream, and Alice tells you that the fact that you feel that getting swallowed by the darkness will erase your existence demonstrates that the current you is a very fragile, uncertain existence. It’s definitely linked to your Amnesia. And if this is a dream and dreams are made of memories, why have they lost their memories inside it?
You wonder if the real you has lost sight of herself, or if she wished to forget. Is that why Alice thinks you can’t get out of here? He says that’s exactly it, and changes the subject. If this is a dream, who’s the one dreaming? Is it him, or is it you? Who’s real and who isn’t? You ask Alice if this is his dream, then what are you to him? He says you must be an annoying extra character, and this must be a nightmare.
You go back to the original topic. Alice asks you if you still want to get out of here, and you say you do, whether this is a dream or not, or whether the real "you" in the real world wishes for it or not. Alice tells you to do whatever you want, he doesn’t give a rat's ass about it. You tell him to look for the exit with you, and he prays to God to wake him up from this dream and rid him of you. But you just can’t leave him here! So you stretch out your hand to him, and tell him you won’t ever let go of him. He then tells you angrily that he’s the kind of person who will avoid effort and movement if it can be avoided in any way, so you've got to walk slowly, you're not allowed to run, and if he’s tired you're going to rest.
And so the two Alices walk hand in hand. There is no earth to speak of, or flow of time, but as long as they are together they don’t feel lonely. And after walking for a very very long time, they reached a very, very big looking glass*.

* [ The narration just says 鏡 (kagami), meaning "mirror". To keep the reference to Alice in Wonderland going I decided to sue "looking glass" instead, but I might alternate between "mirror" and "looking glass" depending on what makes more sense. ]

Both you and Alice wonder if this is a crystal shaped mirror, or a crystal that looks like a mirror. You think of how odd for there to be something that shines so brightly in this world of darkness. Alice makes a fool out of you yet again. After all, you and him both can see each other perfectly. Are you suggesting you're some sort of firefly or something?
But you pay no attention to him. What if this is an exit?! Alice would love to tell you you’re wrong, but this likely being a dream, you might actually not be. But look! There are no trap doors or secret pathways. It’s just a normal looking glass. But if it were the exit, then he guesses you’d have to go through the looking glass into another world. When you wonder what sort of other world that would be, Alice supposes it’d be a topsy-turvy world. If this is a dream, then that world should be reality. Alice wonders what would happen if you broke the looking glass, though he’s not about to try it out and get hurt. You say you won’t do it either. What if this is something important to someone?
You wonder if you can go through the looking glass into another world. Alice tells you that that is, realistically speaking, impossible… but if this is a lucid dream where you can control your surroundings, then there’s a possibility you might be able to. So you stretch out your hand towards the mirror, and wish for these mirrors to be gates to other places. Just as you do so a light shines brightly from the mirrors, and instead of reflecting you and Alice, they all begin to reflect different things… different people.
To your left there’s a reflection of a man that wears a dark expression, like ash.
To your right there’s a reflection of a man who’s eyes are covered by a red hood.
Both Alice and you feel as if you've seen this world before. When you touch the surface of the looking glass ripples appear, as if it were water. It seems like you can go through it. Alice then stops you. He dislikes you, and you’re probably gonna drag him with you no matter what he says. This is, to him, pretty much a double suicide. So, he must ask you first: which will you chose?

You make your decision.

The Alices jump into the looking glass.

(The opening plays)

So, that's it peeps. I'm guessing in episodes II and III the only thing that'll change in the prologue is the guys that get reflected in the mirrors. I actually really enjoyed this, I know I shouldn't yet judge it since I haven't really played the routes, but so far so good!!

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